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Muslinz - Muslin Fabric Wipes

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Muslinz - Muslin fabric wipes are larger than all the other wipes we stock at approx 26x 26cm.  The wipes are sold individually.

The wipes are made of muslin material which is a smooth soft fabric, however not being a loopy fabric it isn't quite as good at cleaning up pooey nappies as it can't grip the poo in the same way.

You can keep them wet ready to go in a plastic storage box such as the ones we stock or kept dry and only wetted as required. When used for nappy changing I kept my wipes wet as we were using them so regularly. Now I use them as make up removing wipes and keep them dry as I only need one at a time.

It is recommend that you prewash before first use at 40C and a low spin speed. This will build up absorbency and prepare the fabric for use.

Visit our comprehensive beginners guide on using reusable wipes for more information.


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