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Hippynut Wholenut All-In-One Nappy
Hippynut Wholenut All-In-One Nappy

Hippynut Wholenut All-In-One Nappy

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Nappy Overview

The Hippynut Wholenut all in one is a very simple to use style of cloth nappies

The inner bamboo absorbency is fully attached at the front and back of the nappy. This means there are no parts to separate or loose in the washing process. As the inner pad is only attached at the front and back this allows the inner absorbency to hang freely from the PUL which allows the nappy to wash more thoroughly and dry quicker than if the inner was fully sewn in. The inner fairly thick which shows the level of absorbency however it is not the slimmnest nappy.

The Hippynut Wholenut all in one is a onesize nappy which means it covers a large weight range.

The bamboo inner is surrounded top and bottom with a staydry layer. Baby is kept feeling dry and the underneath staydry layer helps keep the PUL dry which means there is less chance of wicking and leaks. The drawback to the pad being full encased in staydry material is that it is harder to tell if the nappy is fully dry after washing.

The Wholenut all in one also offers you a double leg gusset to increase containment.  The elastic  is very strong and feels stronger than many other brands. This has the advantage of aiding containment however it is more prone to leaving "sock marks" from the strong elastic and can be too tight for chunky chubby legs.



The Hippynut Wholenut is a onesize nappy and fits from approximately 7-35lbs (3.2-16kgs), however as with all onesize cloth nappies we find they fit best from 10-12lbs.


How do I use it?

The waist is adjustable through a series of poppers and each nappy has an elasticated waist and back for increased adjustability of fit. You’ll see from the photo the poppers are vertically positioned in two rows which in my testing gives the securest popper fastening far superior than other popper fastening nappies which are in one row.  The nappy also has hip stability poppers to help prevent wing droop.

The adjustable length on the Wholenut all in one is fabulous!  The length is adjusted using the "rise" poppers on the front body of the nappy. There are a fantastic five rise settings so you won't find any need to compromise on length for your little one.  The rise is secured 3 poppers across which ensures the length is held securely.

Most modern cloth nappies offer fewer rise lengths so the five rise settings on the Hippynut wholenut really makes it stand out.

Underneath the inner absorbent pad you'll find 4 poppers towards the front of the nappy.  These poppers allow you to shorten the length of the pad for when the nappy is in use in the shortest setting.  This clever adjustable insert length adaption keeps the inner pad sitting flatter in the nappy at the lower end of the weight range.

You can use reusable liners or disposable liners in the Wholenut all in one to make getting rid of poo easier. You can use most disposable liners however the Bambinex liners fit the best.

Don't forget to wash nappy before first use as this increases absorbency. The Hippynut will reach full absorbency after approximately five washes. Please be aware this nappy is not suitable as a night nappy.

Read our article for more information and photos on how to adjust one size nappies.


Nappy Fabric


Outer:  Stretchy PUL fabric PUL 100% Polyester

Inner: 85% Bamboo, 15% Polyester.





Drying Speed
Very Good
Change Speed
Ease of Use
Bamboo + Staydry Polyester
Requires a Wrap?
Day or Night
Day only
Made In
Care & Warranty

Hippynut Care Guide

  • Remove any solids and liners

  • Place in your storage bucket or nappy pail bag (we recommend lining your bucket with a net laundry bag) until you are ready to wash.

  • For best care we advise pre wash with cold water within the first 1 to 2 days.

  • Place your net bag in the washing machine

  • Run a cold rinse cycle.

  • Wash at 40°C to 60°C using non-bio powder as per washing guidelines on the pack (Do not use fabric conditioner).

  • We recommend washing your nappies at 40°C, to protect the longevity of the PUL and our planet.

  • We recommend air drying, as it’s more environmentally friendly. However, you can tumble dry on low when necessary.

Hippynut Warranty

Hippynut provide a manufaturer warranty against defects in materials and manufacturing faults for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. What is covered in their warranty: 

Manufacturing defects of the following:

  • Flaws in fabric  

  • Delamination

  • Stitching 

  • Poppers  

  • Zippers  

What is not covered: 

(The following are not manufacturing defect) 

Slight relaxing of elastics 

Slight variances in snap placement 

  • Colour runs 

  • Snags 

  • Fading

  • Cracks 

  • Pilling 

  • Leaks

  • Staining 

The warranty does not cover products that have been subjected to excessive or incorrect laundering or mistreatment; the definition of excessive laundering and mistreatment includes but is not limited to: 

  • PUL delamination due to high-temperature washing, sun damage, drying on/too close to a radiator or tumble-drying on high.

  • Damage due to washing too frequently above 60 degrees, washing with open hook and loop fasteners (such as Velcro products) or soaking 

  • Damage as a result of contact or exposure to fabric softeners, bleach, vinegar, harsh stain removers, natural soaps or barrier creams 

  • Cracked PUL occurs when the laminate is severely dried out. This can happen because of water quality, types of detergent, and many other factors out of our control.

  • Excessive wear and tear  

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1 Review:

Great economical nappy
02 January 2023  | 

I am reviewing this as a TNL ambassador having trialled the nappy. I love all in ones and have tried quite a few. This nappy is simple and easy to use, would suit average-larger children too. The design is great from a usage and drying perspective. Absorbency wise it is average and lasts up to three hours for us but could last longer with a booster inside. This is slightly bulky and my one star knocked off is that for the smaller baby the insert is slightly harder to ‘organise’ inside so that it fits well without a bulge somewhere. Otherwise it is a great economical all in one for parents to choose

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