BamBam Newborn Nappy by BubblebubsBamBam Newborn Nappy by BubblebubsBamBam Newborn Nappy by BubblebubsBamBam Newborn Nappy by Bubblebubs
BamBam Newborn Nappy by Bubblebubs

BamBam Newborn Nappy by Bubblebubs

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107 in stock, better hurry!  

107 in stock, better hurry!


Nappy Overview

Bubblebubs BamBam Newborn nappy is so tiny and amazingly cute as soon as I saw a sample I knew we needed this tiny nappy option at The Nappy Lady.

We really love the BamBam and it is a perfect nappy for the newborn stage. It's incredibly shape adaptable and isn't going to swamp even the smallest of babies.


The Bubblebubs BamBam fits from just 2kg (4.4lbs) up to approx 16lbs however generally we find it starts to get snug at 12lbs.

How do I use it?

The nappy fastens with a nappi nippa (bought separately) so you can cross the tabs over to adapt the nappy for the perfect fit.  If baby is very tiny at the bottom of the weight range you fold down the front panel to make it shorter.

Nappy Fabric

BamBam is made of bamboo fabric and is incredibly soft and silky.

The nappy also comes with a separate loose booster which can be removed if baby is very tiny or doesn't need the full absorbency.



Brand:  Bubblebubs
Drying Speed:  Average
Containment:  Excellent (Newborns)
Absorbency:  Average - For Newborn
Looks:  Super Slim
Change Speed:  Average
Ease of Use:  Average
Length:  Average (Newborns)
Fastening:  Nappi Nippas
Material:  Bamboo
Requires a Wrap?  Yes
Made In:  China
Day or Night:  Both


Bubblebubs Care Guide

  • Soak your new nappies to increase absorbancy. It can take 6 washes to get to maximum absorbancy.
  • Remove solids and rinse in hot water. You can pretreat stains if desired. Night nappies must be thoroughly rinsed in hot water before dry pailing.
  • Wash nappies every other day.
  • Prewash on a short cycle. Use half dose of detergent for heavily soiled nappies.
  • Then wash using the longest cyle, up to 60 degrees but no more than 800 rpm spin. 
  • No harsh stain removers or bleach. They may cause irritation and can damage the waterproof membrane
  • No fabric softeners. They will reduce absorbency.
  • Ideally line dry or tumble dry on cool although this can effect the longevity of your product.

Bubblebubs Warranty

Bubblebubs offers a 6 months guarantee against manufacturing faults. The 6 month guarantee starts from when the item was purchased, not first used. If you believe you have an item with a manufacturing fault, you will need to contact us with details and photos of the fault. We will confirm your purchase date from our records. Bubblebubs may require the items to be inspected before a warranty decision is made, we will inform you if this is required in your case. Bubblebubs warranty decision is final.

Bubblebubs Warranty is VOID when:

  • Using harsh stain removers, biological detergents or bleaching
  • Continually tumble drying on a warm or hot heat, or directly on radiators or similar
  • Adding vinegar or sodium bicarbonate to the wash

Excessive laundering can destroy elastic, destroy the water repellency, make the fabric go bald, reduce the performance of your nappies, drastically reduce the lifespan and will render your guarantee void. 

Average Rating (11 Reviews):  
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Amazing newborn nappy
Wednesday, 22 September 2021  | 

BamBams have been one of my favourite newborn nappies. After my little girl was born I used these without the trifold for a slimmer nappy for the first two weeks, during this time she had to be changed so often that absorbency really wasn’t needed anyway. I folded the front down to fit the nappy neatly under the umbilical cord, this way we got a nicer fit with most of our wraps too. Around 2 weeks I’ve added in the trifold for more absorbency, it’s still a fairly slim nappy due to the narrow gusset, it doesn’t seem bulky at all.

A lovely soft nappy, great that you can have the trifold in or out, with the front folding down for an even smaller fit this nappy is very customisable. It’s a huge benefit that it can be tumble dried on low, can be a life saver in the early days when they go through lots of nappies each day. I still love this nappy and my little girl is 4 weeks old now. I would recommend this nappy for any expectant parent, it’s bomb proof with a good wrap over the top and copes well with longer naps too.

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Great for night
Monday, 20 September 2021  | 

This would work well day or night but I liked it best for a reliable, absorbent option for baby at night or a nap.
Love a two part system for containment/affordability, and I like that this option fastens with a nippa as there's no need to worry about velcro losing it's stick or finding the correct popper settings while half asleep in the middle of the night!

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Lovely newborn nappies
Sunday, 24 January 2021  | 

I was recommended the Bubblebubs BIG nappies by The Nappy Lady for a birth-to-potty system, so when my baby arrived at 37 weeks and 5lb10 I ordered a few Bambams to see us through until she was bigger.

They’re super easy to use, and we’ve had no leaks. I use Blueberry Capri and Motherease Airflow wraps and both have worked well, though I prefer the Capri for a trimmer fit, especially when using the booster. In the daytime the nappies are absorbent enough alone, for night I add the booster. I’ve also used the boosters in a folded muslin or alone with the Capri wraps as a pocket system when I’ve run out of nappies, and they work fab!

Drying time is not as bad as I expected – I wash daily, hanging on a rack next to a radiator which is on morning and evening, and they’re usually dry in 12–15 hours. We’re in a hard water area so they aren’t as velvety soft as when new, but still much softer than our towels are!

Really happy with these nappies; they make using cloth really easy!

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Lovely newborn nap
Wednesday, 16 September 2020  | 

I bought a few of these because I assumed my second baby would be as teensy as my first. I was wrong! My new baby, although not huge is definitely average sized, but this nap still fits beautifully. He's now 10lbs at almost 2 months and I'm pretty sure I'll get at least another month out of the nap. The only learning curve was fastening the nappi nippa once I started using the booster, but after a few goes it was easy. I would definitely recommend this nap if you're looking for a newborn nap.

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Not a success
Thursday, 3 September 2020  | 

Slow to dry yet did not absorb much, felt soft but my baby cried as soon as they went on, so seemed uncomfortable. Not really many redeeming factors.

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We recommend using a fleece liner to keep the moisture from baby's skin. They increase in absorbency over time but do require a waterproof wrap over the top.

Love these nappies and so does husband
Thursday, 27 August 2020  | 

Really lovely nappies for newborns, easy to put on and really soft even after a wash. My husband also said these are his faves because of how easy they are. I use these with wool wraps and motherease airflow wraps.

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Great nappies for our small twins
Monday, 6 July 2020  | 

These are working really well for us paired with the Motherease airflow and rikki wraps in the small and extra small sizes. Used with a nappi nippa clip.
Only down side is they are so absorbent they take a while to dry.
Great product, easy wash. Rinse and then cotton cycle.

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Lovely Soft Nappies
Wednesday, 18 March 2020  | 

These are lovely soft nappies. Baby has now arrived and fits a 8.5lb baby. I purchased the newborn size. It looks like it will fit for a bit longer too. Really pleased with it.

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New favourite
Sunday, 16 February 2020  | 

I adore these little nappies, fit my little one (6lb at 6 weeks old!) so neatly. They’re so soft even after washing/air drying and contain newborn runny poo perfect. I’ve gotten over 5 hours out of them overnight with the folded insert. Used with ME airflow, rumparoo and nature babies wraps all without issue. Will have to restrain myself from buying more!

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BamBam nappy
Wednesday, 4 September 2019  | 

After another mum recommended these for tiny bums I decided just to order a couple to try. I absolutely love them they are so soft and simple. Wish I ordered more but they are quite small.

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Excellent for first timers
Thursday, 9 May 2019  | 

I was gifted some of these from my sister and bought a few more after falling in love with them. They're so much easier to use than any of the other nappies I have for my little one. They fit really well for my long, skinny legged baby and because they don't have poppers or velcro, I'd imagine they'd fit all shapes and sizes. I'll be disappointed when she grows out of them. They also wash well and dry pretty fast too.

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