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Empty Cover Only  Baba+Boo Onesize Pocket
Empty Cover Only  Baba+Boo Onesize Pocket
Empty Cover Only  Baba+Boo Onesize Pocket

Empty Cover Only Baba+Boo Onesize Pocket

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Baba+Boo Empty Pocket Overview

Baba+Boo Onesize pocket nappies are a very popular and economical pocket nappy. On this page we sell the Baba + Boo Onesize Pocket nappies WITHOUT inserts so you can reuse any spare or old inserts you have. Putting older inserts into this new pocket will give your inserts a new lease of life.


The Baba+Boo Onesize nappy fits from 10-35lbs to fit from "almost" birth to potty.  

As with all birth to potty/onesize nappies there is a compromise on fit at the lower end of the weight range, even with just one insert in the pocket newborns are simply too teeny to get a snug fit. If you want to use cloth nappies from birth, you may prefer to use the Baba+Boo newborn option or an even cheaper option are folded muslin nappies. We have lots of details about folding muslins in our advice section if you'd like to consider this option. Once baby outgrows their newborn nappies around 12lbs, they would easily be able to move into the Baba+Boo Onesize nappies. Normally when baby is at the bottom of the weight range you’ll only need one insert and as they get older you’ll move to two inserts.

How do I use it?

A pocket nappy gets its name from the pocket/pouch at the back of the waterproof part of the nappy where there is an opening. Into this pocket/pouch you place absorbent inserts.

As the nappy is fully fleeced lined you shouldn't use a separate fleece liner as this can cause run off and leaks, however you can use a disposable paper liner if you want to. The Bambinex paper liner would be the best choice.

The Baba+Boo fleece lining has a built in gusset running along each side. This gusset is designed to help contain poo towards the middle of the nappy, therefore keeping it away from the edges and increasing overall containment.

The nappy fastens with poppers and has a hip popper to help minimise wing droop. Poppers are the most popular fastening of modern cloth nappies as they are longer lasting and as baby gets older they can't undo poppers like they can with aplix/hook and loop fastening. The length of the nappy is also altered by poppers; these allow you to fold the front to make the nappy shorter while baby is smaller. As baby grows you gradually change to each length setting to make the nappy longer.

Nappy Fabric

The outer pocket is made from PUL and has a polyester fleece inner which makes the pocket.




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Care & Warranty

Baba & Boo Care Guide

  • Prewash nappy 2-3 times before first use.
  • Store the nappy in a wet bag or dry bucket until wash day
  • Put through a rinse cycle before the main wash
  • You can wash at 40 or 60 deg using a full dose of detergent
  • Use a long cotton wash. Nappies love a long wash
  • No harsh stain removers or bleach.
  • No fabric softeners. They will reduce absorbency.
  • Ideally line dry or tumble dry on cool.
  • Avoid putting on a radiator

Baba & Boo Warranty

Baba Boo offer a 12 month warranty as long as the nappies have been subject to reasonable use. The warranty extends to all parts of the nappy such as fastenings, elastics and PUL.

You must have followed Baba Boo washing instructions, keep them away from heat sources such as radiators and avoid nappy creams except those approved (all those on The Nappy Lady site are approved). 

Their warranty does not cover:
*Leaking - This is normally a fit or absorbency issue.
*Nappy Inserts
*Nappies bought Pre-Loved/Second Hand or via BST groups on Facebook.
*Nappies repaired by anyone other than Baba Boo

Baba and Boo's decision on any warranty  claim is final.

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