Wizard Duo Perfectly Balanced Birth to Potty Kits

Wizard Duo birth to potty kits are exclusive at The Nappy Lady. The kits have been created by us and they are PERFECTLY BALANCE with everything you need.

Our Price:  £414.00

Brand:  Motherease
Drying Speed:  StayDry - Fast / Bamboo - Slow
Containment:  Very Good
Absorbency:  Average
Looks:  Fairly Slim
Change Speed:  Quick
Ease of Use:  Simple
Length:  Short to Average
Fastening:  Poppers
Requires a Wrap?  Yes Included
Made In:  Canada
Day or Night:  Both

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Wizard Duos are premium nappies with high quality inserts and wraps.  The Nappy Lady has created these onesize sets to make buying your system simple as ABC!  They fit best from 10lbs.

Each set comes with 5 wraps unisex print or colours.

5 Onesize wraps*

For Night Time each set comes with:
5 Staydry Onesizse Night time Inserts. These are higher absorbency to last all night. Heavy wetters may need additional boosters.

For Day Time inserts you get the choice of:

15 Cotton Onesize
15 Staydry Onesize

* Kits are premade with wraps. It is not possible to choose the designs that go into the kits, however they will be unisex designs.  If you require specific designs please order the kit components individually.

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We have lots of delivery options for you to choose from. You'll be given the opportunity at checkout to choose your delivery method or option. The site will automatically choose the  tracked option for you initially as this tracks and insures your delivery. Sometimes when we come to pack an order, if it's unusually heavy, bulky or valuable, we reserve the right to upgrade your delivery method free of charge to another that's more secure. For example, we may upgrade your order from first class delivery to courier.

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So easy to use!
Friday, 28 May 2021  | 

Even though I was determined to use reusable nappies, I had some trepidation. Was I about to make a very expensive mistake? I needn't have feared. The Motherease duo is brilliant. Easy to use, super absorbent, perfectly waterproof and a doddle to take care of. Baby is very happy. Not the slightest hint of nappy rash. And I'm happy knowing that every nappy washed is a nappy that never went to land fill. Just wish the starter pack came with a roll of liners, but that's a mere detail.

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Excellent nappies, perfect number of inserts for full switch to cloth nappies.
Thursday, 14 January 2021  | 

We love the wizard duo system.

Some context about our baby: not a particularly heavy wetter, around 6 nappy changes in the day, settled to 1 nappy overnight at around 9 weeks old. Poops around 4 times a day. Mixed fed (2 bottles a day on average, otherwise breast fed).

We had baby in disposables for the first 2 months, so we can compare. It really isn't harder to use these, it just takes a bit of organisation. We need to do laundry every other day with the full set we have, although we have had to buy a few extra wraps (bringing us up to 8 wraps) as our baby is having 3-5 poops a day at 3 months, and is skilled at getting it on the wrap. The 15 day inserts and 5 night inserts in this pack are plenty to keep us going for a couple of days.

The poop has NEVER leaked out! It always stays inside the wrap regardless of how explosive the poop is. Not so much as a tiny stain on his clothes. The only poosplosion we've experienced was with a disposable nappy!

We've had a few urine leaks, but those were our fault: we started using them when he was just on the cusp of the minimum weight for the one-size nappies, and weren't quite putting them on right. Well worth watching a YouTube tutorial on putting them on right before you start! We've been leak free since we did that, and he got his little legs and bum chubby enough to fill the nappy out a bit (he started as a small baby, so that took some enchubbinating). It also happened once when the insert got full and we didn't change him in time. We can get between 2-3 hours with the day stay-dry insert, and can boost this up with a motherease booster (I bought a few of these separately). The night inserts last all night long, have never leaked.

His little bum has remained entirely rash free since we made the switch! The nappies feel like they're more comfortable than the disposable ones. They're also cheerful and cute. We have gone with non-brand nappy pails and laundry mesh bags which work great.

Unfortunately I can't comment about being out and about and needing a change: we have been in lockdown since we made the shift. However, I have got a couple of wet bags in the nappy bag, and am quite confident that this is not going to be an issue when we are finally allowed back out!

We pop the inserts through the dryer so probably aren't winning on the carbon footprint front, but I am happy not to be contributing to landfill. The quality of these nappies is great, solid stitching, well attached poppers: I can see them lasting until he's potty trained!

Also, no matter how smelly the poop, the smell never escapes these nappies!

Overall really happy with this purchase. The only reason it's 4stars is because I think the number of wraps could do with being higher. Although I think I may have received one less wrap than I was supposed to- but I can't be sure because I didn't think to double check the number I had with what was supposed to be on the order, and I already had one that I'd bought to check the wizard duo system out, and maybe I've lost one somewhere? So definitely double check your order when you first unpack them (which is just sensible life advice really, and I got what I deserved for not doing so)! I am happy with the value for money on this set. I did the maths and it's slightly cheaper than buying everything separately, and is the right number of nappies if you want to avoid daily laundry! We run out of the wraps long before we run out of the inserts (even with the extra wraps! Our child is strong with the poo-force).

Overall really happy with this purchase. An excellent set of cloth nappies, value for money, and the numbers of the inserts are spot on for a full switch to a re-usable nappy system!

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A pleasure to change
Wednesday, 11 September 2019  | 

We are three weeks in to our reusable nappy journey - our little one started wearing reusable from 6 weeks old - and so far we are loving this, both my husband and I find it super easy to fit the nappy, we have had no rashes, leaks or signs of discomfort since she started to wear them. Changing is quick and easy - would definitely recommend.

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