Yukki Classic Menstrual Cup

Yukki Classic Menstrual Cup


The Yuuki classic is one of the firmest cups available making it a popular choice for those who enjoy alot of physical activity. Those with senstive balader may choose to use the Yukki soft which has a more 'average' frimness.

The Cup comes in two sizes and is made of silicone.

THe small is suitable for those with a medium-light flow with a low cervix.

The Large is longer than your average large cup on the market so will be more comfortable for those with a high cervix.


Brand:  Yukki
Length:  S 67mm / L 74mm
Made In:  Czech Republic
Capacity to Rim:  S 24mls / 38mls
Capacity @ holes:  S 18mls / 28mls
Stem Length:  18mm


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