3 Week Hire FULL NAPPY KIT from £10


A complete hire kit from only £10. Don't want to waste time and money buying samples? Don't want to commit to just one type of nappy without testing others? Our complete hire kit has a sample of ALL the best selling nappies.

Hire Date:  


Expected: 01/03/2021  

Expected: 01/03/2021

Our Price:  £200.00

Brand:  The Nappy Lady

We have LOTS of hire kits across our hire kit ranges however demand is incredibly high and keeps increasing. Our hire kits are normally fully booked up 6months in advance. Yes that's correct 6 months in advance!  At the time of writing in July 19 many of our kits are now only available from Jan 2020 and Jan is filling FAST! To hopefully guarantee a kit is available for your hire period you should be aiming to order at the latest 12weeks pregnancy.  The website will show when the next hire kit period is available, a date may show sooner than 6months but it's likely that there is only 1 or 2 kits left for that period and the date can suddenly jump by several months by just one new reservation being placed.      We understand it can make parents nervous buying anything before your 20 week scan. Please be reassured if for any reason you need to cancel your hire kit BEFORE it is dispatched it will be cancelled and refunded in FULL.   Once hire kits are dispatched the hire fee will not be refunded in part or full in any circumstances other than in cases in stillbirth/SIDS.

The Full Hire kits cost:

£40 hire fee + £160 deposit = £200
With 48 items in this kit that's just 27p hire fee per item per week!

HOWEVER if when you return your hire kit you place an order (or have already placed an order) for £200 or more of goods then you'll receive £190.00 of your hire kit fee/deposit back. This three week hire will then only have cost you £10 (or just 7p per item per week)!!!! PLUS you get to keep the liners which have an rrp value of £4.99 so really the hire cost to you was £5.01


This kit is only available for hire in the UK mainland and will be sent via courier.

There are two kits available to hire. At time of ordering please fill in your requested hire start date. We can't guarantee the kit is available at this time but we'll get as close as we can and let you know when your slot will be.

More about the hire kit:
Don't want to waste time and money buying samples? Don't want to commit to just one type of nappy without testing them all?

Then try our 3 Week full hire kit. This kit contains ALL our best selling products many fit from 8lbs but for the birth to potty nappies in the kit 10lbs starting weight is better.

The kit contains:

Nappy Bucket
Nappy Mesh
1 Nappi Nippa
1 Night Time Booster

Two part nappies
Bamboozle Stretchy size 1
Bamboozle Stretchy size 2
Little Lamb Bamboo size 1
Little Lamb Bamboo size 2
Little Lamb Microfibre size 1
Little Lamb Microfibre size 2
Bumble Popper
Quality Terry Square White Bots 60cm
Teddy size 1
Teddy size 2 (size 2 is the birth to potty option)
Sandy's Bamboo Small
Junior Joy Prefold
Flip Inserts - Organic day, organic night

Motherease Rikki Medium
Motherease Airflow Medium
Bambinex Cover Onesize
Milovia Cover Onesize
Flip Onesize Wrap
Blueberry Capri Wrap

All in Ones
PeeNut nappy (with 2 PeeNut Inserts)
Totsbots Easyfit STAR
Bumgenius Freetime All in One
Bumgenius Elemental
Wizard Uno
Blueberry Simplex
Smart Bottoms 3.1
Smart Bottoms Dream Diaper

Pocket Nappies
Charlie Banana
Little Lambs OneSize Fits All
Milovia Microfleece
Bumgenius V5 Pocket

All in Twos
Bambooty Basic
Wizard Duo Sml wrap & Onesize Wrap
Wizard Duo 3 Inserts. staydry xs & Onesize, night large
Close Pop In

1 Roll of 100 Bambinex Paper Liners - You are not expected to return these so if you have some left please keep them for use with the nappies you go onto purchase.

Terms and Conditions:
You will be supplied with a list of all the kit contents. If you lose an item it's not the end of the world but the full rrp of the missing item(s) will be taken out of your deposit so the item can be replaced into the kit for the next person to hire. The cost of any missing item(s) will also be taken out of your deposit even if you place a £200 order and qualify for the £190 refund. In this case your credit will be £190 minus the cost of replacing an item. Liners do not count as a missing item as we expect the roll of liners to all be used, all the other items are expected to be returned.

If an item becomes damaged beyond reuse the full rrp of the item will be taken out of your deposit so the item can be replaced. We expect wear and tear of the nappies through use but excessive damage such as ripped/torn or deliberate damage is when we'd impose the replacement charge (never had to do this in 8 years of our other hire kits so far!)

If you place an order for £200 of goods following your hire you then qualify for our £190 credit/refund from your kit hire fee/deposit. If you then return ordered items for a refund and your order total then goes BELOW a £200 order, when we refund your returned items we will deduct the remaining hire fee of £35 from any refund due. This is purely to stop people placing an order to qualify for the £190 credit/refund and then returning their full order and therefore having had their hire for £10.00  .
If you do decide that some of your order isn't suitable as long as you remain over a minimum of £200 total order or exchange the items so you remain over £200 order then your hire kit fee will be kept at £10. As per our returns policy you always have 30 days to return/exchange any unused items.

Your hire kit period is for 21 days. This starts from the day after we dispatch the order. We will dispatch by next day courier and you'll receive an email and if you supply a mobile number a text message with your one hour delivery slot for that day.  Your Kit MUST be received back at The Nappy Lady on or before day 21. The true value of this kit is approx £400. It is your responsibility that is it returned safely, the cost of returning the kit is paid by the hirer.  We strongly recommend you use a next day trackable courier service to maximise your hire period and give you the reassurance that it is returned safely. The address to return the kit to will be on your hire paperwork supplied with your kit. If you lose this please just give me a call and I'll give you the address again.

Baby not included.


UK Delivery from £2.50 or Free options over £40

We have lots of delivery options for you to choose from. You'll be given the opportunity at checkout to choose your delivery method or option. The site will automatically choose the  tracked option for you initially as this tracks and insures your delivery. Sometimes when we come to pack an order, if it's unusually heavy, bulky or valuable, we reserve the right to upgrade your delivery method free of charge to another that's more secure. For example, we may upgrade your order from first class delivery to courier.

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Just what we needed!
Friday, 1 November 2019  | 

After hiring a newborn kit from a local library we weren't sure cloth was for us but I had pre-ordered this kit before baby was born and I'm so glad we did as it saved our cloth journey. We experienced leaks with a fair few brands so I'm so so glad we got this kit and found nappies that we liked and worked for our little girl rather than buying just on recommendation. After the kit the Nappy Lady when above and beyond to help us find more of the nappies we liked and now we love them!!! Especially in summer when they can crawl around in just a cloth bum 🥰

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Excellent chance to try real nappies
Wednesday, 2 January 2019  | 

A wonderful way to try out a huge selection of real nappies. Really helped us choose the nappies we wanted and excellent value. A real must for first timers (like us). Only thing that could make it better would be a quick user guide, we got a bit stuck on some of the designs!

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Plenty in box but you pay £15 return postage
Tuesday, 10 July 2018  | 

Iím not that impressed tbh. It didnít change our minds in any way as to what brand of cloth we would use. Weíd seen cloth nappies at our NCT course. I felt a bit duped as they effectively told me by email the cost of the hire kit is just £10 rather than £40. Itís only £10 if you buy £200 products from them and other websites are cheaper. We also had to pay £200 to return the kit. They sent it to us late even though I booked months in advance with no apology until I chased them (even got email asking me to pay twice as saying kit was available) . They hadnít completed their own end of their own paperwork which they sent to us. You couldnít even read the faded / wiped off marker pen on some of the bags to know what was in there before opening. Overall very disappointing.

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I'm so sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy our hire kit it's always upsetting and unusual for someone not to enjoy our hire kit. We were surprised and disappointed for you to see you had returned it after your 3 week hire period with it all completely unused.

I'm also really sorry that you missed the details about the hire kit deposit, we've never had anyone miss this before. The details of how the scheme costs £10 are in in the first few lines of the kit description along with details again in the terms and conditions on the same page. It is also included in the paperwork with the parcel. If like yourself you decided not to go ahead and order cloth nappies the kit does have a unrefundable deposit of £40 to cover costs of the hire but this still only works out at 27p per nappy. The £40 fee covers the cost of the kit being fully sanitised after every return even if as in your case it had not been used. Insured shipping to you of the cost of the kit to you is also included in the price and wasn't charged extra. The roll of liners in the kit worth £5 are also included for you to keep. If you're ready to order at a later date you just need to let us know and we'd always honour the increased deposit refund you would be entitled to if an order of £200+ was placed.

Unfortunately the kit was a little late coming to you but not excessively. The kit was a little late from the person before you which was i'm afraid out of our control although we chased them, babies are hard work and sometimes families run a little behind on errands which impacts kits occassionally. We didn't want to send the kit out to you unsanitised so this took a few days to ensure throughly cleaned. This didn't affect your hire period and you still received your full 3 weeks they just started just a few days late.

I'm sorry if you found the labels unclear. The paperwork was included in your parcel (it was there on the return of the parcel so was definitely there on delivery inside the box). All nappies are individually labelled and descriptions on the paperwork. We'll double check the labels on the bag and make sure they are clearer in case some have rubbed away, we were trying to get your kit out asap to you as it was late so this might have been overlooked. Each kit is checked in and out so this is normally checked every time.

We are always on hand to help with any problems, identifying nappies, queries you have about how cloth works or more advice on how to us it. We don't like to contact you when you have the kit in case it feels like we're chasing you up, but we'll always reply via phone or email on any queries.

We never emailed you asking for payment. The emails would have been availability notifications that a kit came back in stock to order. These comes out automatically via email if you if you click "email me when this item is in stock." This isn't an automatic service and you have to manually ask for this email to come out to you. If you place an item in your basket and don't check out you would received an automatic email reminding you you haven't checked out, this is a "failsafe" incase you think payment has gone through and it hasn't, once an order is paid we never sent payment requests again. The only other emails you would have received would have been thank you for your order and a dispatch email to say it's on it's way. We do not send other automatic payment emails.

It's a shame you decided none of the cloth nappies in the kit were for you as the kit contains all the best sellers and many niche nappies but at least you now know which are the right ones. We stock all the main brands and best sellers so please let us know which you want to buy and if it's not one we stock we'll try and source it for you if possible (we wouldn't be able to do a one off order for unethical or nappies that our insurance deems unsafe (chinese cheapies). We have now refunded your £160 deposit but if you let us know what you'd like if we can source it for you the increased refund of your hire fee (£30 difference) would be applied to your order. It can be for other items or accessories, in fact anything on our site.

Great way to try out different nappies
Monday, 19 March 2018  | 

Great way to try out different nappies and find out what suits.

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So worthwhile; give it a go!
Tuesday, 13 March 2018  | 

Iím so glad we found and decided to book the nappy lady hire kit to test out cloth nappies before we took the plunge and purchased lots; I would have spent a lot of money on pretty looking nappies which wouldnít have suited us and would have put us (especially my unconvinced husband) off cloth pretty quickly. Not having a nappy library nearby this was the best way for us to try out cloth nappies, and there is so much choice in this kit, as well as everything needed being included (except a wet bag for out and about!) Our little man was 10 weeks and around 12lbs when the kit arrived, which was great, he fitted the birth to potty nappies well enough and we had got used to life as new parents so the thought of an extra load of washing every other day wasnít so daunting. It was great to be able to handle all the nappies and really get to know them, though I have to admit I nearly cried the first time I got a load out the washing machine; I couldnít remember which bits went together! Working out which nappies best suited us, and how best to fit them meant we did have a few leaks which was disheartening to begin with, but we persevered and Iím so glad we did. £10 (+return postage cost) very well spent, a few weeks on I am definitely addicted!

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A great and cost-effective intro to cloths
Tuesday, 13 March 2018  | 

This is an amazing service provided by The Nappy Lady and is worth every penny! As someone completely new to cloth nappies, I decided this is the best way to get to know the various brands in more details. Within a week or so I already had my favourites and put asides those which I thought are not for me. Donít worry, I still had so many to practise with What surprised me the most was that I thought Iíll prefer those which are fastened with a Velcro (wrong, poppers were the winners) and that I won't mind the folding (wrong, I realised I am lazy and prefer the easiness of AIOs and pocket nappies) or that I can live with bulky nappies overnight (wrong, I couldnít get comfortable with them despite of zero leaks with any of them). What Iíd like to highlight here is that a lot of us tend to read reviews on the Internet and buy nappies based on othersí recommendation but might not consider our own situation (eg washing facilities, drying time). What is great about this hire kit is that you can play around with a lot of styles in your own environment, see how you get on with the washing, drying, folding, etc. and eventually find your dream nappies 3 weeks are more than enough, I already made up my mind after 2 weeks. What also helped me was that I was in continuous email contact with The Nappy Lady so any questions I had in the meantime re washing, boosting and choosing nappies for a tall baby were all answered immediately. Although I knew from the beginning that my baby is tall I did not mind trying those nappies which I knew are meant to be for up to average length babies because I could see why they could not work for us longterm. I feel like I became cloth pro! Excellent speedy delivery as usual from The Nappy Lady (next working day with recorded delivery by DPD, the most reliable courier in my experience, so you are aware of the exact hour when your kit will be delivered). I also loved the detailed list of nappies included in the kit as well as the individual packaging of each nappy, making it easy to identify and then pack them for return. At the end of course I was convinced that cloth is the way to go and was so satisfied with the kit and the overall service that I decided to look no further and buy any nappy related stuff from The Nappy Lady only, regardless of the price tag. Such an excellent customer service is rare nowadays, and whenever I find one, I tend to stick with as a loyal customer. Luckily, The Nappy Lady is not only excellent in this regard but is also a winner in terms if pricing

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Great selection
Friday, 9 February 2018  | 

A fantastic way to work out which nappies fit your baby the best and suit your lifestyle. I was certain I would like the pocket style nappies but the make I had been recommended did not fit well, I didn't get on with the two part nappies at all. I feel like I have had enough time to use the nappies, test them (including in the car) and see how they wash and importantly dry. Very happy with the product and service!

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Sunday, 12 November 2017  | 

I knew I wanted to use cloth nappies but was overwhelmed by all the different types, prices and general fit. This trail kit was just what I needed! I started the kit when my son was 6 weeks, 8lbs, so most of the nappies would fit. The kit comes with a detailed inventory list. I would reccomend finding each nappy on the nappy lady website, marking if it's day/night and sizing it to your baby. I dived straight in and had a few hiccups in the beginning. Huge oversized night nappy with all the boosters! As I went through the different nappies, I immediately put away those that didn't fit/leaked. Towards the end I had a really good idea which worked. Really cheap too, as I ordered my stash from the nappy lady.

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Excellent hire kit
Monday, 10 April 2017  | 

Excellent hire kit which gives you a really broad range of nappies to try for yourself to see which works best for you. Ample length of time also as I found towards the end I was just reusing my preferred ones to decide which to order. Lots of useful info on the website with videos to help along the way also which meant I didn't need to pick up the phone but the number was provided on all the paperwork so would have called if I needed to.

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Reuseable Nappies
Tuesday, 3 January 2017  | 

I very much enjoyed trialling a whole host of reuseable nappies. Unfortunately as my baby is a tiny newborn a great deal of the nappies didn't fit (even on smaller poppers).
It would be better for me to trial later when he's bigger. One or two of the nappies I wouldn't opt for as the absorbency wasn't great with the nappy only lasting 2 hours.
Thank you for your service

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The hire kit is best borrowed once baby is 10lbs rather than right from birth.

Nappy Hire
Tuesday, 19 January 2016  | 

Fantastic to have the opportunity to try so many different nappies... it really helps to get a proper idea of how they work in order to chose your preferred type/style and see which fit baby best.

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Excellent service
Thursday, 29 October 2015  | 

I used the nappy lady's advice service as I am new to the world of reuseables. Like many people, the main opinions I had heard were from my mum's generation with bulky Terry's and horrible plastic covers but a friend had been using the modern nappies and had really positive comments. I was slightly overwhelmed by all the information out there so this seemed like a sensible place to start. The questionnaire was comprehensive, although I completed it before my little one arrived so was a guide. The nappy lady provided me with a couple of different options and a good place to start my research.

We decided to try the full trial so we could make a proper decision. My partner wasn't keen before they arrived (again, having only heard the horror stories!)

The kit arrived on time with a full inventory - essential for repacking later. There was a good selection of the different styles and types of nappies.

Despite all my reading it took a day or so of using them to get the hang of them. It was useful to see how they fit on our baby, compared to the descriptions. Understanding which nappies were best for which situation (nighttime, day trips etc) came much easier once the nappies were right there. Additionally, getting the hang of washing and knowing how long different nappies would take to dry in our house/ garden was something else we couldn't have learnt from reading.

Overall we loved the nappies and they have won my partner over. We have ordered a full set of reusables, which means that the trial cost us only £5! An absolute bargain for the information we got from it, and goes to show how much faith the nappy lady has in her products!

I would definitely recommend trying the full trial if like me you feel like resusables are the way you want to go, but you want to learn more before you commit to a certain brand or style of nappy.

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Loved this idea
Wednesday, 14 October 2015  | 

I throughly enjoyed having the nappy trial and using all the different nappies, it definitely helped me makes some choices as to what i wanted to buy. Would recommend and the nappy lady was so helpful with advice and great communication

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Tuesday, 1 September 2015  | 

This nappy hire kit is fantastic! It is a brilliant way to try out a huge range of available products without spending a fortune. All of the nappies come in their own labelled bag so that you can't get mixed up and you are provided with a concise checklist of everything that has been provided so that it is simple to ensure that it is returned. These are two features of the kit that really did make the hire a simple and stress free process - little details can make a huge difference!
I am so glad that I rented out this kit as I actually ruled out the brand that I was leaning towards as the fit wasn't great on my baby - it has saved me from wasting a lot of money. I also found that I liked a nappy that I would never have even tried which was very unexpected.
Overall the Nappy lady's service was impeccable and I would really recommend this kit to anyone who is considering cloth nappies.

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