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Lumma Menstrual Disc
Lumma Menstrual Disc

Lumma Menstrual Disc

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Lumma Disc Overview

The Lumma reusable menstrual disc comes in different sizes, meaning you can find the perfect disc for a leak free period. 

Every Lumma menstrual disc comes with a silicone string to help with removal however this can be removed if you prefer.  The Lumma menstrual disc is the only menstrual disc that offers the silicone string.

The great thing about menstrual discs is unlike menstrual cups they do not use suction to stay in place but instead fit behind the pelvic bone, meaning greater comfort for you however what discs are most famous for is mess free period sex!  (more about this later).

Lumma Disks have a soft texture and a completely round rim which comforms to the vaginal canal walls giving you the perfect fit while preventing leaks and discomfort during your menstrual period.


Which size do I need?

First you need to measure the height of your cervix. You can find details on how to do this in our article "how to measure your cervix height". Once  you know this depending on the height of your cervix will dictate the disc you need. The round disc shape comforms to the shape of your body.

Short - If you feel your cervix with your 1st knuckle inserted (up to 1½ in / 4 cm), you have a short cervix.
Medium - If you can only feel your cervix after inserting 2 knuckles (between 1½ in / 4 cm and 2½ in / 6 cm), you have a medium cervix.
High - If your cervix is more than 2½ inches away, you have a high cervix.

Sizing Specifications

Small Medium Large
Diameter 5.3cm 6.3cm 6.8cm
Capacity 30ml 55ml 60ml

String= 6mm.  The string can be shortened with scissors or, for those who prefer not to use a string, it can be cut off altogether. To use the string correctly, you just need to hold it and pull gently until it's untucked from the pubic bone. When it's completely untucked, you can use your fingers to guide the disc outside your vagina. Very important note: The string is only to be used to untuck the disc from the pubic bone.


The Lumma menstrual disc uk offers higher capacity than a menstrual cup or tampon.  A disc can be used for light, medium or excessively heavy flows. Each disc can be used for up to 12 hours.
How do I use it?


1 Lumma menstrual disc in your chosen size
1 Storage pouch

Menstrual Disc Material

The Lumma disc uk is made from medical grade silicone. Lumma Disc is completely phthalate free. As menstrual discs only hold menstrual fluid rather than absorb it as traditional tampons do, the menstrual disc will not dry yoru vaginal canal.


Mess Free Period Sex

So how do Lumma menstrual discs make “period sex” possible?

Unlike tampons, pads and menstrual cups, the lumma uk disc doesn't stay in the middle of the vagina canal instead they fit above the vaginal canal, right below the cervix. This higher position keeps the canal free for penetrative sex. As you can imagine, that makes all the difference. Your partner won’t even notice the disc is there. No more worrying about “that time of the month” getting in the way of romance. Wave goodbye to the old days, and say hello to a better sex life and a leak free period.


How To Insert

1.Squeeze the rim in the middle of the Lumma disk to form an “8” shape, maintaining the string in front of the disc.

2.Insert the disc into the vaginal canal.

3. Continue pushing the disc toward the end of the canal until you feel that it’s positioned under your cervix.

4. Push upwards on the front of the rim, securing it behind the pubic bone. Part of the silicone string will remain outside the entrance of the vagina.

How To Remove

Pull lightly and slowly with the front of the string until the rim of the disc slips off the pubic bone and lines up with the entrance to the vagina, then pull out gently with your fingers.


Menstrual Discs Overview

Menstrual Discs are made of medical grade silicone and the cup sits in the vaginal canal under the pubic bone.Unlike a menstrual cup a period disc does not use suction to say in place or your pelvic muscles. A menstrual disc is often used for mess free period sex. Cups and discs can both be used without increased risks of toxic shock syndrome. Menstrual discs come in different sizes and the Lumma Discs have a silicone string, menstrual discs offer a higher capacity than tampons. Once in the correct position even though a disc has a higher capacity than a bigger cup you will not be able to feel it. A disc holds more than a super tampon making a disc suitable whatever your menstrual flow. If you want even further reassurance against leaks you can always use period underwear but with a disc it is not usually needed. The Period Lady stocks most menstrual discs available in the UK.


Lumma Menstrual Cups

Lumma also make the Lumma cup range. Lumma cups UK offer a variety of menstrual cup sizes and capacities for high or low cervix. All made of medical grade polymer.


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