Bambino Mio Prefold Nappies

Price:  £4.50

Brand:  Bambino Mio
Drying Speed:  Fast
Containment:  Poor- if pad folded
Absorbency:  Low
Looks:  Bulky
Change Speed:  Slow
Ease of Use:  Fiddly to keep parts together
Length:  Average
Fastening:  Nappi Nippas or pad folded
Requires a Wrap?  Yes
Day or Night:  Both

Prefold nappies are simply layered rectangles of cotton, with a thicker layer in the centre. We sell 4x8x4  nappies, which means four layers in the two side panels and 8 in the thicker centre panel.

Prefolds are a budget nappy system similar to a Terry Square. Prefold nappies can be simply folded into thirds in a wrap or pinned for greater containment.  The main downside to just pad folding prefolds is that the nappy is only held in place by the wrap, its containment is only as good as that wrap. For a newborn breastfed baby, such a nappy is unlikely to prevent leaks of poo quite frequently. Now, obviously, this is a phase that passes and the performance of the nappies becomes more reliable over time, but when you’re knee-deep in poo, you might wonder if it was such a great choice after all.

If you’re in that situation now, you might want to consider pinning or nippa`ing your prefolds, which will largely solve the problem.  Please see our videos on the tab above for these folds.

I also found that trying to keep the nappy, wrap and liner in place while trying to change a wriggly baby quite tricky for a while so you may prefer all in ones or shaped two part nappies for going out and about. 


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Monday, 16 January 2017  | 

I got terrible leaks with these nappies as i was breastfeeding and found the poo got on the wrap each time. My baby poos about 8 times a day so soon ran out of wraps. I changed to terry squares on the advice of the nappy lady and my leaks have stopped. Very happy Mummy and customer. Wish i'd followed Wendy (ultimate nappy gurus) advice in the first place and saved myself wasted money and poo leaks.


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I totally disagree with your evaluation
Monday, 15 August 2016  | 

I used btp with my first daughter and had containment issues frequently.
I switched to these for my second daughter and they are amazing. So much better than the various btp I used. We hardly ever get leaks, much fewer poo-splosions and they are really easy to wash, dry and fold. I actually find them less of a faff than the btp to use.
I'd completely recommend these to anyone.

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Saturday, 23 April 2016  | 

I love using these prefolds. I've used them with a breastfed baby from approximately 1 month but will be using from birth with the next child. We have had very runny breastfed poos and with the boy fold and liner we get excellent containment and have only once leaked past the wrap when DS pooed in his jumperoo and bounced it out the leg.
With these prefolds you have the option of a variety of wraps, we have some bambino mio ones as well as a few cheapie btp wraps.
DS was a very heavy wetter and at first the nappies would last 2-3 hours with a boy fold. Now after numerous washes (which increases absorbancy) and at 6 months old I get at least 4 hours wear out of them.
I used to use a nappy nipper when I was getting used to the folds with a wriggly baby, now I prefold them in the drawer ready and carry them around already folded which saves alot of time, and nappy nippers no longer needed.
All in all an excellent economical option for cloth nappies as will last from birth to potty and they will be ready to use for future children.

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I'm really pleased you've got on so well with the prefolds. Using a nippa is excellent and really increases containment on a small baby. Not everyone gets on as well with flat nappies which is why we warn the drawbacks to them but pleased this wasn't relevant in your case.

a very handy nappy to have.
Monday, 30 November 2015  | 

Despite all the bad press about leaks etc, these nappies are very handy to have at your disposal. To me they are the best for layering at night to minimise leaks and middle of the night changes. They are also extremely good for stuffing pocket nappies when you need extra absorbency (or if, like me, you're just disorganized and cant find the right booster for that particular nappy!)
What I would say if you do go with these is ALWAYS carry at least 2 extra wraps in case of poo. And the wraps that go with these are EXCELLENT at containing my baby's poonamis. Happy nappying x

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why the bad press?
Tuesday, 15 September 2015  | 

I have been using these on my now 3 month old baby since birth and I cant fault them, used with the bambino mio wrap they work perfectly and are very easy to use. I have just ordered more of these and would not use anything else. I felt I had to submit this review after reading The Nappy Ladies own review as I really feel it is an unfair description of this nappy.

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I'm glad you got on with your prefold nappies well. There are drawbacks to prefolds with containment and ease of use in comparison to other nappies available which we feel is important to highlight. Every nappy available has pros and cons but there will be one that matches everyones requirements.

Great prefolds
Friday, 31 July 2015  | 

If I had to build my stash again I would invest mainly in these prefolds. They're very nice, absorbent, soft and the size is excellent. They fit my 8-week-old daughter and my (potty trained) 3-year-old. I'm very happy with these.

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good value nappy
Tuesday, 12 May 2015  | 

I use these with the Bambino Mio wrap. They are a good size for my 3 month old when folded in quarters lengthwise. They have washed well. I prefer this nappy to the Econobum which comes up smaller so can only be folded in thirds thus with less absorbability.

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Excellent budget option.
Monday, 21 July 2014  | 

I started using these when my daughter was 11 months as a cheap way to bulk out our stash, surprisingly given the description we love them as they're quick and easy to use and launder.

We have a mix of size 1's that we pad fold to use with Flip covers, obviously the containment isn't great but the absorbancy is excellent and size 2's that we fold (usually bikini twist) and use with a nippa which gives good containment and absorbancy.

Being able to wash at 60 and dry within hours is a huge bonus for us so these work well.

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Don't rule prefolds out!! Newly converted
Friday, 6 December 2013  | 

I recently started using bambino mio prefold nappies and wraps after 2 years of using all-in-one nappies and was very surprised. They weren't as bulky as I expected and the wrap was very soft and pliable. The fit from the nappy was superb and it lasted far longer than anything else we'd used. Highly recommended!!!

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Bambino Mio Prefolds
Sunday, 26 May 2013  | 

I do not usually leave reviews but after reading the description of these nappies I felt compelled to give my positive views on them! These nappies were recommended to us by a friend who had used them. They are by far the most affordable on the market. They come in multiple sizes ensuring a great fit, and enabling them to be used from birth (unlike virtually all the birth to potty nappies which are far too big for use on a new born- when the most nappies are used). Containment has been great. In the early stages some poo has escaped from the inner nappy but has been contained by the wrap. As time progresses containment has been fantastic. This just means you need more of the small wrap sizes than the others. My daughter wees loads and this is readily absorbed. The small nappy liner size is compact but the larger one is more bulky (wide). We do not use these at night instead opting for a highly absorbent bamboo two part Lolly Pop nappy.

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Sunday, 14 April 2013  | 

This is the first and only nappy I've tried. I've found it pretty good, but depending on how well I fold it sometimes it will leak. It doesn't hold as much urine as I thought it would and will sometimes leak though the night, but it gets the job done.
Normally at night I use a booster and I have no problems.

This will get the job done and it does work.
They are also lovely and soft.

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