Little LoveBum Hemp Trifold InsertLittle LoveBum Hemp Trifold InsertLittle LoveBum Hemp Trifold Insert
Little LoveBum Hemp Trifold Insert

Little LoveBum Hemp Trifold Insert



14 in stock, better hurry!  

14 in stock, better hurry!

Insert Overview

The Little LoveBum Hemp Trifold, when folded is a versatile easy to use nappy insert.  The Little LoveBum Hemp trifold is a square pad, divided into thirds to make for quick folding.  Once folded the insert gives you 6 layers of thirsty hemp. 

In the middle section of the pad is a staydry layer, this keeps baby feeling dry. One thing I love about the insert is that once you approach potty training you can fold one of the outer hemp thirds so it's on top of the stay dry layer. This means that the child will stay feeling wet which can help aid potty training.



Measures 35cm x 35cm, used in onesize nappies.

How do I use it?

The hemp trifold has a popper on one section which you use to secure it into the Little LoveBum Snap & Wrap cover to make it an all in two system.  The trifold can also be used to stuff a pocket nappy or laid flat in any other suitable cover if you wanted to use it with other nappies, the popper in this case is redundant but will not cause any issues if not used.

When hanging your insert to dry unfold so it lays flat to quicken drying speed.

Nappy Fabric

Main insert is  55% hemp / 45% cotton
Staydry layer is 100% polyester.






Brand:  Little LoveBum
Drying Speed:  Slow - Average
Containment:  Average
Absorbency:  Average
Looks:  Fairly Slim
Change Speed:  Average
Ease of Use:  Simple
Length:  Average
Material:  55%hemp 45% cotton
Requires a Wrap?  Yes Little LoveBum Snap & Wrap
Made In:  China

Little LoveBum

Little Lovebum Care Guide

  • Prewash Items. Note - nappies made from hemp or bamboo require 6 washes before they reach full absorency.
  • Remove solids. Heavily soiled nappies may need a rinse before storing in dry pail/waterproof bag. Store for a maximum of 3 days.
  • prewash nappies on a rinse cycle or with half a dose of detergent.
  • wash at 40-60 degrees using recommended dose of detergent according to instruction.
  • Line dry, being sure to keep the PUL out of direct sunlight. 

Little Lovebum Warranty

Little Lovebum offers a 6 month guarantee against manufacturing faults. The 6 month guarantee starts from when the item was purchased, not first used. If you believe you have an item with a manufacturing fault, you will need to contact us with details and photos of the fault. We will confirm your purchase date from our records. Little Lovebum may require the items to be inspected before a warranty decision is made, we will inform you if this is required in your case.  Little Lovebum warranty decision is final.

Little Lovebum Warranty is VOID when:

  • Using harsh stain removers, biological detergents or bleaching
  • Boil washing
  • Continually tumble drying on a warm or hot heat, or directly on radiators or similar
  • Adding vinegar or sodium bicarbonate to the wash

Slight relaxing of elastics, variances in snaps, snags, fading in fabric, are not considered a manufacturing defect.

Little Lovebum decision on any warranty claim is final.


Please Note: The tabs are not colour-fast and will need to be washed separately for the first few washes to remove any loose dyes.

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