Motherease Airflow Wraps

Price:  £10.99

Brand:  Motherease

Motherease Airflow is a popper fastening PUL (polyurethene laminate) wrap that is leak proof but refuses to compromise on breathability! The fabric is soft, durable and waterproof.


The Motherease airflow comes in 6 sizes but most people only need 2-3 sizes birth to potty.

XS 6-12lbs (trim cut)*
Small 6-12lbs*
Medium 10-20lbs
Med/Large 20-27lbs (trimmer cut than Large)
Large 20-35lbs
XL 35lbs+

*Note that the XS/Small sizes poppers towards the front for ease of use when changing a small baby, whereas the larger sizes popper towards the back.

The Medium/Large (20-27lbs) size covers the lower end of the Large Air Flow size range (20-35lbs). This is because the Large feels very baggy when a slim child has outgrown a Medium and the Medium/Large is intended for those who like a trimmer fit. Obviously it adds an extra size of wraps in, which pushes the price up, but that might not be so important for you.

One time when the M/L wrap is a very good choice is when a child of around 15lbs switches to cloth. Instead of getting 4 medium wraps which will be quite quickly outgrown, you could opt for 2 Medium, 2 M/L and 2 Large, to bridge the gap nicely.

What's So Special about the Air Flow?

The poppers are at the legs and waist on each side, and there are a number of different settings. Because of the separate leg and waist fastening, it has excellent adjustability for the child whose legs and waist are not in perfect proportion to each other. With a Velcro wrap, if your child has thin legs but a fat waist, the wrap may have to be closed too tightly at the waist to give sufficient containment at the legs, or vice versa. This is not the case with the Air Flow wrap.

The airflow is secured with adjustable poppers at the waist and legs openings and has an air ventilation system between the poppers. This allows for maximum air circulation as baby moves, reducing the risk of bacteria by keeping the temperature of the cloth nappy down. The ventilation system makes it the most breathable PUL wrap on the market by far. You think it somehow “ought” to leak, but I can assure you it doesn’t. Very cunning design.

Another advantage of the Air Flow is that the side-positioning of the poppers makes it virtually childproof! The trouble with Velcro-fastenings, as with disposable nappies, is that your child can easily undo them - and the tougher the Velcro, the more tempting it is for them. You can almost hear them saying “Look, Mummy, a toy on my tummy...” Not all children are manic un-fasteners, but if you have one of those, you’ll find popper wraps a far less frustrating option, unless you want your child to wear dungarees on a permanent basis!

As the poppers are at the side of the wrap it is perfect for children with sensitive skin as there is no velcro to catch or snag on. For tummy sleepers there are no poppers at the front of the nappy to press into their skin either!

There are no gussets in the wrap which makes the legs holes larger than on other wraps. The legs holes of the airflow are designed to be LOOSE and not fitted snug to the skin. This is again to make the nappy more breathable but also so little legs on the move don't get chaffed. The airflow is especially good for chubby legs allowing them plenty of room.

Why does it look like "granny pants?"

It is a very baggy wrap, in comparison with Velcro-fastening wraps, and some people don’t like the “puffball” look. However, that’s one of the reasons why it is so reliable, because there is plenty of room between nappy and wrap, minimising the risk of wicking due to a bit of the nappy sticking out anywhere. That’s also one reason why it is an excellent wrap over the bulkiest of night nappies and the best wrap over traditional terry squares.

What nappies can the airflow be used over?

The airflow is pretty much a universal wrap and can be used over virtually every modern shaped nappy.  However because there is no gusset at the legs, the Air Flow is not suitable over prefolds or other fasten-free/ pad folded nappies .... normally. I have known people use it with pad folded prefolds successfully, but only on pretty solidly-built children, because they fill the wrap so much more! It certainly won’t work with your average or skinny child.

Washable at 60 with the nappies, you can also tumble dry it on cool, although to be honest give it a good shake and hang it over a chair, and it will be dry within a few minutes anyway.

The Air Flow wraps I have used on my children have now been in use for 9 years and I have not had a single one ever fail or break.   So reliable on both waterproofing and containment, flexible on fit, childproof, washable at 60 and can be tumble dried .... what do you mean, this wrap is not for you?!!...

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Monday, 20 February 2017  | 

Very impressed, when I first saw, was a bit dubious about leak potential, but now in use, wouldnt change. Much prefer poppers and simple but effective design.

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Best wraps on the market
Thursday, 26 January 2017  | 

These wraps are bombproof! Never had any leaks, very reliable. Wash and dry well. Nice designs. Give my baby a cute big bum look too!!

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Leakproof, reduces smelly overnight nappies
Monday, 26 December 2016  | 

Just bought one to test this wrap but will definitely be buying more. The design is ingenious, avoiding leaks and keeping the nappy "fresher" - our milovia wraps also never leak overnight but the bamboozle is often pretty stinky by the morning. This wrap has improved that considerably. Another bonus is how quickly they dry - I've often just rinsed it in the sink and hung it up to dry rather than putting it in the wash every time, as it's pretty much pure PUL with a bit of elastic edging.

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Good for containment
Monday, 26 December 2016  | 

This works really well as a second layer over the tots bots nappies.

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mother ease wrap great
Sunday, 20 November 2016  | 

i brought this mother ease wrap for my 16 months old daughter to try as other wraps didn't work so well with her mostly the fitting around the legs and i thought oh this will be exacly the same won't be any good so i will be spending more money on different wraps but i can honestly say this is the far best wrap i've spent money on so far we have had no leaks in this what so ever so i'm giving this five stars

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Solved a big problem!
Friday, 7 October 2016  | 

We were having a big issue with wraps leaking/ being grown out of too quickly/ wool wraps shrinking, and so bought this as a last ditch attempt to save our sheets. We've never had a leak with it and hope to buy a few more. Only issue is that our +99th centile 8mo has very big thighs so we're on the largest setting and its still a bit of a squeeze. I wish I'd got the next size up.

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I don't love these
Saturday, 1 October 2016  | 

Functionally, this wrap is great. We get no leaks and it happily lasts 12 hours overnight and a good 4 in the day. My son says that they hurt though, and you can see that it's red where the elastic has rested against his skin. I am bitterly regretting not going with my usual stretchy totsbots wrap instead, he's never complained about those.

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If you're getting red marks you're putting them on too tight. This wrap is designed to sit loose around the legs and not be a snug seal.

Better than velcro, but squeaky
Wednesday, 21 September 2016  | 

These are great and better than the velcro version as they are easy to adjust the size and won't scratch. I find when sleeping they make a squeaking noise that keeps me awake sometimes. Not idea for co-sleeping. They do hold the wee in and are easy to use.

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Best covers for a long time
Tuesday, 20 September 2016  | 

I bought two of these covers for my son, who is my forth child. The nappies have survived all 4 children but the covers haven't so I have had to buy some new ones for each child. The covers I had bought for my third child were terrible tots bots flexi wraps (from another site) and had to return them as they were so leaky? These however are fantastic- had them a few weeks and not a single leak (and he is a real wriggle bottom!)

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Great covers/wraps
Sunday, 11 September 2016  | 

I recently purchased a motherease airflow wrap and it is great. It's fits my chunky baby very well and I haven't gotten any leaks. I use it with totsbots bamboozles and Little Lamb Bamboo nappies and I think you could use them with any nappy.

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