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Smart Bottoms Hemp/Cotton Prefolds

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Prefolds are a budget nappy system similar to a Terry Square. Prefold nappies can be simply folded into thirds in a wrap or pinned for greater containment.  The main downside to just pad folding prefolds is that the nappy is only held in place by the wrap, its containment is only as good as that wrap. For a newborn breastfed baby, such a nappy is unlikely to prevent leaks of poo quite frequently. Now, obviously, this is a phase that passes and the performance of the nappies becomes more reliable over time, but when you’re knee-deep in poo, you might wonder if it was such a great choice after all.

* 45% hemp and 55% organic cotton
* Use together with a waterproof cover

Small: Fits babies 2.7-7kg / 31 x 31cm after washing
Medium: 7-11kg / 34 x 34cm
Large: 11kg + / 39 x 39cm

The Smartfold Prefolds from Smart Bottoms are made with organic cotton and hemp, and are the perfect option for a heavy wetter. The middle third is three layers thick and the sides are two layers thick. When folded to one third of the original size, this offers seven layers of absorbency for your child.

Material Contents
45% Cotton (Organic), 55% Hemp

Wash up to 60°C. Can be tumble dried. Do not use bleach or fabric softener.

Made in the USA


Drying Speed
Poor- if pad folded
Varies on size
Ease of Use
Fiddly to keep parts together
Hemp / Cotton
Requires a Wrap?
Pack Size
Sold Singly
Made In
Smart Bottoms
Care & Warranty

Smart Bottoms Care Guide

Use a short cycle using warm water first, to remove as much organic material (pee & poop) as possible. Your main wash should be done at 60C. Use the amount of detergent recommend by the manufacturer for the size load you are washing and make sure the washer has at least a half load of nappies (a full load is usually anywhere from 12-24 nappies, depending on the size of your drum).

Please do not use a detergent that has fabric softeners or excessive artificial fragrances. We have found that the most effective detergents are the ones that contain both enzymes and synthetic surfactants, which usually are both standard in traditional laundry detergents. We suggest you use the amount of detergent recommended by the detergent manufacturer.

Please do not use vinegar as it will deteriorate PUL, TPU and elastics. Regular use of bleach will likely harm the PUL, elastics and natural fibres in your nappies by reducing the integrity of your fabric and causing premature and excessive wearing.

Smart Bottoms Warranty

Smart Bottoms offers a 1-year warranty to the original purchaser only, from date of purchase.

The warranty covers seams that come apart; holes discovered upon arrival; broken, cracked or weak snaps; irregular shrinkage or deformity.

The warranty does not cover staining; fading; repelling; holes or loose top stitching that develop due to wash routine or regular use; relaxed elastic; pilling of natural fibers or accidental damage (items caught, torn or melted in the washer/dryer). These are all considered normal wear and tear and are not covered by the warranty.

Smart Bottoms' decision on any warranty claim is final.
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2 Reviews:

10 June 2020  | 

Very good and absorbent to contain all the poo (I use prefold with a wrap) though expensive hence 4 star.

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Very absorbant
27 May 2019  | 

We use prefolds at daytime at home. Very absorbant and soft and with a peanut wrap, great at containing all the poos

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