Wizard Uno All-In-One Nappy by Motherease

The Wizard Uno is the most convenient choice in the Motherease Wizard range as it requires no preparation before use. The absorbent pad has a Stay Dry inner which is dry to the touch even when wet ideal for sensitive skin. Wizard Uno is available in two sizes newborn and onesize.

Our Price:  £22.99

Brand:  Motherease
Drying Speed:  Fast
Containment:  Very Good
Absorbency:  Excellent
Looks:  Slim
Change Speed:  Extremely Quick
Ease of Use:  Very Simple
Length:  Generously Average
Fastening:  Poppers
Material:  Polyester
Requires a Wrap?  No
Made In:  Canada
Day or Night:  Day only

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Wizard Uno is an ultra slim nappy with the cover and absorbent core attached. This is the most convenient choice in the Motherease range as it requires no preparation before use, it's as close as you can get to a disposable nappy while being a washable one!

The absorbent pad has the famous Motherease Stay Dry layer which is dry to the touch even when wet. When I first used this nappy I thought my daughter hadn't wee'd even though she'd been wearing her nappy for 3 hours, this obviously concerned me so I went to change her anyway!  When I got out the new clean nappy I could immediately tell she had been weeing as the new nappy was lighter, the staydry insert really was that good and having done 15,0000+ nappy changes between my own three chidlren it takes a lot to surprise me!  

The waist is adjustable through a series of poppers and each nappy has an elasticated waist and back. You’ll see from the photo the poppers are vertically positioned in two rows which in my testing gives the securest popper fastening far superior than other popper fastening nappies which are in one row.

What makes the Wizard Uno completely different to other All In One nappies are the double elasticized leg openings. This provides two lines of defence against leaks just like a two part nappy system - elastic in the nappy pad + elastic in the waterproof cover. 

The waterproof cover is made of the same world class quality fabric just like the Motherease separate wraps. Wizard Unos have the Motherease leak resistant binding which stops moisture from wicking outward.

Wizard Unos have hygenic washability and  are quick drying.  Wash water flows through easier, water extraction through spinning is more effective. Drys as quickly as any separated pocket nappy .Stuff additional boosters between cover and absorbent core for naps or overnight .Added boosters auto eject in the wash.No need to unstuff soiled nappies.

Wizard Uno Onesize is available in two sizes
XS Newborn 6-12lbs
Onesize 8-35lbs

Many people find the Wizard Uno suitable for night time with additional boosters however for a heavy wetter we strongly recommend you use the sister nappy Wizard Duo with the night time insert, or a bamboozle with Motherease airflow cover as these combinations have higher capacity for night time.



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The best all in one nappy
Wednesday, 16 May 2018  | 

I have tried bumgenius freetime and miosolo, and I like both a lot. But this nappy is brilliant. Itís streamline, keeps my son dry, super absorbent and no leaks so far. I love it. The only downside is the price but I have to say it is worth it. If I were to buy anymore nappies it would be this one. Canít speak highly enough about it! For ref re fit my boy is slim and tall.

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The best all-in-ones
Tuesday, 15 May 2018  | 

I can't recommend these nappies highly enough. They fit so well and with the double elasticated layer we never have any leaks. The elastic is soft and not too tight so no marks. They are really absorbant and seem to lock away moisture so it isn't next to baby's skin. Definitely our best buy

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Really impressed!
Wednesday, 11 April 2018  | 

If i was to start my cloth nappy journey over, I'd probably get only these. (I shall be buying some.)
So easy to use, lovely and soft. Can wash at high temperatures without worrying about Pul going.
No taking anything apart and the booster is the easiest to put in.
Highly recommend!

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Excellent easy product
Tuesday, 3 April 2018  | 

I bought the Wizard Uno for my daughter in law to try on my 3 month old granddaughter. She currently uses Little Lamb fitted nappies with Motherease wraps very successfully. She wanted to try an AIO for ease and quickness when out and about and the Uno comes with very good reviews. They were staying with me when they tried it so I had first hand eexperience. The nappy was trialed overnight and with the included booster last right through the night. When she had her nappy changed in the morning although the nappy was heavy with wee the surface next to baby's skin was dry and soft. Going to buy some more for daughter in law. We are all very impressed.

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Excellent no fuss nappy
Tuesday, 13 March 2018  | 

As a huge fan of Wizard Duo (pretty much the same nappy but the inner nappy can be popped in/out to/from the cover, hence the Duo name) I was looking forward to try the Wizard Uno. It did not disappoint! Had no leak so far after trying at day for several times as well as once overnight with an additional hemp booster (I only have one Uno so far, so the reason I only tried it once at night is due to the fact that it was either in use or in the wash!). Re overnight, no poo experience so far but again, if itís the same as the Duo in this regards, then I have no concern at all as I never had a single leak (neither pee nor poo) with the Duo. Also, my 4 month-old only occasionally does a poo at night. Iíll keep on experimenting, but again, I highly recommend this nappy, especially to those people who seem to be afraid of using bulky 2-part nappies for overnight (like me). The fact that the inner nappy and the cover are one single unit, it is even quicker to get it ready for the next use after washing. Talking about washing, it dries super quick, Iíd say around half a day. The only concern I had at the beginning was that I have a tall baby and as per The Nappy Lady, the Duo has an up to average cut, so might not work until potty training for a long baby. However, if I am not mistaken (The Nappy Lady will correct me if I am wrong) the Unoís cut is different and it might be classified up to generous cut, meaning that it can potentially work for taller babies as well till their potty training. Hurray!

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Great birth to potty
Tuesday, 13 March 2018  | 

I've been using this on my four month old and two year old for a few months and can't fault it during the day. It fits both of them really well and it's too bulky even on the smallest setting. It dries very fast. I've used it on both of them for 4+hours without leaks and it doesn't leave red marks. It works perfectly for the four month old overnight, I just add an additional bamboo booster. With the included booster and an additional booster it is quite tight on my two year old for overnights though there weren't any leaks it did leave red marks. I think with a thinner additional booster, maybe hemp, it would be fine for toddler heavy wetters over night.

This works as well as a disposable. I've tried other all in ones and this is by far the best. It doesn't leak and fits a range of ages. I've got some wraps from the same make and they've held up really well so I'm hoping the quality long term will be as good with this nappy. If I was starting over with nappy-ing I'd get a full set of these.

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Favourite nappy
Monday, 12 March 2018  | 

This nappy is truely amazing. I'm using this on my bf son for the last few weeks since he was 8 weeks old. This is the only nappy i have used that has not leaked once! Using the booster it lasts him around 8 + hours over night. His skin is left dry to the touch by morning.
Absolutely love this nappy, this is such a simple happy to use.

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Monday, 19 February 2018  | 

Thereís a reason these are called Wizard. They have some way of being an all in one, trim, super absorbent AND they have the ability to dry really quickly. Expensive, but lots of great qualities for the price.

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