Wizard Duo Nappy Inserts

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RRP:  £15.99
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Brand:  Motherease
Drying Speed:  Fast (Bamboo slow)
Containment:  Very Good
Absorbency:  Excellent
Looks:  Fairly Slim
Change Speed:  Quick
Ease of Use:  Simple
Length:  Average
Requires a Wrap?  Yes - Duo
Made In:  Canada
Day or Night:  Day & Night Option

Wizard Duo is the revolutionary all in two from Motherease. The Wizard Duo is a slim nappy consisting of a Wizard Duo nappy insert that snaps into a Wizard Duo Cover to make a nappy that goes on in one simple step.  Simply replace the wizard duo insert when wet or soiled and reuse the Duo cover 3-4 times!

The Wizard Duo absorbent inserts snap in and out of the Duo cover. Unlike other all in two nappies there is elastic all the way round the pad. This ensures you get the same excellent containment as you do from a two part nappy system but with the convenience of a one layer system.

Stay Dry Inserts

Wizard Duo stay dry inserts are made from high tech super absorbent 100% polyester fabric.  The inserts give you full width coverage and will not bunch. Easy to rinse, super quick to dry and moisture wicking technology means they are dry to the touch even when wet. Super durable fabric which helps prevent rashes like no other on the market.

Stay Dry Nights

Same Stay Dry Insert as above but higher absorbency for night time.  The night inserts have green stitching so you can tell the difference between days and nights.  If you need your night time nappy capacity boosted even further then a booster can be simply placed between the cover and insert.

Bamboo Inserts

Bamboo inserts will give you full width coverage and will not bunch. They are easy to rinse, wash and are velvety soft. Bamboo is a natural fabric and suitable for the daytime but they will take longer to dry. For quicker drying natural fabric choose Cotton inserts or for quick drying and nights choose the StayDry Inserts.

Natural Unbleached Cotton
There are a variety of pad fabric choices for the Wizard Duo. Cotton is a natural fabric and the cheapest of the insert options, it is suitable for the daytime. It gives full width coverage and will not bunch.  For more absorbency choose the bamboo insert but this is slower drying, for quick drying and nights choose the StayDry Inserts.

The  Duo Inserts come in three sizes:
Small 8-18lbs
Onesize 10-35lbs
XL 35-45lbs

For ultimate slimmess and fit you'd use the sized pads but for cost effectiveness the onesize inserts/wraps will make your system significantly cheaper although bulkier at the lower end of the weight range.

Duo Insert Size Fits Into Absorbency                                   
Onesize 10-35lbs

One Size Adj Duo Cover
Small Adj Duo Cover
Large Adj Duo Cover

Small Perfect Size Duo Cover
Medium Perfect Size Duo Cover
Large Perfect Size Duo Cover

Unbleached Cotton - 11.5 oz  (340 ml)
Bamboo Terry -  11.5 oz  (340 ml)
Stay Dry - 15 oz  (425 ml)
Night Time - 17 oz  (500 ml)

Small 8-18lbs Small Adj Duo Cover

XSmall Perfect Size Duo Cover
Small Perfect Size Duo Cover
Unbleached Cotton - 10 oz  (300 ml)
Bamboo Terry - 10 oz  (300 ml)
Stay Dry - 12 oz  (350 ml)
Night Time - 15 oz  (425 ml)
XL 35-45lbs XLg Perfect Size Duo Cover

Unbleached Cotton - 12.5 oz (375 ml)
Bamboo Terry -  12.5 oz (375 ml)

Stay Dry -  15.5 oz (450 ml)
Night Time -  18.5 oz (550 ml)

Customer Review:I just wanted to email to tell you how impressed I am with the wizard nappy. We managed 2 1/2 hrs in it this morning strapped into a buggy with maximum crotch pressure as we were doing a very bumpy off road walk and the insert whilst damp felt pretty dry and nowhere near totally full or going to leak. They are so slim as well and she can walk properly not waddle in them. Just put her down for a sleep in the second one (the wrap wasn't even damp which was amazing). Bearing in mind that a hemp nappy with 2 hemp boosters and a microfibre booster last max 3hrs and a bamboozle stretch with 2 extra boosters does 2hrs and I have rarely manage to reuse a wrap as they are usually wet and stink of wee this is amazing (I just hope she wasn't holding on and not weeing this morning but I doubt it!). I shall try the superboosters in my other nappies later to see how they do. Tara

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Excellent night time nappy
Friday, 20 July 2018  | 

This was my first attempt at using cloth over night as I was using disposables just because I wasn’t confident that a night time cloth nappy would be absorbent enough having never tried one. Also, with a three year old and a 6 month old I just wasn’t willing to take a risk on sleep! I really needn’t have worried so much- this is an excellent night time nappy. My little girl woke up dry and without the usual redness she gets from a night time in disposables. She even did a morning poo in her saturated nappy before I had the chance to change her and there was no leakage whatsoever. Thoroughly recommend this nappy, I was already a big fan of the ordinary wizard duo for daytime nappies but this is just as good.

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Excellent absorbency but odd fit
Thursday, 24 May 2018  | 

I bought the stay dry night nappy insert and thought that the price was very steep but it was worth it as the absorbency is AMAZING! No leaks and no nappy rash after 12 hours use and frequent night feeds with my 14 month old. However I don't like the fit. My baby is medium weight and not very chubby but the fit is very snug. And I always worry that with one jolt in thenight the nappy will come undone or tear but so far so good. Definitely not a good nappy for chubby bubbas. Excellent service and customer care from The Nappy Lady and speedy delivery.

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Amazing stay dry!
Tuesday, 27 March 2018  | 

These stay dry inserts fit snuggly into the fabulous wizard duo wraps (which are so brilliant we use them as wraps for all our two part nappies as well!). They are nicely made, easy to change, speedy drying, slim fitting and with the absorbent core they do soak up a lot of wee without your baby’s skin feeling wet. The only thing for us is that having a super heavy wetting baby I found they did not last as long as our two part nappies, and whilst we use a booster (in between the wrap and the insert), this does make the nappy a bit bulky and therefore defeats the purpose for which we’d bought them! Still great on a day when we’re at home and can do more regular changes.

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Thursday, 8 March 2018  | 

After reading the reviews, advice from the nappy lady and spending quite a bit of money I was really hoping these would be the answer to my night time woes. My 12 month old son is a heavy wetter and these only last one big wee and leak! The only thing that seems to work is eco disposables, unfortunately.
I do however like the design and the material of the nappy just a disappointment they didn't work for us.

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Such a shame the night inserts aren't working for you. Your little one must be a really big wetter as the night insert holds 500ml so its likely to be more than one wee. For a heavy wetter you'll need to add additional boosters and these can be placed underneath the insert and they will self eject in the wash. I can't see any of these on your order, but we'd recommend you use a hemp booster

Excellent product
Tuesday, 27 February 2018  | 

Highly recommended. Thanks to the Nappy Lady questionnaire this product was recommended. I wanted a quick drying option as, when I have tried other products they take ages and have really put me off moving to reuseables, well , that along with leaks. Stay Dry do just that. My baby is comfortable, they fit easily and securely into the liners with poppers and I actually LOVE nappy time now. On wash day they are almost dry coming out the washer. Just hang them over the bannister and they dry in a few hours. They are super reliable and really thin for a reusable. I am a complete convert and would recommend this product to anyone thinking about going to reuseables

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The most reliable nappy ever!
Tuesday, 25 October 2016  | 

Wizard Duos are utterly brilliant. I ordered them on the advice of The Nappy Lady, having given up on Totsbots Easyfits with their multiple daily leaks. I've now been using them on my son for about a month and have had no leaks at all! The Wizard Duo system is very slightly more fiddly than all-in-ones, but in exchange I don't need to change his outfit with every nappy because of wee leaks. I once forgot to change him for about 5 hours (...), and though the insert was soaking wet, everything outside the wrap was bone dry.
I chose the adjustable wrap, rather than perfect size, in the hope of economizing slightly. Difficult to say how the fit will change as he grows, but currently (he is 11 months and fairly chunky) the onesize insert plus large adjustable wrap is performing brilliantly. If I were the type to be evangelical about things, I would be about this nappy.

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Odd fit
Wednesday, 7 September 2016  | 

Works ok and we haven't had any leaks but I can't get it to fit as neatly as other motherease nappies (e.g. Sandy's, which for us gives the neatest fit). My baby is 12 months, is in the 9th percentile and has very slim legs. Whilst the wizard duo wrap fits a treat using the poppers on the rise, obviously there's no way to mirror the adjustment on the actual nappy, so we end up with bunching on the onesize nappy across the front when we reduce the rise on the cover. I have a wriggly baby who's very reluctant to be changed, but despite this, I prefer the Motherease Sandy's or Bamboozle Stretchies plus a Motherease Airflow wrap (despite the marginally extra time spent on the changing mat) because of the neater fit we can achieve.

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NO fail Nappies
Saturday, 2 April 2016  | 

We have been using Wizard Duos since my son was a skinny premie (used the sized xs and s to begin with ) and now that he is a 1 year old on the go (switched to onesize after he outgrew the Smalls). These are always the choice for our out and about nappies and the S.D. nights are great nappies as well. Having the insert have its own gussets is brilliant, it stops leaks, and means that covers can be a little looser fitting making them more breathable than most.

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Friday, 22 May 2015  | 

I ordered Motherease Wizard Duos one size from The Nappy Lady. They arrived very quickly and were well packaged.
The nappies are fantastic! I ordered the stay dry type and they really do live up to their name. They wash very well and dry very quickly(a couple of hours on the washing line on a dull day!)
They are the easiest reusable nappy I have ever used and the wraps are lovely and soft and great colours.
My son is 14 months and we have been using them for a good few weeks now. I ordered the one size as I was confident that my son would be big enough to not need individually sized nappies and they fit perfectly. The wraps are adjustable and haven't given him any red marks around his legs or tummy from the elastic.
I can't recommend these nappies enough so for anyone who thinks they are a bit expensive they are worth their weight in gold in my opinion.

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Great product
Wednesday, 8 January 2014  | 

We've been using wizard duo since baby was about 6 weeks old. They are really easy to use, great absorbance and virtually no leaks so far. Only cons, and hence 4 stars, because of the price and that the one-size inserts make the nappy bulky for baby when really small

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Super fast drying
Friday, 23 August 2013  | 

I don't normally write reviews but thought this product deserved one. My husband and I were a little worried about buying reusable nappies due to the drying speed but these pretty much come out of the washing machine dry! Dry in 2 hours outside in the sunshine and maximum of half a day inside on an airer - perfect!

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Excellent stay dry does what it says
Tuesday, 2 July 2013  | 

This really is excellent and I really cant think of any down sides

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Excellent stay dry insert
Wednesday, 20 March 2013  | 

The stay dry insert is just amazing, my lil one has really sensitive skin and is prone to nappy rashes. I assume she's quite a light wetter as she managed to use the stay dry day insert with two ll bamboo boosters and that would last her all night no problems. She's never got a rash using this insert, not even when teething. Would recommend for those with sensitive skin babies!

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Monday, 11 March 2013  | 

As a real sceptic to the idea of washables, my husband persuaded me to open my mind to them and I am SO glad he did. We have these with staydry inners, both regular and night-time and they are truly fantastic. They dry really quickly and even after a long night my daughter's bottom is dry. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them

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Effective night-time solution: Mother-ease Wizard Duo Stay Dry Night Insert and Cover
Friday, 25 January 2013  | 

I have a heavy-wetting toddler with sensitive skin. I must have tried every single nappy out there, trying to find a night-time solution. They leaked, or left her skin too wet, or didn’t fit her properly, or took forever to dry. I almost gave up, until I came across the Mother-ease Wizard Duo Stay Dry Night Insert and Cover. This nappy leaves her skin completely dry, even after 10-12 hours. It is easily boosted; even Daddy with his massive man hands can boost it with ease. This nappy comes out of the wash feeling almost dry and takes a matter of hours to dry completely on the line. It washes really well too. I have 3 inserts and covers that have been in constant use for over a year and they still look fantastic; no bobbling, no smells or staining. The cover is popper fastening, so her nappy stays on, as she cannot undo the poppers. As the insert and the cover are elasticated at the legs and waist, I feel this nappy performs as well as a two-part system. I like that the nappy goes on in one, but comes apart for a thorough clean. The cover binding doesn’t wick and is gentle on her legs and waist. Unlike microfibre nappies and inserts from other brands, I find that the liquid is locked away and doesn’t squeeze out when compressed, even when she has been laid in the same position for a while. It is a surprisingly trim nappy, even when boosted. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Mother-ease Wizard Duo Stay Dry Night Insert and Cover as an effective night-time solution for a baby with rash prone skin.

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Wizard Duo
Friday, 25 January 2013  | 

What a brilliant nappy product. The bamboo inserts are incredibly absorbent and wash really well. I like the stay dry insert - I got two of these when my elder daughter was just about to potty train when she used to hold on and then wee huge volumes in one go and leak out of every other nappy we'd ever tried, a wizzard stay dry managed 3hrs out off road walking in a buggy with a tight crotch strap providing maximum squeezing/leaking power. If I were starting over again I think I'd only have these nappies. They fitted my very very skinny 2nd centile elder daughter but also fit my current chunky baby

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3 of 3 people found this review helpful.

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