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Newborn Nappy Bundle

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Kit Overview

Flip Newborn Inserts are just like the standard stay dry Flip inserts but they're smaller. They lay into the Little Lovebum Newborn Snap & Wrap covers making a slim nappy for a newborn. Each Flip newborn insert has the stay dry layer on the top to keep baby's bottom dry.  Once baby has outgrown the newborn size you can use them as boosters in your onesize nappies.

The Little Lovebum booster sample can be used to increase absorbency further if required.


The Nappy Lady Newborn Bundle contains:

1 x Pack of 6 Flip Newborn Inserts
1x Little Lovebum  Booster
2 x Little Lovebum Newborn Snap & Wraps



How do I use it?

- Lay the Flip Insert into the Little LoveBum Wrap
- Toss the used insert into your nappy bucket
- Wipe cover clean and reuse

Nappy Fabric

100% polyester, 80% polyamide Inserts
PUL - Cover


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