All in One Newborn Hire Kit

All in One Newborn Hire Kit

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Expected: 03/01/2022

HIRE KITS GET BOOKED UP APPROX 6 MONTHS IN ADVANCE.If date showing is AFTER your due date we will NOT be able to accept your order. Please check our other kits for availability.

Excluded from all discount codes

We have LOTS of hire kits across our hire kit ranges however demand is incredibly high and keeps increasing. Our hire kits are normally fully booked up 6months in advance. Yes that's correct 6 months in advance!  At the time of writing in July 19 many of our kits are now only available from Jan 2020 and Jan is filling FAST! To hopefully guarantee a kit is available for your hire period you should be aiming to order at the latest 12weeks pregnancy.  The website will show when the next hire kit period is available, a date may show sooner than 6months but it's likely that there is only 1 or 2 kits left for that period and the date can suddenly jump by several months by just one new reservation being placed. We DO NOT accept hire kit orders for delivery AFTER baby has been born as from experience you just won't get enough wear out of them.  We also aim to get them out before baby is born so you have time to learn how to use them.  If the date available is after your due date please check our other hire kits instead or keep an eye on the page incase of cancellation although this is VERY rare.     We understand it can make parents nervous buying anything before your 20 week scan. Please be reassured if for any reason you need to cancel your hire kit BEFORE it is dispatched it will be cancelled and refunded in FULL.   Once hire kits are dispatched the hire fee will not be refunded in part or full in any circumstances other than in cases in stillbirth/SIDS. Hire Kits are only available for hire in the UK.

The All In One hire kits cost:
hire fee + £100 deposit

On the return of the nappies the £100 deposit can either be refunded or used against a future order.
*IF you spend over £150 on other items with us you will also received an additional £30 credit from your hire fee.

On the return of the nappies the £100 deposit can either be refunded for used against a future order.

The Nappy Lady All In One Hire Kit contains:

  • 15 All In Ones (a random mixture of teenyfits, Lil Joey, Bo Peep, Close, Grovia, Pebbles, Seedlings, Born Smart, Duo Newborns)
  • 5 Bimbles/BamBam for nights
  • 2 XS/Sml Wraps for over the night time nappies
  • 2 Nappi nippas to fasten the night time nappies

    This is enough for one baby full time.

    If you have Twins you should need to book 2 kits, they don't have to be the same type of kit.  At time of booking add details on your order that you have two kits for twins so we can confirm the most appropriate date to book for you and we'll arrange for a 10% refund on your hire kit.

You'll also need to buy:

  • Paper Liners if you'd like to use them. (Bambinex liners fit the best.)
  • Nappy Bucket/Nappy Mesh to store the used ones in.

    Even with buying these additional items the cost of using the bimbles will work out less than you'd spend on disposables!

The All In One Hire Kit will probably not be brand new but will be in a good, clean, sanitised and hygenic condition, washed at every return by The Nappy Lady.

We expect that returned nappies will have been used and washed according to our guidelines but not damaged. We do expect some wear and tear of course. On the return of the nappies please do not worry if they are stained as this is common with newborn/breastfed poo. Stains are easily removed by drying them on the line (or even a window ledge) in the sun for a day or two. If any nappies are returned beyond use, the deposit or part of it may not be refunded to cover the cost of a replacement nappy.

These nappies are very cute and incredibly useful for those early weeks when standard size 1 or birth to potty nappies just seem a bit too big on a tiny newborn.

 At a RRP price per nappy of an average newborn all in one is £13.99 and £7.00 for a Bimble nappy, this makes buying these nappies a luxury most people can't justify for a nappy that will only last a few months. However i think everybody should have the option of using tiny newborn nappies, i know i was certainly very grateful for mine in the early days. They are both more absorbent than muslins and require no folding. The bimbles are perfect for night time and if you go out and want the reassurance of excellent containment and absorbency. The newborn AIOs are as close as you can get to a disposable as they are all in one nappies and are perfect for the daytime and any reluctant cloth nappy changers.

Extending the hire kit period.
Your hire kit period is for 3 calendar months from babies birth. If you need to extend your kit beyond 3 calendar months we will try to accomodate this depending on the hire date of the family after you but this can't be promised. If the hire kit is able to be extended this is an additional £20per calendar month. If the kit is returned late the extension fee will be automatically applied.

Once hire kits are dispatched the hire fee will not be refunded in part or full in any circumstances other than in cases in stillbirth/SIDS. The deposit will be refunded in full on safe return of the hire kit.



Brand:  The Nappy Lady

The Nappy Lady
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Very useful kit
Thursday, 26 September 2019  | 

The All-in-one newborn kit has been very helpful for us before she was able to fit into our bigger nappies.
She was a long thin baby, so initially we had problems with the legs gaping on some of the nappies. Once she filled out they were very good. Unfortunately at 6 weeks she has now grown out of the smaller nappies that fitted best at the start.
Having tried the Bimbles hire kit with our son, I preferred them for their better absorbancy and more flexible fit. I would definitely hire a newborn kit again, but probably the Bimbles rather than the All-in-ones.

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A great intro to cloth
Saturday, 13 July 2019  | 

We wanted to try cloth for our first baby and didn't know anything at all, so ordered this kit. It arrived three or so weeks before the baby was due and contained a mix of brands of all in one nappies (and one pocket nappy) , five night nappies and two wraps.

We used the kit from after his first non-meconium poo until he was 5 and a half weeks old. It was good to have a range of nappies. For our tall, slim baby who grew from 3.8kg to 5.3kg while we were using the kit, the best were the bambootys, the blueberry simplex, the wizard unos and the bimble night nappies. We got no use of the lil Joeys and the Charlie Banana nappies as the lil Joeys never fitted and he soaked through the Charlie Banana with one wee from birth.

We returned the kit when only the unos and blueberrys were still working for us - everything else was outgrown as he is tall.

The support throughout and the service from the Nappy Lady has been great.

One thing - I have found it a bit tricky working out how to transition from this kit to larger nappies as a lot of equivalents are not immediately available, e.g. the wizard unos and the bigger equivalent of bimbles. I was lucky to find some motherease wraps elsewhere at least. I think if I had understood how short the period the kit would work for me for was (perhaps just my naivete) I wouldn't have left it until the baby had outgrown most of the kit to look to buy more nappies. I ended up buying trial kits from elsewhere to try and work it out, and a few fitted medium bambootys from the Nappy Lady which will not last very long. It would be good to either substitute this kit with nappies that can be bought easily, or perhaps to provide one or two larger nappies from other brands to try (e.g. smart bottoms, bumgenius) or at least some strong guidance about when to start looking for bigger nappies. I've ended up partly using disposables and buying nappies from other brands to try out which seems a bit of a shame after we've learnt so much from this kit.

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Really useful
Monday, 8 April 2019  | 

My husband and I were really happy with this kit. We chose to hire as we weren't sure which sort of nappy would suit us.
The kit arrived way in advance of my due date. From what I could tell two of the nappies were brand new, and everything else was in good used condition. We used biodegradable disposables at the hospital and then switched to cloth as soon as we were home, and probably got a good 10 weeks out of these nappies alone (with 20 fleece liners we had purchased).
As previous reviews have mentioned, some of the nappies last longer than others. My baby was average in size at birth and then got quite chunky quickly - after the 10 weeks we just started to buy our own nappies to sub those that weren't fitting anymore.

We especially loved the bimbles + motherease wraps for night time and have gone on to purchase our own in birth to potty size.
Overall favourites of the AIOs were the Wizard Uno and Blueberry Simplex (which still fit at 12 weeks), and we liked the Grovias a lot but they didn't fit for as long.
We found the Bambooty to be the biggest disappointment - which was a real shame as we had a few of these, which would probably be my only criticism of the kit. Although we had enough nappies to exclusively use cloth it was a little frustrating that four of the nappies were basically unusable in our case. Not sure whether they were a poor fit for our baby but we never managed to make them last longer than an hour or so, even when boosted. I know a lot of people love these though so don't be put off by our experience.

We would recommend this kit for anyone who wants to use cloth from birth to try out several different brands.
With future babies I think we'd buy/hire a set of newborn bimbles, but it was definitely useful to get the mixed kit for our first experience.

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Useful but time limited
Saturday, 11 August 2018  | 

Before having our first baby, we were worried about how many disposable nappies it was possible to get through but also didn't know how well we would get on with reusables, so this seemed like a good option to try them out without committing to the full expense of buying newborn sized.

We started using them when our baby was two weeks old, once the initial chaos had subsided. We were pleased with how straightforward it was and quickly got into the swing of it but found that he got some nappy rash after a few days and as the instructions said not to use nappy creams with them, decided to wait a bit longer to when he was five weeks.

Again, it was easy to get back into using them (the hot weather for drying definitely helped) but within a week, he was leaking wee out of all but the most absorbent bimbles. We contacted The Nappy Lady staff for advice, who were all very helpful over the next few days but ultimately decided he was probably getting too big as he was approaching 12lbs. This was a bit disappointing, as he's around the 50th percentile for weight so very average.

So instead of three months use, we really only used the kit for two weeks total, which made it a pretty expensive experiment just to find he needs more absorbency than all in ones can provide. We are committed to continuing with reusable nappies but in hindsight, we probably should have just done the three week hire instead, which would have given us a wider range to try.

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Excellent intro to cloth
Sunday, 3 September 2017  | 

We hired this kit knowing very little about cloth. Most of the nappies seemed new or very good condition and it had a mix of types. I didn't use them the first few weeks, partly thinking they'd be tricky but actually with hindsight wish i had as they're easy and she grew so fast they didn't all fit as well after a bit. That said it was a fantastic intro and I'm fully converted to cloth. Seeing our huge bin full of disposables(no space for our rubbish!) when she was a week old was a reminder of the benefits of cloth! Hire not buy was great too!

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Well worth it
Friday, 2 June 2017  | 

What a good idea. I was intrigued by the idea of reusable nappies, but not sure enough of my commitment to invest what is a significant initial outlay i my own supply of nappies. This trial was a lovely compromise, especially as the voucher offered by my local council could be redeemed against it.

The kit was exactly as advertised - i got 2 new nappies in my kit, most of the others were as-good-as new, and even the 3 or 4 nappies that had obviously been used before had no smell or stains from prior use to be seen (they were just a bit less soft than the new ones).
Loved the designs and there was a good range of brands to try.
Ultimately reusables werent for me (although i am a complet convert to reusable wipes) but I have no regrets in investing in this trial in order to find that out.
Thanks Nappy Lady!

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Fantastic service
Sunday, 2 April 2017  | 

The newborn hire kit arrived 5 weeks before the due date and I was super impressed that the hire period would only start after my baby was born anyways - great customer service! The nappies were all in great condition (sone even new I suspect) and were great to try out what we likes or not (shaped, poppers, velcro). Unfortunately, our boy turned out to be a super heavy wetter, so we o it used the kit for 4 weeks. But hardly the products nor the nappy ladies fault. I highly recommend it!

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A worthwhile experiment
Wednesday, 8 February 2017  | 

As a first time mum keen to try reusables for environmental reasons this has been a low stress way of dipping my toe in the water. The kit arrived in good time, with nappies of obviously varying ages, but all in entirely serviceable condition - many of the white inners were that shade of grey you get on white items washed repeatedly with colours, so there is no ignoring that these are previously used, but nothing was stained otherwise, everything smelled fresh and all the Velcro and poppers were in good nick. We've had varying success with the nappies themselves - the totsbots seem to be a poor fit on my daughter and have leaked every time, so we have given up on those, on the other hand the sweet pea nappy has been excellent (unlucky for us there was only one in our kit!) - easy to use, relatively compact and leak free so far. I have also found the bimbles and wraps super - really good containment, and in practice we haven't found the two part system with nappy nipper noticeably harder at change times than the all in ones or disposables we've tried, and i liked the ability to shape the fit with the nippers, the only downside is these are bulkier and many of the clothes she's been gifted won't fit with these, so some wardrobe planning is required.
Washing had been easy and even in January and without a tumble dryer drying times have been reasonable - heating the house to a steady temp for the baby has a knock on in this regard. We have used in conjunction with quite a number of disposables as we haven't persevered with the styles that didn't work for us the first few uses, but from my environmental standpoint reducing the disposables is better than nothing and a hire kit shares the manufacture impact with other families so our lower intensity usage isn't an issue. If we had another baby i'd hire the bimbles kit for a newborn instead (and exchange all gifts for a size larger) as these are my favourite, but without having used this mixed kit to explore the options for myself I wouldn't have known that and if you are attracted to all in ones then I would recommend this as a starting point. My only other comment would be that my daughter was 8lb 3.5 born and is now 9lb 14 at 6 weeks and several of the nappies are already seeming on the small side on her (she has lovely chunky thighs!), so if you are expecting a big baby your usage period might be somewhat shorter than 3 months.

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Excellent value and a cheaper way of using reusables from birth
Sunday, 15 January 2017  | 

Having this kit meant that we were able to try out loads of different types of nappies from birth, without the expense of buying newborn size nappies. We also ordered the three week hire kit but this would not have been suitable from birth as the nappies would have been too big, even though our baby was over 9lb at birth! Because baby was big we didn't end up using the kit for the full hire time but it still worked out cheaper than using disposables and meant we were much more used to the various systems when it came to using the bigger birth to potty nappies in the 3 week hire kit.

All the nappies were either new or in excellent condition.

I would recommend this kit for anyone wanting to use reusables from birth, but who doesn't want to fork out for newborn sizes. The difficulty with buying newborn nappies is that you won't know what works for your baby until you try and this could be an expensive period of trial and error, for nappies they may only be in for a matter of weeks. This may not be such an issue if you are planning on having more babies in the future, and you could also sell them on as they hold their value so well. But for us the hire kit was perfect.

Nappy lady was always on hand to answer our questions, and even met with us when we needed more advice. She is so helpful, I won't go anywhere else for my supplies - customer service like this is so rare these days, and it is invaluable as there is so much choice re reusables and a lot of the time what you choose will depend on your baby.

All in all, I would recommend the hire kit to anyone wanting to use reusables from birth.

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Very useful kit
Thursday, 18 August 2016  | 

I was given the all in one newborn hire kit for my baby shower. Overall it has been wonderful using them. It arrived nice and early, even before the arrival of my baby who was born two weeks early. The nappies are adorable and although some had been previously used as advertised they arrived very clean and in great condition to use. I prefer the 'previously loved' ones anyway as it's better for the environment to re-use. Every single one I received is very useable and in good condition. I enjoyed using the various brands so that I got to try them out. I started using them 3 days after my daughter's birth and my daughter is now 11 weeks old and we still enjoy using them. In a couple weeks we'll return the kit since she's starting to get bigger and we will be buying a set of cloth nappies since we are now big fans (and we like the lower environmental impact compared to disposables). Some of the nappies in the kit are better than others which makes sense given the different brands that are included and I'm glad to get to try it out to see differences in size, bulkiness, absorption, and drying time. For example, I heard BumGenius was the best kind but we found these ones leak a little bit compared to others, so well worth the experience. The number of nappies in the kit is good and we wash every 1.5 days. 1 or 2 more nappies in the kit might be helpful in order to have to wash a little less often, but it could just be because our baby goes so often. You don't want too many or else they start smelling of ammonia when sitting used for too long. Our newborn baby seems to like them and rarely gets nappy rash. We bought a sheet of fleece from the fabric store and made our own fleece inserts, very cheap to do and nicer on newborn baby's bottom than a paper insert that sticks to her bottom. I think it would have been helpful to get more detailed instructions on how to use each type we received, rather than saying to look online, because I never did get a good idea on how to properly fasten one of the brands we received but we just tried out various ways and it seems to work. Overall though happy with the kit as I wouldn't have wanted to shell out money for cloth nappies without trying them first. The newborn hire kit is an excellent idea!

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Thursday, 3 September 2015  | 

This is the second time i've used The Nappy Lady's hire kit service and I can't fault it. I received a mix of nappies that all fitted my 8lbs newborn perfectly. The hire kit bridged the gap until my baby could fit into my bumgenius elemental. Elementals are birth to potty but I prefer a trimmer fit while baby is so skinny so these fit the bill perfectly. I especially loved the Bambootys in the hire kit as they are really absorbent all in ones for the daytime.
The hire kit comes with XS wraps but I found these got a bit snug when baby was 10lbs, I emailed The Nappy Lady and Wendy sent out the small size wraps at no additional cost for the last few weeks until baby was 12lbs. It would have cost me nearly £300 to buy a full set of newborn nappies and then the hassle of trying to sell them so I was very pleased that a hire option was available. I did look at hiring from my local nappy library but they only offered hires for a couple of weeks and it worked out more expensive with less selection.

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Would not recommend, wasted £92 needed the most
Friday, 14 August 2015  | 

I wouldn't recommend this kit to anybody. I feel greatly disappointed that I ultimately lost £92 (£80 hire plus £12 return postage) and taken advantage of at a vulnerable time - after the birth of my babies.
What I received in the post was a set of nappies that looked properly worn out with 2 new nappies mixed in. My husband found them to be disgusting. I also found them to be disturbing but tried to keep an open mind. Initially I tried to seperate them into two - those I 100% wouldn't feel comfortable using on the babies and those I would keep an open mind and try. Nappy Lady states in advance she doesn't give refunds and I suspect, although she denied it, that I'm not the first person to be completely disappointed with this kit. I used two nappies, one per baby and then decided it wasn't worth it. It made me feel bad using them and my husband was upset because he didn't want them used on the babies so that was it.
I wasn't going to say anything but Nappy Lady asked my opinion of the kit so I told her how I felt. She asked me to send photos but honestly I was so disappointed by the entire transaction and why would I want to be taking photos of nappies when I should be bonding with my babies? I felt like it was an insensitive request from someone who should understand my current situation so I chose not to engage.
So I've lost £92. I'm hugely disappointed. I would urge you to really think very hard before hiring this kit. If you don't care at all about what you put on your new baby then by all means hire this kit. I certainly would suggest to my family/friends to avoid disappointment and certainly not hire this kit and throw their money away. It cost me £92 to use two nappies once each because I couldn't bring myself to put them on my babies.

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We were most upset and disappointed by your review and that you feel we have taken advantage of you. At The Nappy Lady we are all parents of multiple children and understand how hard the early days can be especially with twins. We have over a decades experience with cloth nappies and know and understand the products in great depth. We donít feel your review is an accurate description of our service or the product your purchased.
On return of your hire kit we have all independently inspected the kit and are all in agreement that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the contents. Of the 20 nappies you received 5 were new all in ones apart from prewashing and 3 had only been out on one previous hire, the two wraps were also brand new. The remaining 12 nappies had been out on approx. 3 hires but are all in great condition with much life left in them and will continue to go out on hires for much longer. We replace hire kit contents as they wear out so not all nappies are replaced at the same time. We donít try and hide old ones by adding a few new ones. Velcro tends to wear out before poppers and nippa fastening nappies which is why these items are replaced more frequently. The ďretiredĒ nappies from hire kits are then sold through our clearance page and we have NEVER had a complaint from a purchaser of our exhire kit contents and these ďretiredĒ nappies would have been used far more than your kit was.

We never send out a kit that is beyond its usable life time however these are hire kits so when ordering it must be expected that they will have been used before. To buy a brand new set of these nappies would cost significantly more than the hire cost and for that saving you have to expect they will have been used already. As in your case part of your kit had recently been replaced so you had a lot of new contents. Between each hire the kits are laundered at a high temperature and sanitised to ensure they are clean ready for the next hirer. If you are concerned about items having been used before i.e. you wouldnít buy second hand clothes then hire kits wonít be for you and we recommend you look at purchasing your own new items instead. Weíll always be happy to help you choose the right nappies to purchase instead of hiring.
We do not offer refunds on hire kits due to the nature of the product and service. A hire kit will have been washed and prepared especially for the next hirer and then sent via a tracked and insured service, all of this comes at a cost to us. Refunds are not allowed to prevent people using the hire kit and then claiming they didnít use it and then expecting a full refund. We have never had ANY complaints about the no refund policy before. Iím sorry you feel you have to accuse me of lying that we have had complaints before but we have not. We always publish all reviews good and bad which is why yours has been posted and we always respond to poor ratings. You will find low rating reviews for products throughout the site (not many as we donít receive many) but they are all approved for people to read and there will be a response to them from us. We normally find a low scoring review is due to incorrect use or not having taken advice when choosing the product.

Iím sorry you felt my request for photos of the nappies was insensitive that was never the intention. Whenever someone is unhappy we always want to try and rectify the situation if we can. We keep extensive notes on our hire kits and couldnít understand how the nappies could be ďdisgustingĒ when our documents showed that much of the contents were so new. We always ask for a photo if there is a fault or problem with an item to try and save the inconvenience of customers having to send an item back. We donít expect high quality photos just a quick snap from a phone is normally all we will to see a fault. Unfortunately you didnít want to send photos to us to show us the problem items so we didnít know which you were unhappy with or why. Having received your kit back we canít see any issue with the contents.
We prepared the kit again ready for the next hirer and made them aware of the complaints you had with this kit. We asked them to inform us immediately if they felt as a new mother that the nappies are in an unusable or unsuitable way. The kit arrived with them today and the feedback from the lady was that she was delighted with them and excited about using them on her first baby. We have now also contacted our previous recent hirers and asked them to review and feedback on their kits in case they had issues and didnít inform us of them. If we receive any negative feedback we will of course look to rectify and evaluate the hire service.

Return shipping costs of the hire kits is paid by the hirer (as per the details on the product page). I see that the method you chose cost you £12, there are far cheaper courier methods available via courier sites on the internet. When you have a new baby paying a higher shipping cost for the convenience of your preferred courier is understandable. The average cost of returning hire kits via an online courier is approx. £5. We do not specify a set courier and leave the choice up to the hirer. We do recommend that hire kits are sent tracked and fully insured in case they get lost in transit as the replacement value of kits is over £200.
The Nappy Lady

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