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GroVia O.N.E Nappy
GroVia O.N.E Nappy

GroVia O.N.E Nappy

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Nappy Overview

Grovia O.N.E is a onesize nappy but it's entirely different to any other nappy made as it offers two built-in fastening options, Aplix and Poppers so you have the choice to use either fastening.  The removable Aplix/Hook & Loop closure is perfect for those who love a “no-hassle” fit but want to transition to a snap closure later on. The Aplix can also be easily replaced with the use of GroVia replacement Aplix Kit if it shows signs of wear and tear. The Aplix is VERY strong offering a very secure fastening that won't come undone however because it's so strong it can be a little fiddly to open the nappy when changing baby. Ideal if one parent likes Aplix and one prefers poppers!

So what does O.N.E stands for?
O - Outlast Closure
N - No Prep
E - Easy To Use

The Grovia O.N.E comes with 2 inserts included in the nappy a large pad that is your main absorbency and a smaller pad which poppers onto the main pad so you can add more absorbency later on as baby gets bigger. The main insert has channelling stitched into the pad to help guide liquid into the core of the insert.  There is also a hidden layer of absorbency underneath the interior fleece of the cover. This is hidden away and helps to prevent wicking and leaks.



The GroVia O.N.E nappy is a onesize nappy which fits 10-35lbs.  The nappy has a generous length and also generously sized nappy, this definitely isn't a slim choice and is best for chunky monkeys.

How do I use it?

The Grovia O.N.E is an all in one nappy so works just like a disposable nappy in that you take off a soiled nappy and replace with another clean one.  As the inserts have a polyester microfleece topping you don't have to use a separate liner in the nappy however you can use a separate paper liner if you prefer for ease of use, The Bambinex paper liner fits perfectly.

Grovia O.N.E is a onesize nappy and is altered by the standard options of poppers on the body of the nappy to shorten the length and by an adjustable waist

Nappy Fabric

There are two types of Grovia O.N.E, Original and the Buttah. The inside construction of both nappies are the same. The difference however is with the outside, the Original is made with waterproof TPU but the Buttah range instead uses proprietary Laminated Polyester Velour. The Buttah outer is shimmery, pillowy and possible the softest thing you've ever touched. The Buttah range is slightly more expensive due to the premium outer.

Inner Materials:
Hidden Inner Layer: 100% Polyester Microfiber
Soaker: 100% Cotton topped with 100% Polyester Microfleece
Body Lining: 100% Polyester Microfleece


Drying Speed
Change Speed
Ease of Use
Bit Bulky
Aplix & Poppers
Requires a Wrap?
Day or Night
Day only
Made In
Care & Warranty

GroVia Care Guide

  • Prewash nappy twice before first use.
  • Wash soiled nappies every 2 days.
  • Discard the majority of solids before storing in the nappy bucket
  • No harsh stain removers or bleach. They may cause irritation and can damage the waterproof membrane
  • Close any hook and loop fastens before washing
  • Add a full dose of detergent into your machine.
  • Detergent must not contain whiteners, dyes, perfumes, essential oils or natural soap
  • No fabric softeners. They will reduce absorbency.
  • Max wash temperature 60 degrees.
  • Ideally line dry or tumble dry on cool.
  • Do not use water repellent nappy creams


GroVia Warranty

GroVia cover all manufacturing defects on GroVia products for one full year from the date of purchase. The warranty is extended to the original owner of a product with a receipt showing purchase from an authorised GroVia retailer. Grovia normally deal with all their faulty products direct.

To contact GroVia about a warranty question, please e-mail them at

Items often covered by warranty:

  • Elastic
  • snaps (poppers)
  • TPU (waterproofing)
  • sewn seams
  • zippers

Reasons a warranty may be void:

 Failure to follow care instructions. Includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • A detergent containing additives (whiteners, dyes, perfumes, essential oils) or natural soap
  • Water temperature exceeding 140F/60C
  • Fabric softeners
  • Any caustic substance
  • Soaking
  • Nappy rash cream
  • Modifications of any kind to any GroVia product, including cutting off care tags
  • Excessive wash routine and/or excessive wear and tear
  • Accidental damage (items caught/torn/melted in a washing machine/dryer)

The GroVia Warranty DOES NOT cover leaking, nappy odour, normal wear & tear, natural fibre wear holes, pilling, snags or shrinkage.

GrovVa's decision on any warranty claim is final.

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Steep learning curve,
25 March 2019  | 

I bought this nappy with the intention of using it as an overnight nappy. I've had so many leaks! For some reason this is a really hard nappy to get right. I've used so many brands of nappy and this is by far the oddest. I've been in touch with Govia customer services, who are helpful, but I'm still getting leaks. Apparently the absorbancy is amazing if you look at you tube, so it's the fit. The tweaks to get the fit right are continuous and I have to watch video after video to move forward with this nappy. I'm stumped. Last night was the first night with no leaks and I've been using these nappies a while now. I have hope and will continue using them. I would love to rate them 5 stars as I use Grovia AIO'S during the day and they're excellent. But this nappy is hard. I won't let my husband put a nightime nappy on until I get this sussed. I think a lot of mum's have had the same experience with the ONEs. In my opinion a double row of snaps would have sorted this out where the leg was more independent of the waist.

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