Knots and Dots

1 CommentWednesday, 28 March 2018

Meet Emmaly from Knots and Dots

How i got started:
In my former life i was in corporate finance working crazy hours, wearing ridiculously high heels and spending more time than was sensible on the M25. So once our daughter was born in 2014 i was determined not to go back to that life as i would never have seen her. 
I started my own little business teaching Mums with babies how to make things for their babies from sewing dungarees to crocheting pumpkin hats. 
But knowing i needed to do more i started to think of other things i could do. 
We were happily using cloth nappies for our daughter and whilst perusing The Nappy Lady website for more nappies i noticed that it mentioned the best thing to wear over a cloth nappy was wool, but at that point weren't selling them. "Ping" went my brain!
I emailed Wendy and asked if i made wool wraps would she consider selling them. Then to my utter shock she said yes.
So i quickly came up with my own design and took some samples to Nappy Lady HQ. Within a week i had my first order.
I have expanded that into supplying lanolin, making matching hats and last year we launched the Knots & Dots umbilical cord ties.
Each order is handmade, packed and popped to the post office by me.

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