WUKA Re-Purpose High Waisted Heavy

WUKA Re-Purpose High Waisted Heavy


WUKA Re-purpose™ High Waist Period Pants are perfect to replace a menstrual pad or tampon or as back up protection if you are very heavy and worried about leaks. Wuka Re-purpose are made from excess fabric diverted from landfill making the even more environmentally friendly. If you're choosing period pants for their environmental benefits, the Re-purpose™ collection is the pant for you. They are made from repurposed, recycled nylon that would otherwise be wasted as excess fabric from fast fashion production.

WUKA Re-purpose Heavy Flow period pants hold approx 20 ml which is approximately 4 tampons worth and are ideal for your heavier flow days or over night.  The high waist style hugs you in all the right places to enhance your natural curves whilst providing the ultimate coverage. They are designed for day and night time use.

The absorbency comes from a suspended pad on the gusset making them very breathable. This gusset is attached at the front and back but not at the sides. This helps with drying speed as when hung up air can get all around the gusset.

The pants have writing about re-purpose printed on the front outside. We find this wears off within a few washes making them even more discrete.

[ ree-pur-puhs ] verb
Excess fabric diverted from landfill and fast fashion supply chains turned into carbon-reducing, super period undies.


WUKA stands for Wake Up Kick Ass and their mission is to create the world's most comfortable and eco friendly period underwear. Wuka pants offer high coverage and super absorbency, leak proof layer protection, breathable and resist odours. Each pair of period pants replace around 100 tampons or pads in their lifetime.

Washing Care
Machine washable at up to 40deg C.
No fabric softener
Do not iron or tumbledry

Size Guide

Size UK Size Universal Hip Size
6-8 X-Small 85-90
8-10 Small 90-95
10-12 Medium 95-100
12-14 Large 100-105
14-16 X-Large 105-110


Brand:  WUKA Period Pants

WUKA Period Pants

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