TWINS All in One Newborn Hire Kit

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Expected: 29/07/2019  

Expected: 29/07/2019

Our Price:  £180.00

Brand:  The Nappy Lady


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The All In One hire kits cost:
£130 (twins) + £50 deposit

On the return of the nappies the £50 deposit can either be refunded for used against a future order

The Nappy Lady All In One Hire Kit contains:

  • 22 All In Ones
  • 8 Bimbles for nights
  • 2 XS Wraps for over the bimbles
  • 2 Nappi nippas to fasten the bimbles.

You'll also need to buy:

  • Paper Liners if you'd like to use them. (Bambinex liners fit the best.)
  • Nappy Bucket/Nappy Mesh to store the used ones in.

    Even with buying these additional items the cost of using the bimbles will work out less than you'd spend on disposables!

The All In One hire period is for 3 Calender Months, but can be extended for an extra £15 per month if required. Your hire period starts from when your baby is born and the hire kit is usually sent out 2 weeks before your due date. We know babies don't always arrive when they are meant to so if they do arrive earlier than this let us know and we'll try to get the kit out as soon as you notify us.  

The All In One Hire Kit will probably not be brand new but will be in a good, clean, sanitised and hygenic condition, washed at every return by The Nappy Lady.

We expect that returned Teenyfits and Bumgenius Newborns, Bambooty newborns and bimbles will have been used and washed according to our guidelines but not damaged. We do expect some wear and tear of course. On the return of the nappies please do not worry if they are stained as this is common with newborn/breastfed poo. Stains are easily removed by drying them on the line (or even a window ledge) in the sun for a day or two and i'll be doing this on their return anyway. If any nappies are returned beyond use, the deposit or part of it may not be refunded to cover the cost of a replacement nappy.

These nappies are very cute and incredibly useful for those early weeks when standard size 1 or birth to potty nappies just seem a bit too big on a tiny newborn.

TeenyFits, Bumgenius Newborns, Bambooty newborns and Bimbles newborn officially fit from 4-15lbs although i find they struggle to fit from 12lbs. At a RRP price per nappy of £9.99 for a TeenyFit and Bumgenius newborn and £6.75 for a Bimble nappy, this makes buying these nappies a luxury most people can't justify for a nappy that will only last a few months.

However i think everybody should have the option of using tiny newborn nappies, i know i was certainly very grateful for mine in the early days. They are both more absorbent than muslins and require no folding. The bimbles are perfect for night time and if you go out and want the reassurance of excellent containment and absorbency. The TeenyFits/Bumgenius Newborns are as close as you can get to a disposable as they are all in one nappies and are perfect for the daytime and any reluctant cloth nappy changers. Teenyfits/Bumgenius newborns are less absorbent than the bimbles and only provide one layer of containment. 

TeenyFits/Bumgenius newborns will come in a variety of unisex colours/patterns depending what is in stock at the time. Bimbles are white.

Once hire kits are dispatched the hire fee will not be refunded in part or full in any circumstances other than in cases in stillbirth. The deposit will be refunded in full on safe return of the hire kit.


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