Menstrual Cup FAQ's

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What is a Menstrual Cup?
A menstrual cup is a reusable device worn inside the vagina that collects menstrual blood rather than absorbing it like a tampon. Cups come in all shapes and sizes and most commonly are made of medical grade silicone. They are just as safe as tampons but most importantly they are more comfortable and make your period easier to manage.

Are they messy to use?
I empty mine while sitting on the toilet or in the shower meaning I get very little to no blood on my hands. The blood is sitting inside the cup and when you take the cup out it's not tipped upside down until it's fully removed.  When I take my cup out at home, I tip it down the toilet between my legs and then as my sink is too far from my toilet i wrap it in a piece of toilet paper so i can lay the cup on the shelf while I wipe. I then take the cup to the sink, rinse and pop back in.  I've got an average flow so only need to empty it morning and evening so i'm normally at home.

Can my cup get lost in me?
ABSOLUTELY NOT!  Your cervix (opening to your uterus) blocks the way for anything to get past (apart from sperm).  If your cup goes to high and you can't reach it bear down like you're straining to poo and it will move down (doing this while sitting on the toilet is particuarly effective.  Once it moves into reach push on the sides to make it change shape and break the seal and pull it out.  I've got a high cervix but it's never gone so high it can't be reached. 

Is using a cup uncomfortable?
You shouldn't be able to feel the cup at all once it's in place.  If you can feel it, it's not in place properly or you need to trim/cut off the stem.  If it's definitely in place and the stem has been trimmed then it's possible that it's not quite the right cup for you. It'll still work but isn't the optimum cup for you. Try going down a firmness so you get something a little softer.

Does it smell?
Absolutely NOT. Blood doesn't smell until it comes into contact with oxygen so unlike pads there won't be a smell as it's worn internally.  If you leave your cup in longer than 12 hours when it's removed there might be a slight smell but this will go with the blood being tipped away.

How often do you need to empty your cup?
This varies on your flow but on average 8-12 hours wear time is normal. Day 1 is more likely to be changed more frequently than the rest of your cycle.  If you have a very heavy cycle you may need to change more frequently. Remember a cup holds MORE than a tampon.  Personally most months I can put the cup in after a morning shower and I don't need to change it until bedtime. On day 1 sometimes it feels "heavy" there so i'll change it after about 8 hours.  A colleague has exceptionally heavy periods and day 1 and 2 they'll be changing every couple of hours on day 1 but this is far less than they had before they used a cup.  Cups come in different sizes so change frequency is also influenced by the capacity of the cup.

Can I put the cup in before my period starts?
YES!  THis is one of the things I most love about my cup.  I've always had an irregular cycle varying from 5 weeks to 12 weeks (although much improved years ago having taken Agnus Castus).  I now use a period tracker so I get an estimated date from the app so when it's getting close I pop it in the morning just in case.  At the end of the day I check and i'm either still fine or surprise it's started!  No being unexpectly caught out or stained underwear.  Using the cup was a real game changer for me with my irregular cycle.

I can't use tampons so would a cup not work for me too?
Absolutely NOT.  I have never been able to use tampons I just can't get them in right, too drying and irritating on putting in and removing, I can always feel them. However with a cup from the very first time it was perfect. Easy to get in and doesn't need to be as high as tampons. A cup doesn't absorb vaginal moisture so it doesn't dry you out, it was comfortable and I couldn't feel it.  Life changing is how I describe my cup!

Can you have sex with the cup in?
errrr NO.  The cup will seal your vaginal canal. I have read cases of people who supposedly did leave it in and he slipped by the side but seriously I can't even begin to imagine how this worked out with a stardard regular cup.

I have an IUD can i still use a cup?
Yes you can but you have to be really careful with the strings. You must make sure you break the seal before you take it out so there is no pressure put on the strings.

Can I swim with my cup in?
Yes absolutely.  No chance of any leaking blood down your legs, any escaped strings. I do find that some water leaks into the cup which comes out when the cup is removed. This is fine and if you weren't wearing a cup water would get into your vagina anyway.  I always empty my cup after swimming.

Can I exercise with my cup in?
Yes you can, I regularly run with mine, exercise classes and the gym. However I do find that if i'm lifting weights especially on a leg day with squats my cup moves down slightly from the bearing down. Choosing a firmer cup can help minimise this.




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