Super Absorbent HEMP Bum Fold by Ellas House

Bum Fold by Ellas House is a flat basic nappy that can be used in a wrap laid out flat or as an insert in a pocket nappy. The Bum Fold is made of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton making it a super absorbent and thirstie pad.

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RRP:  £7.99
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Brand:  Ella's House
Drying Speed:  Slow
Containment:  Poor
Absorbency:  Average
Fastening:  No Fastening - Pad Folded
Material:  Hemp/Org.Cotton
Requires a Wrap?  Yes
Made In:  Czech Republic
Day or Night:  Day only

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Bum Fold by Ellas House is a flat basic nappy that can be used in a wrap laid out flat or as an insert in a pocket nappy such as the Bumgenius JOY.  If used as a flat pad nappy just laid in a wrap the containment is going to be low as there isn't full elastic surrounding baby so you're relying on the wrap to provide the real poo containment. There is a tiny bit of elastic in the pad to help with folding but it's impact on containment is negliable.  Suitable wraps for use with the Bum Fold would be the Capri wrap, milovia wrap or even the Bambino Mio wraps. All these wraps are desiged with flap nappies in mind. 

The Bum Fold is very simple to fold, you lay it out flat, then  fold one side over towards the middle and then the other side the same. Folding both sides along the elasticated line (as shown in the demo video) so the nappy folds naturally to the right place. This leaves the top"header" section as one layer sitting longer than the folded section.  If you have a front wetter (often a boy) place the "header" section at the back of the nappy as boys tend to wee at the front and the header is the least absorbent. For a girl reverse this and the "header" section goes to the front as girls as often wettest at the back.

The Bum Fold is made of a blend of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton. When new they contain lots of natural oils so the Bum Folds do require at least 3 prewashes before use but won't reach their full absorbency until 10 prewashes. Between wash 3 and wash 10 just change a little more frequently. Hemp is a very popular nappy fabric as it's super absorbent, holds onto liquid firmly so therefore doesn't tend to create bulky nappies.

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