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Bambino Mio Messless Nappy Liners
Bambino Mio Messless Nappy Liners

Bambino Mio Messless Nappy Liners

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Bambino Mio Messless Nappy Liners Overview

Bambino Mio Messless Nappy Liners
have been designed to make your nappy changes that little bit easier. They're designed to catch poo, keep your reusable nappies cleaner, reduce soiling and keep baby feeling drier as they draw moisture away to protect sensitive skin.

The liners are plant based and will eventually break down, however they are thicker than standard toiet roll and shouldn't be flushed down the toilet.


The Bambino Mio Messless Nappy Liners are 11.5cm x 29cm

They are especially designed to be used in Bambino Mio Revolutionary Nappy but can be used in any reusable nappy.

They come in a roll of 100 liners per pack.

Who are they best for?

They are best suited as poo catching nappy liners for weaned babies as the material is a bit thin for dealing with newborn liquid poo.

How to Use

  1. Place nappy liner flat on top of the nappy being careful not to fold.
  2. At change time, tip poo down the loo, lift off the lier and pop it into the waste bin. Do not flush it!
  3. Replace liner at every nappy change.

Liner Material

Made from plants. Suitable for delicate skin

100% Viscose


Nappy Liner Choices

Learn more about your nappy liner choices including fleece liner options in our nappy advice article Do I need a liner in a reusable nappy?


Bambino Mio
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1 Review:

Nappy liners
09 November 2023  | 

These liners are thin, so not for pre-weened babies, but work really well with our little girl who is combining solid food and milk. Would definitely buy again

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