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XL Laundry Mesh Bag by Baba+Boo

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XL Laundry Mesh Bag Overview

The XL Baba and Boo mesh laundry bags sit inside your nappy bucket and makes moving nappies from the nappy bucket to washing machine a lot easier. I wouldn't be without one!

A nappy mesh is similar to a laundry bag for washing machines that you use to put your small and delicate items in, to ensure they don’t get caught up and snagged in the wash.

The Babo Boo mesh has multi uses, we also use them for washing dirty sports kits or for storing wet things when camping so items can air out quickly.

The Baba + Boo mesh laundry bag has a wide neck opening and fits ALL of the Nappy Buckets that we stock including the Mother-ease nappy bucket.

The Baba + Boo laundry mesh has a drawstring top which fits over the edge of a nappy bucket holding it in place.  While the bag can be closed for washing nappies it is best to keep the drawstring open so the nappies can move around in the wash.


Mesh Laundry Bags Sizing

H56 x W43 cm


How do I use the Baba and Boo Mesh Laundry Bag?

  • Simply pop the Baba and Boo mesh laundry bag into the nappy bucket and fit the mesh neck over the bucket edge.
  • On wash day you lift the whole thing out with the nappies inside and put into the machine.
  • Put the whole bag in the washing machine with the neck well open, and the nappies will tip out as they wash. You can also push them out of the bag as you put the lot in the machine (recommended if the mesh is quite full).

Do make sure that all Velcro tabs on the nappies are folded down so they don’t catch the Baba and Boo mesh bag, though.

The Baba + Boo Laundry mesh is ideal for dry pailing or soaking your nappies. If you are soaking, you can lift the mesh out with the nappies inside without handling the individual nappies. You can then easily tip the dirty water into the toilet.


100% Polyester


Baba + Boo
100% Polyester
H56 x W43 cm
Made In
Baba + Boo
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2 Reviews:

06 October 2023  | 

This bag is roomy and really easy to fit into our nappy bucket leaving plenty of space for overflow and to help with loading (easier when theres room in the bag rather than jam packed. Much prefer this to the mesh bag little lambs sent to us as this fits making use of the whole bukcet whereas the little lamb one stretch out taking u valuable bucket space.

Really good value washes and dries well.


Perfect laundry bag
24 August 2023  | 

The laundry bag fits perfectly in the Nappy Lady bucket, it dries quickly after washing. I bought 2, so I would have one to use whilst the other was in the wash. They were good value as they were discounted.