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Bambino Mio Out & About Wet Bag
Bambino Mio Out & About Wet Bag
Bambino Mio Out & About Wet Bag
Bambino Mio Out & About Wet Bag

Bambino Mio Out & About Wet Bag

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Out & About Bag Overview

The Out & About wet bag from Bambino Mio is for storing soiled reusable nappies when you're away from home. The wet bag's waterproof fabric and clip closure keeps wetness locked inside along with any nappy smells.

Easy to use and fast to dry.

Why I love it

Most nappy bags are zip fastening whereas the Bambino Mio bag has a foldover top and clip. This prevents leaks coming out of the zip if the bag gets tipped up the wrong way in your bag.


Ideal for short trips out, stores approximately 4 reusable nappies.

How do I use it

When you head out for the day, pack your change bag with everything you need for your trip including enough reusable nappies to get you through the day. When it comes to change-time, simply store your used nappies in your wet bag to keep them separate. You can hang the wet bag from your buggy or change bag using the handy loop.

When you get home, tip the contents into your large Stay at home wet bag or pop them straight into the washing machine for mess-free handling. Simple! If you need to wash the bag, you can pop it in with your reusable nappies and wash at 40°C. Air dry or tumble dry on low. Fold away flat when empty for lightweight portable use.


100% polyester laminated to polyurethane.





Holds 4 nappies
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Bambino Mio
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