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Two Parter, All in One, Pocket Nappy or All in Two Nappy?

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Nappy Types

  • A two part nappy system means there is a separate nappy and wrap.  The nappy can be a modern shaped nappy as in the image below or a traditional flat nappy like a terry square.





  • In an all-in-one nappy, the nappy and wrap parts are built together into one item.  The absorbent nappy part is fully attached and doesn't separate.







  • A pocket nappy is a two piece nappy which can be put together beforehand to act like a kind of all-in-one. With a flat pad as the nappy which is inserted into a pouch/pocket in the waterproof cover.







  • An all in two nappy system falls somewhere between a pocket nappy and an all in one nappy. They should not be confused with a shaped (two part) nappy system. The inner absorbent pads pop on to the outer wrap and, once poppered, form a one piece nappy. The pads can be unpoppered for washing and to speed dry.

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