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Triple Layer Bamboo Booster by Bambinex (sold singly)

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Product Details

Booster Overview

Bambinex Bamboo Triple Layer Boosters are made with three layers of bamboo fabric making them wonderfully absorbent and ideal for boosting daytime nappies without adding too much bulk.

They are a reusable nappy booster that is often overlooked for bigger branded names but they really are the dark horse of nappy boosting and those that try them love them.

The bamboo fabric is the traditional loopy bamboo which is soft and absorbent. 

Bambinex bamboo boosters are are especially good for boosting newborn nappies due to their narrower cut and also in all in one nappies.


27 x 12cm

How do I use it?

The Bambinex bamboo boosters can be laid flat or you can fold them to concentrate the absorbency where you need it most. 

Bambinex triple layer boosters can also be used as night time boosters but you will need to use two or three at a time for a very heavy wetter.

Booster Fabric

Bamboo Fabric with a polyester base weave (weave holds the fibres in places)

Read more about using nappy boosters in our article "how to do you use cloth nappy boosters?



Drying Speed
Bamboo/Polyester Weave
27cm x 12cm
Care & Warranty

Bambinex Care Guide

  • Prewash all absorbent parts 3 times before first use.
  • If you use a nappy cream you must always use a paper liner.
  • Store the nappy in a dry lidded bucket for 2 days.
  • Put through a rinse cycle before the main wash
  • You can wash at 40 or 60 deg
  • Use Non-Bio Powder Detergent or Bambinex Washing Detergent and do not exceed recommended dose.
  • Do not use liquid detergent or Marseille/Natural soap
  • No harsh stain removers, bleach, essential oils, perfumes or vinegar
  • No fabric softeners. They will reduce absorbency.
  • Ideally line dry or tumble dry on cool.


Bambinex Warranty

If you believe you have a faulty Bambinex product please contact us with details of the issue and photos and we will liaise with Bambinex so they can assess your warranty claim and arrange replacements if appropriate.

Bambinex products must be washed following their guideance otherwise product warranty is void.

Bambinex decision on any warranty claim is final.


Customer Reviews
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25 Reviews:

Great little booster
26 July 2022  | 

This is an excellent little booster. I'm using them to boost my LLB everyday in the morning because my little one wees more then. Super soft and works a treat.

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great as an extra booster to a pocket nappy
19 May 2021  | 

We add this to a little lamb pocket nappy for when we are out, and it works really well, adding extra absorbancy without extra bulk. Really good and very pleased with it.

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good job
29 December 2020  | 

Nice and soft, good absorption

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Similar size to little lamb size 1
22 December 2020  | 

I ordered the wrong size bamboo boosters a while ago (ordered size 1 instead of 2) and I was surprised this came a similar size to those. I normally put the smaller ones sandwiched in between two other boosters so I don’t get leaks and have extra absorbency in the middle. Would be perfect if you wanted them quite small but they’re just a little bit small to use alongside 1 other booster in a pocket nappy for me.

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Great Value but small
16 August 2020  | 

Hold a lot of wee however they are very small compared with other boosters I own. Excellent value. I wanted them to add to my stash of boosters for day use in pocket nappies, But have ended up using these at night between a bamboozle and a wrap.

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Good but small
16 June 2020  | 

They're good boosters in a variety of nappies. Down side is drying time as expected, much longer than double layer LL boosters. They are small - the size 2 are the same size as my size 1 LL.

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Fab boosters
27 April 2020  | 

Really useful little boosters, definately make a difference for us. They take ages to dry (as expected!!) but relatively inexpensive so we just bought extras to cover drying time. 4 stars not 5 because the sizing is all over the place- some are much wider than others which can make fitting in the nappy a bit tricky

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Slim but effective boosters
16 April 2020  | 

These boosters have helped extend the life of our nappies for our second baby. They are slim so they fit inside all our nappies and they aren’t too bulky. We were ready to throw our old nappies away but these boosters have meant we can go on using them. We get 3 hours between changes without a leak using these boosters.

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Nice booster, used for overnight
06 April 2020  | 

Nice soft booster, and very good value! I use this inside a Bamboozle overnight together with a fleece liner, with an extra Ella's house hemp booster between the nappy and wrap. I would guess that the hemp booster works harder than this one, but everything is soaked by morning so it's clearly all needed! And this booster is much cheaper Takes about 2-3 days to dry, so slower than the hemp booster which only needs 1-2 days, but quicker than the Bamboozle nappy. I got 3 which is just about enough as I only use them at night - could probably do with 1 more!

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Absorbent and not too bulky
16 March 2020  | 

Smaller than other boosters in our rotation while still absorbent

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Triple Bambinex
16 March 2020  | 

These are brilliant for night time nappies, or for longer periods in one nappy. They fit inside my pocket nappies great. Wash really well and are lovely and soft and super absorbent.

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Very good value and absorbancy
06 January 2020  | 

Very good value and absorbancy.
So glad of these as extra boosters. Slim inside the nappy. I use with different brands of nappies

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Great little boosters
06 August 2019  | 

Fantastic fluffy little boosters. Very happy with them, cheaper than some other but very absorbent.

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Fantastic boosters
16 July 2019  | 

I use these in my Little Lamb bamboo shaped nappies instead of their two layer ones as I find them even more absorbent. Highly recommend 👍🏻

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Good value boosters
08 April 2019  | 

Nice boosters, quite small so suitable for using in all our nappies, even the most slim. Wash well and dry quite quickly. Excellent value for money.

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Brilliant boosters
21 March 2019  | 

I use these to boost my night nappies; they’re a brilliant booster if a little short for my LO. Really soft material, well made and super absorbent.

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Great quality bamboo
18 February 2019  | 

Really great boosters, perfect for day time boosting of a heavy wetter. Quite small so possibly better for younger babies.

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03 September 2018  | 

Holds a good amount, lovely and soft

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16 May 2018  | 

My son is a heavy wetter, I use these to boost daytime nappies as the absorbency of the boosters is about right for this length of time I think. I fold them in half and put them at the front. The thinness of these is perfect for keeping the nappy on the slim side.

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22 March 2018  | 

Good booster, we use it when going out to add more absorbency to our bumgenius v5s when we can't change that frequently. They are smaller than I expected, which means they fit easily without making the nappy extremely bulky.

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Great boosters
13 September 2017  | 

These are so soft and extremely absorbent! I was very sceptical as they are rather small but they hold so much! Very pleased with them and I'm so glad I bought multiples as they've been in every nappy I've used during my first week of cloth nappies!

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Value for money booster
30 August 2017  | 

These are great for the money, they are quite thick but you'd expect that to get the absorbency.

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they really make a difference
20 April 2017  | 

they make a big difference but still not enough to make a night and drying takes a long time

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Extra night time booster
11 April 2017  | 

I was looking for something to use in disposable nappies at night to give extra absorbency. My 20 month old son seemed to soak through his pyjamas and bedclothes regularly. These have been just the job, folded into 3 and placed at the front of the nappy. It leaked a little to begin with but once the boosters had been washed a few times this stopped. No irritation despite his sensitive skin.

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28 March 2017  | 

Great to booster nappys for night time use or long journey's.

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