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Premium Washable Wipes - Cotton Terry/Fleece

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Brand:  Easy Peasy Nappies

Easy Peasy Nappies

Our washable wipes are incredibly useful for all kinds of household purposes – bottom cleaning, face cleaning, table wiping, whatever takes your fancy. Washable wipes are a great way to have control over what goes on baby’s skin when cleaning them up. They also save you a fortune.


Our washable wipes are fantastic. The washable wipes/reusable wipes have terry cotton on one side and a smooth fleece layer on the other. This fabric combination make for a very versatile wipe offering a suitable surface whatever the clean up needed. For a pooey nappy the terry side is ideal, as the fabric loops grip the poo for a quick and thorough clean up. The fleece side is ideal for finishing up or wet only nappies as it’s so smooth and soft. The fleece side is also perfect to use during teething when skin can become more sensitive. The edges are fully bound making them long lasting. If baby has very sensitive skin then we also offer softer bamboo washable wipes too.

The wipes are approx 15cm x20cm which is a perfect size for clean ups and fully covers your hands. They come in packs of 10 or, for full time use, a multibuy 40 wipes.

How To Use Washable Wipes

You can store the washable wipes in a Tupperware box so they are wet and ready to go. As they are used you can put them in the nappy bucket and wash with the nappies (up to 60degrees). There is no need to dry them when they come out of the wash. Just put them back in the Tupperware box, add some more water to make them damp and they’re ready again. They won’t go stale or stagnant as you’ll go through them too quickly. A full time set of 35-40 wipes will last approx 15-20 nappy changes.

Many people who do not use cloth nappies still use washable wipes, as they are so much kinder on the skin and the pocket!

Recipes for Washable Wipes Solution
Pour all ingredients into a screw-top jar/bottle, shake and add to your clean wipes either by pouring over or using in a spray bottle. The wash solution should be changed every few days, to prevent it from going off.

Basic Recipe
1 or 2 cups of warm water 2 tbsp of baby or olive oil 2 tbsp of baby wash (e.g. liquid baby wash)

Even More Basic Recipe!
Plain water

Alternative Wash Recipe
1 camomile tea bag 1 cup of hot water 1 tsp of baby or almond oil 1 tsp of baby bath or shampoo 1 drop of lavender oil

Easy Wash Recipe
Brew a Camomile and honey tea bag in Hot water and allow to cool This is very good for teething rash/caustic poo as camomile is very soothing and honey is a natural antiseptic which doesn’t sting and aids healing. For nappy rash you can soak a flannel in this mixture (slightly warm) and lay on the night nappy.

Potential Cost Saving

Assuming you were to use one packet of disposable wipes per week over a period of three years for one child, the calculations would be as follows:

Washable Wipes:
40 Bamboo Wipes (One off initial purchase) = £34.00
Ongoing replacement costs = £0.00
Cost per year = £10.00
Total cost over three years = £34.00

Disposable Wipes:
1 x Pack of 64 disposable wipes @ £2.49 per week = £2.49
Cost per year = £129.48
Total cost over three years = £388.44

As you can see from the above calculations, simply by using washable wipes instead of one packet of disposable wipes a week you can save £95.48 per year, or £354.44 over a period of three years. This is a significant amount of money saved for very little initial outlay. In fact, these savings will more than cover a complete cloth nappy system!

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Perfect wipes
Thursday, 24 July 2014  | 

Love these wipes, used them before the nappies to break us into the reusable system, recommend that as a starting point with a small baby seemed to make the transition to reusable nappies simple.
Was sceptical about these to start with as was the other half but we were both very quick converts. Regular wet wipes don't clean half as well.

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Washable Wipes
Tuesday, 8 July 2014  | 

I find these are great at cleaning my baby's wet and dirty nappies. I've only been using them 3 weeks so far, but find the soft side works well with the runny poo, I very rarely use the rougher terry side but think it will come in useful when baby is older and needs a bit more of a clean! I only use water so far, but may try using some of the 'recipes' when my baby is a little older.

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brilliant! such a money saver!
Friday, 27 June 2014  | 

Love them!! I've been using cloth nappys for a year now but only just switched to cloth wipes I wish I had brought these earlier they are so much easier to use than actual wet wipes as they don't smear!!!

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Must Have
Friday, 13 June 2014  | 

I wish these had been around 40 years ago! Now both daughters have them and some of their friends having visited them and seen the advantages. I have a "Granny Pack".

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Simple and Effective
Thursday, 12 June 2014  | 

These wipes are great - so much better than the useless, flimsy, chemical disposable ones. In cloth nappies baby gets much wetter, so you need to wash the whole bum area each time, and these are so much more effective than ordinary cotton wash cloths.

The fleece side is wonderfully soft and gets baby really clean with just water alone. I haven't used the terry side so much as newborn poo is very runny. The terry gets quite hard and rough in a hard water area, so if this is a worry to you you might want to try the bamboo ones instead.

At the moment I have about 20 wipes and a few cotton ones I use if baby is just a little wet. I find this lasts about two days as I only need two wipes for a really messy nappy with a newborn.

The best thing about reusable wipes is that they get your baby really clean and you can choose what goes on baby's bum - just water works fine. And it's an easy way of saving money.

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love these
Thursday, 29 May 2014  | 

i love these and am not going back to disposable ones. i feel i am giving my baby a good clean and love making different ones with essential oils. I bought the bamboo/fleece alternatives as they advertise as being softer but i haven't noticed much difference... i've ordered the cheeky wipes to try for my older daughter...

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Love them!
Monday, 26 May 2014  | 

My baby's bottom is thankful that I have come across these wonderful wipes : ) I love the fact that the have a soft and a rougher side.
All in all they do a fantastic job.

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washable wipes
Thursday, 22 May 2014  | 

Fabulous! Really soft on my baby's skin and can be used for allsorts.

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Love these!
Saturday, 10 May 2014  | 

Huggies? phugh! The rough side of these are amazing for removing sticky poo and don't irritate my daughter's skin at all. The smooth side is just lovely and refreshing, especially when doused in the camomile and lavender oil mix.

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Tuesday, 29 April 2014  | 

I didn't know these existed until I visited this site and I was a bit sceptical but thought I would give them a try. I am a complete convert, everyone should use them. They are much nicer than disposable wipes and wash and dry quickly and easily.

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