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Snazzipants Night Training Pants

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Snazzipants Night Training Pants by Brolly Sheets are washable night time pull up pants to help get your child out of pull up disposables. They tend to be for older children rather than for the start of potty training.

Snazzipants night pants are absorbent, reusable and comfortable and come in fabric patterns that aren’t childish – your child will love these night time pull up pants for big kids.  A great alternative to disposables, they save you money and reduce landfill.

The pants look like normal underwear - the boy design are styled as a boxer short, and the girl pants are briefs. The absorbency is built in to the gusset, and there are two elastic bands inside the pants if you need to add a booster for additional protection.

Cloth pants will never be as absorbent as a disposable, unless they are really bulky which some older children might not like.

Snazzipants will hold 100mls of liquid over a 4-hour period, so are best suited for the child who is on the way to night time dryness and isn’t completely filling a disposable. For children still weeing more heavily or regularly at night time, the Mother-ease Bedwetter is always our preferred option. We recommend using a waterproof mattress protector for added peace of mind.


The age range suggested for the pants is a rough guide, as of course children come in all shapes and sizes! For a more accurate indication please measure your child's waist.

While the sizes aren't designed as traing pants toddler if you have a larger toddler you can of course use them if they are at the stage ready for these at night.


Size Small Medium Large
Waist 45-50 cm 50-55cm 53-58cm
Age 3-4 Years 5-6 Years 7-8 Years


Girls Training Panties

Size Small Medium Large
Waist 46-50 cm 48-52cm 50-54cm
Age 3-4 Years 5-6 Years 7-8 Years

The Nappy Lady is delighted to have been able to work with Snazzipants Pulls Ups UK to bring these to the UK market.


Is your child ready for potty training? Read our guide "potty training in cloth nappies."


Customer Reviews
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2 Reviews:

Definitely didn't work for my child
24 July 2022  | 

One wee and these were soaked through. No different to wearing normal pants. Waste of money.

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Not absorbent at all!
04 May 2022  | 

We've only ever had leaky nights in these, even with boosters. I bought the medium because my 4yo was just around the cusp and these were baggy. So went back and bought the small in case that was the problem but they just seem to have no containment at all. They also don't seem to wash very well and have faded despite being treated gently. They look cute but that seems to be about the limit. We wanted to move to something more like pants so he could take himself for a wee at night, but what a waste of time and money! Going back to 2-part nappies.

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