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2 CommentsWednesday, 19 May 2021

Thursday, 27 May 2021  |  6:16

I use the totsbots bamboozle nappy, sandys liner and motherease airflow as a night time system but we are often getting leaks and my baby gets red makes on his legs and tummy from the wrap. He is a tummy sleeper and generally sleeps from 8pm to 5am when he wakes up cold and wet. If the nappy doesn't leak he sleeps right through so I am keen to solve this issue. We have also tried peanut wraps which don't leave the red marks on his skin but still leak.

Monday, 7 June 2021  |  20:50

Hi, I switched my baby to cloth about 7 weeks ago and mostly, I love cloth nappies! However, he keeps getting recurring nappy rash ONLY between his bum cheeks! Never anywhere else. When washing I do a rinse wash, then a long 60 degree+prewash cycle with detergent (bio powder), then a shorter 40 degree+prewash without detergent and then a final rinse cycle. I just canít understand what the problem is? Itís getting to the stage where I think I will have to give up cloth if I donít find a solution :( please help!

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