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Thirsties X-Large Pocket Nappy
Thirsties X-Large Pocket Nappy

Thirsties X-Large Pocket Nappy

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Thirsties XL Pocket Nappy Overview

Thirsties XL pocket nappy is especially designed for older and larger children. The nappy comes with natural fabric inserts, giving you a super high absorbent to match the demands of a larger bladder! The XL pocket nappy comes with 2 super absorbent inserts. These are a small insert made of 4 layers of 100% organic cotton and a full sized insert made of 4 layers of hemp. Natural fabric inserts make the nappy super absorbent

The nappy is lined with super soft microfleece to help keep your baby or toddler feeling dry and comfortable.

Signature leg gussets provide gentle, yet secure, leak protection




The Thirsties X-Large Pocket Nappy is especially designed for larger or older children. It is a generous size and is perfect for those who have outgrown their onesize nappies.

How do I use it?

Each nappy comes with two inserts organic cotton and a hemp insert. Depending on your child's wetting you may only need to use one insert or both.

You may find overtime you either reduce the amount of boosters used as the child becomes more reliable at using the toilet or you increase to using both inserts if their amount of urine increases. The inserts combination is flexible so you can match your childs needs exactly.

There is still room to add an additional booster should your child require further absorbency.

Before putting the soiled nappy into the bucket remember to remove the inserts from inside the nappy. This ensures when they are washed they get thoroughly cleaned and the water is spun out of them.

Many parents stuff their pocket nappies once the inserts are dry from the wash so that the nappies are ready to go just like a disposable.

Depending on their level of wetting you may be able to use the nappy overnight.


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Drying Speed
Average (hemp slow)
Fairly Slim
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