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About The Nappy Lady

I'm Wendy, The Nappy Lady, and I've been married to my husband James for 11 years. We live in Farnham in Surrey, and have three children aged 10, 8, and 5 years old. The Nappy Lady was founded in 1999 to provide free, independent nappy advice tailored to YOUR needs. I believe there isn't anyone else on the internet that provides as comprehensive a service as The Nappy Lady does.


The Nappy Lady is a family business with all advice coming personally from me. When you ask for advice from The Nappy Lady that's exactly what you get. You can guarantee you're speaking to a very experienced cloth nappy user who has been there, done it, and pretty much heard and seen every possible cloth nappy scenario possible! I'm passionate about using cloth nappies and love helping parents switch to them. I host antenatal nappy demos and fittings please contact us to arrange a demo/nappy fitting.

I've been using cloth nappies since my first son was a week old. I decided to use cloth nappies when I was pregnant, both for financial and environmental reasons. I fell in love with his cloth nappies very quickly and loved showing off his cloth bum at the baby clinic. When babies two and three came along they reused our first son's nappies, giving us a wonderful financial saving of around £2500 over the 8+ years we've had cloth bums in our home!

Wendy Richards, Director

Other members of our Nappy Lady team are:

  • Sharon - Operations Manager. Knows LOADS about nappies and helps TNL run very smoothly.
  • Cathy - Dispatching your lovely orders and incredibly neat at packing! You'll know if Cathy packed yours.
  • Zoe - Working alongside Cathy to dispatch your orders quickly and securely.
  • Gemma - Online Advisor working with Wendy offering advice all over the world.
  • Sarah - Online Advisor working with Wendy offering advice all over the world.
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