Juju Menstrual Cup Model 3Juju Menstrual Cup Model 3 
Juju Menstrual Cup Model 3

Juju Menstrual Cup Model 3



1 in stock, better hurry!  

1 in stock, better hurry!

Juju Menstrual Cup model 3 is perfect if you have a high cervix.  The Juju Cup model 3 has a longer than average body and stem to help with easier removal.  Juju model 3 is on the firmer side but not as firm as sports cups.  The model 3 Juju Cup is quite narrow so doesn't offer a huge capacity so might not be the best cup for you if you have very heavy periods.  The capacity is 22ml to the holes.  Compare the Juju cup on our menstrual cup chart for it's full specificiations.

So how do you know if you have a high cervix?
Firstly read our guide on "how to measure your cervical height"  Next, if you can feel your cervix between your 2nd and 3rd knuckle or can barely reach your cervix, you have a high cervix and this cup the Juju model 3 is suitable or you. 

As finger length varies from person to person, a more accurate measure of cervical positions involves performing this same measure and against a ruler. This will produce a more precise measure of vaginal length or cervical height. 

STEP 1: Whilst standing, insert your finger until you can feel your cervix. Take note of the position on your finger where it protrudes from the vaginal opening.

STEP 2: Using a ruler, measure the distance from the tip of your finger to the exit point on your finger.

STEP 3: Check this measurement against the JuJu Cups sizing to make sure you have the cup that suits your cervical position. Model 3 = 78mm including stem, 58mm excluding stem

Many people with a high cervix can still successfully use shorter cups however for some people, their cup may sit higher in the vaginal canal and be more difficult to remove.  The Model 4 JuJu Cup is not recommended for people with a high cervix as this is a short cup and removal of this cup may be difficult.

Trimming the stem
Your cup may be forced to sit lower due to your cervix location and the stem of the cup may protrude, this can happen with all cups but as the Juju model 3 is so long it's more likely to happen. In this case, we recommend you trim the stem of your Juju cup as it may cause discomfort or irritate the labia. Read our article about "trimming/removing the stem of your cup." Please only trim the stem of your cup if you are comfortable with the removal of your JuJu at all stages of your cycle as your cervix may ‘retract’ towards the end of your cycle and be hard to reach. Only trim a small amount at a time; trimming off one node at a time then re-inserting after removing each node to check if it is at a comfortable length.

Why would your cervix move during your cycle?
For some people, their cervix is almost always high and for others, almost always low.  However, if your cervix does move around a bit, that's normal too! As the lining of the uterus thickens during your menstrual cycle, the uterus expands and can double in size and weight. This extra weight coupled with the increased size of the uterus can push the cervix lower prior to and during menstruation. Then, as the lining of the uterus is shed during menstruation, the uterus will start to return to its original size and the cervix may move higher.

Where is the Juju Cup Made?
Juju cups are made in Australia from hypoallerganic medical grade silicone and can be worn for up to 8 hours a day before they should be emptied.

Your Juju Cup Size 3 will include;

  • 1 Menstrual Cup - Model 3
  • 1 Storage Pouch
  • User Guide

Juju has been making menstrual cups since 2011, they're mission is

"Through each of our products, we aim to provide individuals with a healthier, more sustainable and cost-effective alternative to disposable sanitary products. We believe that menstruation is a gift, not a burden and commit to using our platform to encourage open, honest conversations about menstruation."


Brand:  Juju Cups
Made In:  Australia
Capacity to Rim:  28ml
Capacity @ holes:  22ml
Stem Length:  20mm

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