CrackaDaks OSFM AI2/Pocket Nappies

Crackadaks OSFM is super adaptable & ideal for slimmer babies. It's a pocket & also an All In Two!  Flexible inserts can be moved to just where your baby needs it most. Gorgeous hand-designed prints are sure to make a cracking statement.

Our Price:  £21.99

Brand:  Crackadacks
Drying Speed:  Average
Containment:  Average
Absorbency:  Average
Looks:  Slim
Change Speed:  Quick
Ease of Use:  Very Adaptable
Length:  Short to Average
Fastening:  Popper
Material:  Bamboo/Microfiber
Requires a Wrap?  No
Made In:  China
Day or Night:  Day

CrackaDaks nappies offer you super flexibility.  They are an All in Two nappy OR a Pocket nappy! If you place the absorbency inside the pocket you then have the high quality thick staydry layer next to babies skin.  If you prefer the speed of change of an all in two nappy then you can just popper the inserts on top of the staydry layer, this is great as you near potty training as it will keep the child feeling wetter which can help speed up the potty training process.  This also makes it an option for EC (Elimination Communication) families.  There is no right or wrong way the choice is yours! 

CrackaDaks have a beautiful yet durable stretchy outer, the water resistant PUL layer covers the soft suede cloth inner lining, keeping your baby's skin dry. They stay dry lining is thick and high quality in comparison to some cheaper nappies that just use fleece.

CrackaDaks fit low like pants which is great for providing a slim look however if your baby has very highly explosive poo this will be a leak risk during this stage as there will be less "explosion zone distance" to keep those poonamis in! The low rise means the nappy sits further below the belly button to other nappies so bear this in mind if you are used to other cloth nappies already and will seem MUCH lower if you're used to disposable nappies.  There are three rise poppers to adjust the length of the CrackaDak nappy a baby grows, the nappy  length is gradually lengthed using these adding approx an unstretched inch of length at a time.

The waist fastens of two rows of poppers and each tab has 3 poppers to secure the nappy with which helps to reduce the chance of wing droop fitting issues. There is also the option to cross over the tabs when baby is at the bottom of the weight scale.

CrackaDaks overall are best for slimmer babies rather than our lovely chunky monkeys.

The nappy is birth to potty and can be used from newborn for average sized babies however with most birth to potty systems there will be too much compromise on fit for a low birth weight newborn in which case a specialist newborn/size 0 nappy would be a better choice until your baby reaches 7/8lbs and then you start with these.  Due to the low slim fit Crackadaks bridge a gap between newborn and birth to potty (btp) nappies than many other btp systems can't do.

Each CrackaDak nappy comes with 2 thirsty bamboo terry towelling and microfiber inserts, which allow you to customise the fit and absorption demands for each child. One of the inserts is a long anchor shape so you can move the higher absorbency end to the front or back as your child needs.  As a rule of thumb girls tend to have this wider anchor insert positioned towards the back and boys towards the front.  The second insert is a small booster which can be poppered into the nappy to secure it.  In the very early days you may just use the small popper insert on it's own to make a very slim nappy for a small baby however remember being a small insert it has a much lower absorbency than the main anchor insert so will need frequent changing.  Remember newborns also need frequent changing for hygiene reasons so this combination will help you change at the correct rate for those blurry newborn days.    These inserts can be stuffed, poppered or laid on top of the pocket, based on individual preference. Made up of quality fabrics, these inserts are designed to last.

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