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Bambino Mio Revolutionary Reusable Nappy
Bambino Mio Revolutionary Reusable Nappy
Bambino Mio Revolutionary Reusable Nappy
Bambino Mio Revolutionary Reusable Nappy
Bambino Mio Revolutionary Reusable Nappy
Bambino Mio Revolutionary Reusable Nappy

Bambino Mio Revolutionary Reusable Nappy

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Revolutionary Reusable Nappy Overview

The Revolutionary Reusable nappies from Bambino Mio are taking their classic one size nappy to a new level with their next generation design. It's their most innovative nappy yet, you'll find no need for disposable nappies!

A curved contoured front panel helps to keep the nappy sitting lower and further away from a newborn baby's delicate cord area. The Revolutionary nappy is a trimmer cut which leads to a snugger fit on a newborn baby compared to their previous design, the trimmer cut also offers a sleeker fit for older children.

The Revolutionary nappy has double elasticated legs to create an inner pocket which helps increase poo containment further compared to their previous classic nappy.

A clever blend of fabrics giving you the absorbency benefit of bamboo fabric but the drying speed is decreased by the inclusion of fast drying microfibre.

The nappy has a built in staydry liner to keep baby feeling dry. Attached to the underneath of the staydry liner is a panel of built in absorbent polyester material which is designed to be all you need when using the nappy on a newborn.

The built in absorbency is fairly low but as you will be changing your newborn so frequently is in proportion to the level most newborns need.  As baby gets bigger and needs higher absorbency you will place the bamboo insert that comes with the nappy into the pocket.  Once you approach potty training place the bamboo insert next to babies skin to help little one feel wetter and supports faster potty training.


Key Features

  • One nappy fits all from birth to potty
  • Super absorbent core
  • Stay dry layer
  • Double elasticated legs
  • Simple to use

Sizing of the Revolutionary Nappy

The Revolutionary Reuasable Nappy is a one size birth to potty nappy, designed to fit from birth to potty.

As always at The Nappy Lady I will warn that there is a compromise on fit with a one size nappy.  A one size nappy will be much bigger and bulkier on a newborn compared to a true newborn size 0 nappy. You will find it will fit much better once baby fills out around 10-12lbs.

The Bambino Mio Revolutionary Reusable nappy has the length is adjusted by poppers on the front of the nappy and the shaped waist can be adjusted using the easy to use hook and loop tabs.

How do I use the Revolutionary Reusable Nappy?


For a newborn set the nappy to the shortest length setting. If you prefer to use a paper liner you can place this inside on top of the built in stay dry liner. Place the nappy on baby, no need to add the booster into the nappy as a newborn uses the built in absorbency.

As baby gets bigger

Place the nappy in the suitable length for you baby. Stuff with the booster into the pocket / pouch. If you prefer to use a paper liner you can place this inside on top of the built in stay dry liner. Then place the nappy on baby.


  • Put your revolutionary reusable nappies in your washing machine drum

  • Run a rinse cycle
  • Wash with non biological laundry detergent
  • No fabric softener or bleach
  • Ideally air dry


Safe and soft - Made from breathable absorbent fabrics which are kind and gentle on the skin. No toxic chemicals or hidden nasty stuff or nasty materials.


  • Outer: 100% polyester laminated to polyurethane,
  • Lining: 100% polyester,
  • Absorbent built in layer: 100% polyester.


  • Outer booster layer: 86% viscose from bamboo 14% polyester,
  • Inner core: 100% polyester.

Bambino Mio nappies are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified which means they are safe to use on little bottoms.

About Bambino Mio Reusable Nappies

Bambino Mio are an award winning, forward thinking company who work with worldwide organisations to help reduce single use nappy pollution and empower sustainable businesses.

Bambino Mio reusable nappies range also includes boosters, liners, home wet bag, or famous mighty nappy cleanser. Shop the full range.




Drying Speed
Change Speed
Extremely Quick
Ease of Use
Very Simple
Aplix (Velcro)
Bamboo / Microfibre
Requires a Wrap?
Day or Night
Day only
Made In
Bambino Mio
Care & Warranty

Bambino Mio Care Guide

  • Prewash nappy twice before first use.
  • Wash soiled nappies every 2-3 days.
  • Don't overload your machine so the nappies can wriggle around and get extra clean
  • Wash according to the garment label. No higher than 60deg with non-bio washing detergent
  • No fabric softeners. They will reduce absorbency
  • No harsh stain removers or
  • Close any hook and loop fastens before washing
  • We recommend air drying away from a direct heat source. Nappies can be tumbledried on low.
  • Hang nappies by the fabric core to minimise wear to elastics

Bambino Mio Warranty


Bambino Mio offer a 1 year guarantee against manufacturing faults. The 1 year guarantee starts from when the item was purchased, not first used.  We will collate the information from you regarding the problem and pass on the details along with proof of purchase to Bambino Mio. Bambino Mio will contact you direct to arrange an exchange of any products covered by its 1 year guarantee which they consider as faulty and have been cared for correctly and deemed not to have experienced problems due to general use.

Bambino Mio warranty does not cover products that have been subjected to excessive or incorrect laundering: the definition of excessive laundering includes but is not limited to:

a) Consistently washing at 60 degrees and above
b) Regular tumble drying (Note: regular tumble drying can and will reduce the lifespan of the Miosolo all-in-one nappy and the Miosoft nappy cover)
c) Extra rinses before and after ‘normal washing’. 
d) Leaving nappies outside for prolonged periods of time
e) Exposure to freezing temperatures
f) Using harsh and abrasive products to clean and soak nappies
g) Incorrect soaking of products in Miofresh (Note: you must not soak the outer of the Miosolo all-in-one nappy or the Miosoft nappy cover)
All of the above will result in premature deterioration of your nappies, this is not deemed as proper care and therefore your guarantee will be void.

The washing instructions on all Bambino Mio garment labels state the maximum laundering conditions and are not what Bambino Mio recommend to maximise the life of their products. To get the best out of your nappies Bambino Mio recommend washing regularly at 40°C with one scoop of Miofresh nappy cleanser and air drying them. Washing regularly at higher temperatures and frequent tumble drying can result in premature deterioration of your nappies.

The manufacturer may ask for proof of which detergent you have been using during the period you've had the item so we strongly recommend you keep your receipts you can prove you've been washing following the supplier's guidelines. This can speed up any warranty claims considerably.  A photo of the detergent box and a photo of the detergent ingredients will be needed plus receipts of detergent purchases in the time you have owned the faulty nappies (usually 1 or 2 receipts showing purchases across the previous 6 months).  If you have bought any specialist nappy detergent through us during the time you've used the nappies please let us know and we'll have all your receipts already on record for you to save you this requirement.

Bambino Mio's decision on any warranty claim is final.

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