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Fanny Paddams 8inch Light

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Fanny Paddams 8in Product Overview

Fanny Paddams menstrual cloth pad are home made and hand sewn in the UK.  The 8 inch Fanny Paddams are suitable for your light flow days or for light incontinence leaks. While the 8 inch pad is the smallest in the Fanny Paddams range and could be used daily it's on the larger size for a panty liner. I would only consider this pad if you have regular incontinence leaks more than just with coughs or sneezes.  Fanny Paddams come in a variety of wonderful modern prints/colours which change every season, once we are sold out of a print it is rare that it will be back in stock again.  

Fanny Paddams pads are shaped for your comfort. The shape is house glass with round ends and a a narrowing in the middle. The hour glass shape allows the pad to fit comfortably between your legs rather than a bulky wide pad. The pad is approx 2.5" at it's narrowest point when it is snapped closed. Each pad is kept in place by using a popper on the wings to secure around your underwear, the is only one popper allowing one width setting.

All Fanny Paddams pads are topped with a wonderful soft jersey cotton top, this top layer is commonly seen in handmade pads rather than factory mass produced pads. Jersey cotton is a very breathable fabric and if you have sensitive skin then this natural fabric will be a great choice. It can be slow at absorbing so if you have a particularly heavy or gushy fast flow then you may prefer a different topping.

As you'd expect from a hand made pad Fanny Paddams quality is exceptional and attention to detail is far higher than mass produced pads.  Beautiful precise stitching, a helpful label detailing the absorbency (heavy) so if you have lots of pads it's easy to identify what days the pad is for.


Brushed Cotton,
Cotton Lycra Jersey,
Anti Pil Polar Fleece,
Zorb 3d,
SHOBF (Super heavy Organic Bamboo Fleece)


Fanny Paddams
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Fanny Paddams
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