Smart Bottoms Smart One 3.1 AIO

Smart Bottoms Smart One 3.1 is a onesize all in one nappy which fits from 10-35lbs. The absorbency is made up of 10 super absorbent layers of organic cotton. The insert which is attached at one end can be folded to customize where your child needs the most absorbency.

Our Price:  £26.00

Brand:  Smart Bottoms
Drying Speed:  Average
Containment:  Average
Absorbency:  Very High For AIO
Looks:  Slim
Change Speed:  Very Quick
Ease of Use:  Very Simple
Length:  Average
Fastening:  Poppers
Waterproof:  Yes
Material:  Organic Cotton
Requires a Wrap?  No
Made In:  USA
Day or Night:  Day only

Smart Bottoms Smart One 3.1 is a onesize all in one nappy which fits from 10-35lbs.  The nappy alters it's length by the poppers on the front and gives you the option of 4 different lengths making it very adjustable. Poppers are at the waist and are in our preferred verticle positioning which minimises wing droop.

The absorbency is made up of  10 super absorbent layers of organic cotton.  Part of the absorbency is fully sewn into the cover so there is no waterproof PUL exposed inside and there is also an insert which is attached at one end and can be folded to customize where your child needs the most absorbency.  I love how easy it is to move the absorbency just where your baby needs it most, you can fold in half or fold it several times to really concentrate absorbency at one key point.  When you fold the insert inside make sure you keep it below the "stopper" inside the nappy to prevent wicking or leaks. The "stopper" is the strip of PUL waterproof material at the front inside of the nappy, the stopper will be the same print/colour as the outside of the nappy. The job of the stopper is to provide a waterproof zone preventing moisture getting from the inside to the outside of the nappy.

The nappy requires 6-8 washes to reach full absorbency so we recommend you prewash twice before first use and then change a little more frequently for the next 4-6 changes which absorbency is increased.

The Smart One is very simple to use and doesn't require any stuffing of inserts, there is nothing that can become detached or separated in the wash. The Smart Bottoms Smart One is very similar to the bumgenius elemental. The smart bottoms is a little narrower between the legs and doesn't have the very popular stretchy tabs of the Bumgenius however the absorbency is easier to position in the Smart One.

Wash up to 60°C. Can be tumble dryed on low. Do not use bleach or fabric softener.

Outer: 100% Polyester (PUL)
Inner: 100% Cotton (Organic)

Made in the USA

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Reliable nappy but an unforgiving fit
Sunday, 7 July 2019  | 

I really like these nappies but I find that the fit has to be absolutely perfect or I get leaks, and the tongue is a bit fiddly with my wriggly baby! Once fully prepped and you've mastered the fit, the nappy is super reliable. The sizing is generous and they suit my tall babies. I like that I can fold the tongue to get extra absorbancy where I need it. There is also room for me to add a thin hemp booster. The prints are amazing which is a bonus! I do think they need more than the recommended pre washes to reach a good level of absorbancy so that's something to consider, but they are a great nappy and worth the extra prepping.

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Also a big fan!
Thursday, 13 June 2019  | 

I bought the Smart Bottoms Dream Diaper, and this one to compare the two. I really love this one, but it loses a star for the number of pre-washes that it needs to reach full absorbency. And don't think if you're buying a few you can prewash them all together, you need to do it gradually with towels and things like that to absorb the oils. Once pre-washed it's absolutely brilliant, although I have found slightly less absorbent than the dream diaper. But the dream takes yonks to dry! I have two Bumgenius Elementals as well, which are another favourite, but these are much easier to dry because the insert isn't attached at both ends. I have found I prefer inserts that are attached, over ones you snap in with poppers, because it's sometimes a faff to find the right insert. I was hesitating over buying more because they're a big investment, but I love them so much and like the lady above seem to be 'saving them' as though for an emergency, so I've decided to top up my stash with a few more so that every change is as much of a pleasure!

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Love these after 100 washes!
Wednesday, 12 June 2019  | 

These work great after many washes. They fit nicely on my little ones little legs but I do find she often poos out the sides

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Very nice aio nappy
Friday, 7 June 2019  | 

I quite like this nappy and the patterns but I must admit I prefer the Blueberry Simplex as they have been more reliable for us. Iíve had a couple of leaks with the 3:1 and I think itís because your baby really needs to be a few months old before you can really use these (mine was only 10 weeks old when we first used these). Still a good nappy though!

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Great nappy
Monday, 6 May 2019  | 

Fits TNL description: slim, absorbant, and rather quick to dry compared to a Bumgenius Elemental for example. I am not a huge fan of the tongue which I find hard to place on a wriggly baby, but still one of the best nappies on the market atm.

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Smart bottoms 3.1 for the win!
Thursday, 2 May 2019  | 

Having bought three I started using one with the intention of selling on / returning the other two if I didnít get along with the style. However it quickly became a hit - not only the awesome pattern (enchanted) which is saved for special occasions (you know - gold wee?!) but the nappy itself. We use these alongside BG elementals of all versions, miosolos, a few pockets, and some two partners.

These are by far and away my favourite. Nice and slim, malleable and therefore easy to put on, with great containment. I was SO excited to use them I even thought Iíd risk it without a prewash - and wee squirted our the side! Ha! Thatís my lesson learnt... following the first prewash weíve had no leaks so that one was definitely my bad! Once the old elementals have lost their waterproof, Iíll be stocking up with a few more smart bottoms!

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My favourite
Friday, 19 April 2019  | 

I love these nappies. I missed out on buying more unos so purchased these instead. And what a great move. They do take a few washes to reach full absorbency but are well worth it. They are trim, slim and cute. I love being able to fold the tongue depending on where you need more absorption. They stay soft in hard water. We havenít had a single leak (once theyíve been washed several times) and are easy to fit. They are now very thirsty. My unos have now been pushed to the back of my draw!

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