Reusable Nappy Week (Real Nappy Week)

At The Nappy Lady we love reusable nappies and what better time to share this love with you than Reusable Nappy Week. Whether you have never heard of reusable nappies, are considering them but unsure, think you want to use them but would like to know more, or you are a seasoned pro, we will have something for everyone.

Win over £5600 of prizes!

With over £5600 worth of prizes to give away it’s set to be the best RNW yet. Join us every day on our Facebook Page and also over on our Instagram. Plus we have not one but TWO competitions below for you to enter.

Competition 1

Competition 2

Scroll down for 2 competitions, our schedule of events and the link to our advice questionnaire to help you get started. 

Live information chats!

We also have a huge selection of live chats. We are talking with some of our favourite nappy brands, midwives, baby classes and have lots of chats with our advisors all sharing their knowledge.


The best way to prepare for Real Nappy Week is to fill in our free advice questionnaire. Our Nappy Lady advisor team will then assess your needs and send you a personal recommendation.   


It’s set to be an amazing week and it starts NOW with 20% off across our website. So, let all your friends know so they can make the change to reusable nappies too. #changestartshere


For a chance to win this amazing bundle from The Nappy Lady enter the quiz below.



Our HUGE giveaway continues and we have another amazing competition for you. This time it's thanks to Thirsties, Totsbots, Petit Lulu & The Nappy Lady. To enter search the website to find the names of the prints shown.



Are you considering reusable nappies but don't know where to start? We have been helping people get started with reusable nappies for over 21 years.

For help getting started, advice on the best nappies for your baby and a list of everything you'll need fill in our free advice questionnaire. Our Nappy Lady advisor team will then assess your needs and send you a personal recommendation.   


It’s Reusable Nappy Week and here at The Nappy Lady we are spreading the word about reusable nappies, and also hosting lots of other baby related events for you.

heart Join us when we chat to brands like Motherease, Blueberry, Tots Bots and more.

heart Learn important skills like First Aid, Hypnobirthing, yoga & baby massage.

heart Find out more about a variety of pregnancy and baby related topics when we chat to midwives and a health visitor.

heart Our team of advisors are also hosting a variety of demos from getting started, to costs, night nappies, newborn nappies and much much more.


We look forward to supporting you on your cloth journey in Reusable Nappy Week and beyond!

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