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Spare Flexible Absorbency for Protective Briefs

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Threaded Armor are the adult range from the same company that makes Super Undies. These are spare inserts to go inside the Threaded Armor Protective Briefs.

This two-piece solution takes the absorbency you need and wraps it into a perfectly trim insert. Contoured edges increase performance and absorption over other commercially available flat folded rectangles.

Two components make up the Flexible Absorbency System:
Flexible Absorbency Insert: 3 Layers of microfiber, topped with a smooth finish. Contains a pocket to add absorbency into.
Step-Up Insert: 2 Layers of microfiber.

It's important you buy the same size spare inserts as the size of Threaded Armor Protective Briefs you're using.


The VAT Policy for incontinence products is complicated for both customers and suppliers. We've tried to simplify it below.
The incontinence products for sale on our site DO NOT have VAT added to them. We have already removed it before you purchase them. This VAT rate is classified as the Zero rate of VAT.

Why do they not have VAT?
Incontinence products are eligible for Zero-Rated VAT because they are classed as part of the VAT Notice 701/7: VAT reliefs for disabled and older people.
The information contained in the link is vital to how the Government determines why and who should get the zero rate of VAT. Please read the information in this leaflet for a more in-depth explanation of the VAT Notice.

Who is eligible to purchase VAT free incontinence products?
If you are ‘chronically sick or disabled’ you are entitled to pay no VAT on Zero-Rated products. You DO NOT have to be means-tested, registered disabled or receive disability benefits to qualify for the Zero-Rated products.
A person is classified as ‘chronically sick or disabled’ if he/she is a person with:
Physical or mental impairment which has a long-term and substantial adverse effect upon his/her ability to carry out everyday activities.
A condition which the medical profession treats as a chronic sickness.

Can my carer buy incontinence products on my behalf and still pay no VAT?
YES. A carer, a partner or anybody for that matter can purchase incontinence products that have Zero-Rated VAT applied if they are acting on behalf of the ‘chronically sick or disabled’ and the products are for the ‘chronically sick or disabled’ personal use.

Who is not included?
The VAT notice states that VAT relief does not include an elderly person who’s not disabled or chronically sick or any individual who's only temporarily disabled or incapacitated, such as with a broken limb.

How to tell us you are eligible?
On each product page there is a separate box  where you can input the name of the person who is eligible for the VAT relief and a tick box to confirm that they fulfill all criteria for eligibility to pay no VAT on eligible products. You do not have to provide any details about your or someone else’s condition.



Threaded Armor
Care & Warranty

Threaded Armour Care Guide

  • Prewash nappy twice before first use and a low spin speed
  • Wash dark colours separately
  • Wash with non-bio powder
  • No harsh stain removers or bleach.
  • No fabric softeners. They will reduce absorbency.
  • Wash temperature according to garment label
  • Ideally line dry or tumble dry on low

Threaded Armour Warranty

Threaded Armour guarantee craftmanship and material of their products for 30 days. This includes all trims, elastics and poppers as well as stitching on all necessary, non vanity seams.

Leaking is not considered a defect for a warranty claim.

If you believe you have a fault product please contact The Nappy Lady and they will liaise on your behalf with Threaded Armour.

Threaded Armour decision on any warranty claim is final.

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Excellent inserts
10 June 2021  | 

Excellent inserts. Quite soft, just the outer one seems enough for me sometimes. I think the nylon cover is a sort of stay dry layer. I wonder if the whole insert is synthetic. If it is, I might like to see a bamboo or cotton towel version. More absorbancy. And for the high price I would expect this. But this does work very well. It is my first choice when configuring the threaded armour pull up nappy.

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