Spilly Spoon Non-spill Medicine Spoon


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16 in stock, ready to go!

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Brand:  Spilly Spoon

As soon as I heard about this product I knew it was the solution i've been looking for. My children are great at taking the pink first medicine (you know the brand I mean). Any other medicine however and they just don't like the taste and put up a bit of a fight. This ends up with the medicine getting spilt as I coerce them into taking it. The children then don't get the full dose and I end up with sticky clothes or bedding needing to be washed. The Spilly Spoon stops all of this, I will NEVER use a medicine spoon again!

About the The Spilly Spoon
The Spilly Spoon is designed to look like a caterpillar with a clear body.  The stripe marks on the body form the measurement levels, whereas the spoon head is Green. All the materials used are FDA and Medical Standard Approved.

Why would you Buy a Spilly Spoon when a spoon or syringe is included with the medicine?

  • Not all children like taking medicine and the Spilly Spoon introduces a fun element making administration easier
  • Some children are scared of the syringe and will not take medicine from it
  • You do not spill the medicine when administering into a Spilly Spoon as the medicine is poured into the handle and tipped into the childs mouth
  • It can also be laid flat on a surface to enable you to pickup the child
  • The Spilly spoon enables a child to self administer without spilling

    spilly spoon on tablespilly spoon childspilly spoon kid

Easy To Use

medicine spoon
The Spilly Spoon is incredibly easy to use.

  • The medicine can be measured accurately on the calibrated section.
  • It can be laid flat on a surface awaiting administration.
  • The caterpillar styling appeals to the child and enables them to self administer without spilling.


The Spilly Spoon was created by Philippa Le Boutillier in 2011.

As a mother of 3 Philippa was frustrated with the challenge of getting her children to take their medicine when sick.

Either she'd endlessly chase them round the kitchen with a shallow spoon, spilling it everywhere, or she'd find herself trying to administer the medicine in the middle of the night and having to strip the child after they had been covered in sticky medicinal goo or waking up the next morning to pink stains on the flooring.

She decided to invent her own Non Spill Medicine Spoon.  The Spilly Spoon.

Spilly Spoon won Rattles to Riches at the Baby Show For Trade 2011. The Spilly Spoon beat 100s of other great children's products along the way, and was chosen by some of the UK’s most prominent experts in baby products.


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Fantastic product.
Wednesday, 23 November 2016  | 

My daughter has always been fine having meds/vits but since she acquired teeth the supplied syringes don't last long!!
This spoon is fab she can take her vitamins from it easily. You can prep it before you need it so no faffing around. I highly recommend it.

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Monday, 17 March 2014  | 

This is a fantastic product, my children love being able to take the medicine themselves and it saves me having to put the syringe back into the bottle to get the rest of the dose meaning that I'm not reintroducing germs back into the medicine.

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A must have
Thursday, 20 February 2014  | 

Love this product. Even if my daughter is too young to see the fun design (she's 10 mo) it's already a lifesaver! Try and give a medicine to a screaming fevery baby with a regular medecine spoon. Spill everywhere and parents worried baby didn't get the right amount. With this 'magic caterpillar', you can give it sip by sip without any spillage. Fantastic product!

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Friday, 16 August 2013  | 

My 8 year old was pleased to use this. It doesn't spill and it enabled him to take his medicine by himself.

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Monday, 20 May 2013  | 

First use was with screaming 18 month old in middle of night. He wasn't keen (although wasn't keen on anything) but I thought it was great. No spills, easy to put down whilst I was getting him sorted, no drip marks and he quietened down the minute I let him hold it. Teething relief all round!!

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EVERY parent should have one
Sunday, 3 February 2013  | 

This has made having sick children so much easier. No more spilt medicine on bed sheets, no more spilling it while trying to get the baby (or older child) to take it. Easy to measure and no need to fill twice for a 10ml dose like you have to do with the medicine spoons. I buy these for every single person i know as soon as they have a baby. While pregant you can't imagine how helpful these are, please take my word for it and buy one before baby arrives it'll be the purchase you just LOVE at 3am in the morning!

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Spilly Spoon - the amazing, non-spill medicine spoon!
Friday, 25 January 2013  | 

I purchased this fantastic product for my daughter after fighting to give her medicine. The problem was that at 19 months old, she wanted to do EVERYTHING herself. This spoon allowed her to give herself her medicine without me worrying about her spilling it/refusing to take it. It is now lovingly nicknamed the 'caterpillar spoon'. A must buy for every parent!

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3 of 3 people found this review helpful.

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