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Baba+Boo Hemp boosters

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Booster Overview

Baba+Boo Hemp Boosters are super absorbent and ideal for boosting any reusable nappy not just Baba+Boo pocket nappies.

Hemp is a natural fabric that is incredibly popular due to the high absorbency it offers without being too bulky. Ideal for heavy wetters and night time use nappies.


Inserts for one size nappies are 36 x 14cm.

Sold singly

It is normal for hemp to shrink slightly when you first wash it. Baba + Boo have sized them to cope with a little shrinkage! Give your inserts a good tug when they come out of the wash ('reshape whilst damp') - this will resize them nicely and help them to lie nice and flat inside your pocket cloth nappies.

How do I use it?

Hemp contains lots of natural oils so won't reach it's maximum absorbency until approx 10 washes and these oils are released. It is important you do a few pre washes for the hemp boosters before use for the first time to create extra absorbency in the fabric.

Hemp fabric soft when it's new due to these natural oils, as these oils are washed away the fabric will go much harder. With this hardness comes the super absorbency.

Wash up to 60 degrees.

Insert into any nappy that needs boosting. For fitted nappies you can place the booster inside the nappy or around the outside between nappy and wrap.

Booster Fabric

Composition of the Hemp Boosters.

Inner Layers:

  • Cotton - 59%
  • Viscose - 41%
Outer Layers:
  • Cotton - 55%
  • Hemp - 36%
  • Viscose - 4.5%
  • Linen - 4.5%

Read more about using nappy boosters in our article "how to do you use cloth nappy boosters?


Baba + Boo
Drying Speed
Cotton - 55% Hemp - 36%
36 x 14cm.
Baba + Boo
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6 Reviews:

Excellent absorption
30 December 2021  | 

Use these all the time with a bamboo insert and really helps our nappies last longer until a change is required

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Sadly not working out for us
13 December 2021  | 

Bought as my 10month old was always leaking at night with the two Bamboo liners, but the hemp ones haven’t helped much. I’ve didn’t so much on the reusable but they just aren’t working out that well at night for us - this is the main time I wanted to use them.

Service and speed of delivery great though

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Absorbs well
08 August 2021  | 

Very absorbent and dry faster than other ones we’ve tried. but they’re not flat anymore after going through our wash, so look a bit wrinkly. Just a cosmetic issue though, still work well.

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Nice product
14 April 2021  | 

Nice product but it could have had a shorter width to avoid keeping the baby legs apart.

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Fantastic slim boosters
13 April 2020  | 

Really like these - amazingly absorbent and very slim.

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Very absorbent boosters!
27 December 2019  | 

These are not too bulky (similar to the B&B Bamboo inserts you get in their pocket nappies) but are much more absorbent. I have managed to shrink these a little bit in our normal 40 degree wash and they do go a bit wrinkly/crispy but it doesn’t affect their absorbency at all. I just make sure they are under something a bit softer. I’ll definitely be buying more.

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