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Eco Rainbow 10in Heavy

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  • Heavy Flow Day
  • Night Time

Eco Rainbow 10in Heavy Pads Overview

Eco Rainbow 10in heavy pads are ideal for use as a pad for a heavy day such as the start of your period. The pad secures around your underwear by a popper keeping it securely in place. Eco Rainbow are one of our handmade brands and the quality and workmanship is first rate. All our pads are handmade in the UK by Bex.

Eco Rainbow Menstrual Pad Fabric Construction

Fabric top is either made of cotton, jersey or plush (which is similar to Minky fabric).
Absorbent core is made of Zorb.
Backing - Fleece

some of our 10in heavy pads are made WITH PUL to give extra protection against leaks.


Length 10in
Width Snapped 2.5in

Which way up?

Used print side up

Benefits of Fabric Types

  • Cotton & Jersey - This topping in commonly seen on our handmade pads. It is a very breathable fabric and if you have sensitive skin then this natural fabric will be a great choice. It can be slow at absorbing so if you have a particularly heavy or gushy flow then you may prefer a different topping.
  • Plush - his is synthetic fabric and one of the quickest absorbing toppings available.


Eco Rainbow
Cotton/Jersey/Zorb Core
10in x2.5in
Pack Size
Single Pad
Which Way Up?
Pattern Side up
Made In
Eco Rainbow
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