Bamboozle PAD Daytime Kit

Bamboozle PAD Daytime Kit

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1 in stock, better hurry!

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Bamboozle Pad Complete Set Contains:
  • 5 x Size 2 Bamboozle Wraps* (Fits 8-35lbs)
  • 15 x sets of 3-in-1 Bamboozle pads (2 pads per set) in a mix of colours (photo for illustration of quantity only)

    *colours/prints of the wraps will vary (photo for illustration of quantity only)

About Bamboozle Pads
Bamboozle Pad system is an extremely economical nappy system. Bamboozle provides plenty of flexibility on absorbency, fit and is very easy to use.
There are two parts to the Bamboozle Pad system:

Wrap (waterproof cover).
The Bamboozle wrap is made from lovely soft PUL and comes in either size 1 6-18lbs or the size 2 birth to potty option (9-35lbs). If you want to use Bamboozle Pads immediately from birth then we recommend you use the size 1 wraps as they will provide a much snugger fit (these would be bought separately). If you are on a tighter budget then you can go straight to the size 2 which is contained in this kit. Inside the Bamboozle wrap are two poppers that are used for securing the Bamboozle Pad.

The Bamboozle pads is made of Bamboo with a core of microfibre to speed drying. The bamboo fabric is the same as you find in the incredibly popular and long term best seller Bamboozles. Each Bamboozle pad consists of two separate pads which can be used separately or poppered together for an older child or for more absorbency. The Bamboozle inserts securely popper into the Bamboozle wrap so they can’t move around.

The Bamboozle PAD is a DAYTIME only nappy system. For night time we recommend you use the bamboozle stretchy. We sell this is the Ultimate Night Time Kit to complement your Bamboozle daytime kit.

Bamboozle Pad is a nappy that crosses many “nappy categories.” It is a flat nappy like the Bumgenius Flip. When you change the Bamboozle Pad you take the inserts out and replace with clean ones and reuse the cover approx 4-5 times between washes. Being a flat nappy it’s very economical as there isn’t any elastic in the pad, Velcro etc so the price is kept low. Being a flat nappy there is a compromise on containment so you will find you’ll go through more wraps than you would with a nappy such as the Bamboozle shaped nappy.
Bamboozle Pads could also be seen to be an all in one system like the Easyfits . Once the Bamboozle Pads are secured into the cover there is just one layer to put on baby. You could if you wanted to buy a Bamboozle wrap for each insert and use it as an all in one and never take the inserts out. Using Bamboozle Pads as an all in one will make the system more expensive but makes it even simpler to change.

A lot of thought has been put into the Bamboozle system. The Bamboozle wraps are designed to secure the Bamboozle pads but you can use the Bamboozle wraps over other nappies such as the bamboozles shaped nappies. Ideal if you have a mixture of nappies in your system. Bamboozle Pads can also be used as boosters in other nappies.


Brand:  TotsBots
Drying Speed:  Bamboo Slow
Containment:  Poor
Absorbency:  Low/Average
Looks:  Fairly Slim
Change Speed:  Quick
Ease of Use:  Simple
Length:  Generously Average
Fastening:  Aplix (Velcro)
Material:  Bamboo


Tots Bots Care Guide

  • Prewash nappy twice before first use. Nappy will reach full absorency after approximately 10 washes.
  • Wash dark colours separately
  • Wash with non-bio powder or TotsBots Potion
  • No harsh stain removers or bleach. They may cause irritation and can damage the waterproof membrane
  • Don't use pastes of nappy powder directly applied to nappies as this is too concentrated.
  • No fabric softeners. They will reduce absorbency.
  • Max wash temperature 60 degrees.
  • Ideally line dry or tumble dry on cool.
  • If using a nappy cream always use a nappy liner - ideally a disposable paper liner.

Tots Bots Warranty

Tots Bots offers a 1 year guarantee against manufacturing faults. The 1 year guarantee starts from when the item was purchased, not first used. If you believe you have an item with a manufacturing fault, you will need to contact us with details and photos of the fault. We will confirm your purchase date from our records. TotsBots may require the items to be inspected before a warranty decision is made, we will inform you if this is required in your case.  TotsBots warranty decision is final.

Tots Bots Warranty is VOID when:

  • Using harsh stain removers, biological detergents or bleaching
  • Boil washing
  • Continually tumble drying on a warm or hot heat, or directly on radiators or similar
  • Adding vinegar or sodium bicarbonate to the wash

Excessive laundering can destroy elastic, destroy the water repellency, make the fabric go bald, reduce the performance of your nappies, drastically reduce the lifespan and will render your guarantee void. 

The use of Tots Bots Potion detergent is recommended but not required for warranty coverage.

Tots Bots' decision on any warranty claim is final.
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Love my peenuts!
Wednesday, 17 March 2021  | 

I planned not to get into reusables until my baby was a few months old, but I tried out the peenut system a couple of weeks in and 3 months on I've never looked back. My baby is a heavy wetter and poos all the time, and we very rarely have a leak (only really if I don't do them up well enough) compared to disposables, where poo goes straight up the back every time! The peenut wrap with a bamboozle night nappy lasts all night, and my little one really doesn't like a wet nappy but they seem to wick the wetness away really well, so she is fine in them. Once you get into a rhythm of daily washing (and I tumble dry the pads) it works great.

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So easy to use and quick drying
Monday, 22 February 2021  | 

This was the first system I brought when starting out with cloth nappies when my little boy was 15months. I found it wasn’t absorbent enough as he’s a heavy wetter so went to bamboozles instead and used these as boosters. However, now he’s outgrown the bamboozles I’ve gone back to this system for daytime but have now started adding in a pad folded muslin cloth on top of the two pads as an extra slimline booster and this works brilliantly and is really absorbent. It’s saved me a lot of money only having to buy some muslin cloths instead of bigger nappy’s 😀

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Pee nut nappy
Monday, 16 November 2020  | 

I’m loving this system for my baby (5 months). We just use them in the day. They are easy to use and quick to wash.

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Great reliable system!
Thursday, 12 December 2019  | 

I was recommended these by the nappy lady questionnaire and I was concerned that containment is listed as ‘poor’?! However I went ahead and purchased and so glad I did! We had tried loads of different nappies from a library and all had leaked until we got these. I think it’s the bamboo that makes all the difference, these pads are serious and made of the same stuff as the amazing bamboozles, and you just popper them into the wraps which are pretty and soft and recycled! They last 4 hours easy, no leaks and no poo-plosions provided they are fitted properly. The best thing is if nappy is only wet you can just wipe the wrap and reuse it - I have 2 on rotation until one gets poo on, so baby always gets a dry one and it cuts down on washing hugely. The pads take ages to dry but that’s a fair price to pay for the absorbency and they don’t take up much space on the drying rack - you just need more pads than wraps. Partner loves them as does a friend I recommended them to. I see from a reply below the ‘poor’ rating is due to them not working well overnight but then this is a day kit...! And for night you can use bamboozles and boost with the inserts plus your same pee nut wraps over the top - again very economical and effective!

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Brilliant nappy. Description is WRONG!
Thursday, 22 November 2018  | 

It’s a shame that the write up about this nappy is so wrong. It states that containment is poor, which it’s NOT! It also states that the peenut is not a night nappy, and I can confirm that it is! The pads that you buy to go inside the wraps are actually called ‘day to night’ which I think is pretty self explanatory! These work brilliantly for me and I have a 3 year old who uses nappies at night and a 17 month old who is in these full time.
They are excellent nappies, their containment is amazing. I would encourage people to try these. They are our favourite nappies and we have had lots of different brands, as we began testing them out when our first was born nearly 6 years ago. We’ve had long skinny babies and short chubby ones, and this is our go to brand!

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I'm really pleased to hear you've got on so well with the nappies and they are lasting for the night time for you. They usually struggle with older children for night time so great to hear this isn't the case for you.

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