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Anavy Night PLUS

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Anavy Night pads are the latest version from Anavy. They are incredibly thin considering how absorbent they are. They are reliable and stay in place perfectly thanks to the unique hour glass shape. Trim wings do not add bulk so you won´t even know you are wearing them. Anavy night pads plus are for your heaviest nights and days but they are also suitable for post partum too! They are worn print side up and are backed with super soft fleece

Night PLUS padss are 29cm and are suitable for your heaviest days as well as post partum.

The snapped width is 7 cm for all sizes
Fabric composition

top layer: cotton woven fabric (100% cotton)
absorbent core: bamboo terry (70 % viscose (from bamboo), 28 % cotton (organic) a 2 % polyester)
bottom layer: water resistant and breathable fleece (100% polyester)
pouch: 100 % polyester with polyurethane coating

How To Wash
Wash before first use the pads will reach their full absorbency after a few washes.
Pre soak in cold water to prevent stains setting
Wash at 60deg in your regular washing detergent can be mixed in with other items.
Dry flat or in the dryer on the middle temperature setting.
You can use gall soap on any stains
Do Not use bleache (chlorine or oxygen)

Designed and manufactured in Czech Republic


Made In
Czech Republic
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