Disana Gall Soap for Wool

Disana Gall Soap for Wool

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Disana Gall Soap is an ancient household remedy for removing the most stubborn stains on wool and silk textiles. Gall soap is used whenever wool shampoos are not enough to remove a stain. Applied directly, massaged gently into the stain and rinsed with clear water.  Gall soap removes any organic soiling from wool and silk articles. Available as a concentrate and only intended for targeted stain removal, a few drops will suffice to remove ugly stains from delicate materials.

Gall soap is a powerful natural stain removing treatment but also environmentally friendly.  Bovine gall is a direct by-product of animals which are reared for meat and makes uses of a part of the animal that would otherwise be wasted. Disana Gall Soap is sourced from animals reared humanely on organic farms according to strict welfare and environmental standards.

This is fantastic soap but as it's natural and doesn't use artificial perfumes it does have a strong odour. This does wash out and doesn't linger.

General Wool Washing Guidelines

Thanks to its chemical and physical qualities, wool must be washed rarely. Wool actually pushes off dirt. Odors and liquids are neutralized. So, wool textiles need to be washed only from time to time. To do it in the fresh air for a while is mostly enough. However if woolen articles have to be washed, natural wool is hand washing. This is far less complicated than assumed and rarely a machine wash is worth for only one or two wool products.

In its chemical structure wool is very similar to human hair. Therefore, as in the hair washing a quite gentle cleaning should take place. Wool is very sensitive to alkalines and hence also soap. We recommend to use disana wool shampoo being a special wool detergent. Please avoid using perfumes or even softener, as these might remain in the textile and could irritate the skin.

The easiest way for hand washing of wool articles is to do it in the hand basin. Please fill it with cold, max. 30 ° C warm water (check with baby bath thermometer) and add disana wool shampoo according to the instructions on the bottle. For colored articles please make a color test at a non-visible place.

In order to avoid matting of the wool, it may neither be soaked nor rubbed, wringed nor brushed. Just press easily several times with the hand. The shorter the washing process, the better for the wool product. Let run off the wash water and rinse the wool article with clear water. Please pay attention that it has the same temperature as the washing water. Otherwise, wool suffers a "temperature shock" and pulls together quickly. Press wash and rinse water carefully from the wool article and let it dry.

Drying in the sun, on the heater, or even in the dryer is taboo. Put the wool article on a dry terry towel and let it dry at a well aerated, shady place.


Brand:  Disana


Disana Care Guide

  • Prewash cotton nappies twice once before first use.
  • Remove all solid waste before washing cotton nappies
  • Remove any inserts from covers so they can thoroughly washed
  • Don't overload your machine.
  • Put your cotton nappies through a rinse cycle before the main wash
  • You can wash your cotton nappies at 40 or 60 deg using a full dose of detergent
  • Use a long cotton wash. Cotton nappies love a long wash
  • No harsh stain removers or bleach on cotton nappies or wool wraps.
  • No fabric softeners. They will reduce absorbency.
  • Ideally line dry or tumble dry cotton nappies on warm.

  • Disana Wool Covers must not be machine washed. Follow wool products instructions found here.


Disana Warranty

If you believe you have a faulty Disana product please contact The Nappy Lady with details of the fault and photos and we will liase with Easy Peasy so they can assess your warranty claim.

Disana's decision on any warranty claim is final.


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Incredible stain removal qualities
Wednesday, 28 August 2019  | 

I purchased this liquid gall soap for some second hand boiled wool wraps that had very old dark stains going all through the natural (ivory coloured) material. I got entirely rid of every single stain, the wraps look like new and are fully functional. I only gently rubbed the wool between my palms with the gall soap.
The only down side of the product is its smell, however that's completely gone after washing with normal wool detergent and lanolising.
Highly recommend.

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