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Little Lamb NIPPA fastening

Little Lamb bamboo nappies are incredibly soft and extremely absorbent. They are also a fantastic price for a sized nappy system. The Little Lamb Bamboo is the best selling Little Lamb nappy, however Little Lambs are also available in Microfibre or Cotton.


Our Price:  £8.00
RRP:  £10.00
Saving Of:  20%

Brand:  Little Lamb
Drying Speed:  Incredibly Slow
Containment:  Excellent
Absorbency:  Excellent
Looks:  Average
Change Speed:  Average
Ease of Use:  Simple
Length:  Short
Fastening:  Nippa
Requires a Wrap?  Yes
Made In:  Turkey
Day or Night:  Both

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5 for £35

Little Lamb NIPPA bamboo nappies are incredibly soft and extremely absorbent. They are also a fantastic price for a sized nappy system. The Little Lamb Bamboo is the best selling Little Lamb nappy, however Little Lambs are also available in Microfibre or Cotton. Bamboo viscose is extremely absorbent however it does have a tendency to shrink when woven into nappies. Little Lamb bamboo nappies now have their bamboo viscose knitted into a fine microfibre fabric therefore creating a non- shrinking non- pull bamboo nappy.

All Little Lamb NIPPA bamboo nappies fasten with nappi nippas (purchased separately) . This gives you the best fit possible as you're not limited to where the velcro attaches.  You can also fold the front panel down to make them shorter to so they cover an even bigger weight range. Size 2 can be folded down in this way to make them fit from 10-35lbs so effectively birth to potty.  Folding them down in this way will make them bulkier but also highly cost effective.

The leg is tight enough to prevent leaks but not too tight to create any chaffing. They use the softest elastic that is gentle on baby’s skin but is robust enough to last. The waist is also elasticated to help contain any explosions. Little Lamb bamboo come in three sizes but the vast majority of children will only need the first 2 sizes.

  • Size 1 fits 7-18lbs
  • Size 2 18-35lbs
  • Size 3 35lbs+

Each nappy comes with a double layer bamboo viscose booster to increase absorbency further. This is loose in the size 1 nappy so the nappy can be made slimmer for a newborn but the booster is sewn into the size 2. This booster is an integral part of the nappy and you will need an additional booster for night time. The Little Lamb bamboo is perfect as a night time nappy when used with an additional booster.

The Little Lamb nappy is a short length nappy and if your baby is tall or has the potential to be tall this might not be the nappy for you unless you’re happy you might have to buy all three sizes.

The Little Lamb bamboo is incredibly absorbent however it is also an extremely SLOW drying nappy. If you do not have a tumble drier as backup it would be a very good idea to have a mix of Little Lamb nappies so that you have some of the faster drying Little Lamb Cotton or the superfast drying Little Lamb Microfibre.

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Gorgeous but sizing not so much
Thursday, 16 April 2020  | 

Letís start with what is fantastic about these Little Lambs one size nappies.
ē the fabric is gorgeous. It is lovely and soft to the touch, if I were a baby this is what I would want next to my bum!
ē Uber absorbent. A huge plus for any nappy.
ē Great design! It makes so much sense to have a nappy that is literally a full wrap around nappy!

Now for the reason for the 3 * and not 5.

ē the fit. All the above pluses are only helpful if the nappy fits! We are using size 3 for my toddler, but they are too small in length and width. The nappy fit sits very low, and isnít wide enough. Fasting with the nappy nippa only exaggerates this. Though I am glad I have the nippa and not a fixed Velcro fastening, so that in a pinch we can still just about use these nappies. But they have been relegated to Ďemergencyí use.
ē somewhat faffy to sluice with the attached liner, though I would forgive this if they fit, but is a reasonable point on its own. If you hate the job of cleaning a liner in your loo youíre going to hate trying to clean it whilst itís still attached to a dirty nappy!

I absolutely love the idea of these nappies, I am just so sad that the fit is not good.

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Wednesday, 4 March 2020  | 

I use to used size one for my baby, but now when he's on size 2 we move to this nippa ones and they are just great! We have bamboo ones and well they are bit bulky but they great for a night! Very absorbent, just one thing... I use dryer otherwise they took long long time to dry!

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Little Lamb bamboo nippa fastening
Thursday, 20 February 2020  | 

We are loving using our little lamb nippa fastening nappies. The fact that there is no velcro to worry about in the wash is definitely a bonus. The bamboo is so soft and after only two prewashes they were already so absorbant. With a good wrap these have proven to be a brilliant night time nappy!

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Lovely soft fluffy nappies
Tuesday, 31 December 2019  | 

I use these for my now 4 month old and used from around 2 months as I found them quite big for my diddy slim girl. I use them mainly as night nappies and boost them with a triple booster. Itís taken a bit of trial and error to get the fit right but now I know what Iím doing Iím really impressed with them. They are completely soft without the stiff velcro and they donít get mucky as velcro does. I find them so much more adjustable than the velcro option so the fit can be more customized to the babyís shape. When they are boosted Iím more likely to get leg gaps if Iím not careful about fit. I have used unboosted in the day and they are very slim this way bu I still get 4-5 hours from them and they arenít sopping wet either. Theyíre own brand wraps are very good in mum opinion, never had a leak and they donít need to be tight, just covering the nappy.
If little lamb nippas were all I had for day and night is be perfectly happy. Thereís no bells and whistles but sometimes thatís quite refreshing, but they are very cute, like little bum clouds. They do take ages to dry but I tumble them in winter and theyíre budget enough to have a big stash to account for this.

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Bamboozles and Bumbles are better
Sunday, 1 December 2019  | 

I got some of these as I was looking for something cheaper than bamboozles and bumbles were out of stock. They are not terrible, but they are not great either.

The plus is that they are very absorbent, however because of fit issues I have still had leaks.

They take forever to dry if you don't have a tumble dryer. I use a heated airer, and bamboozles / bumbles are dry in about 24 hours. These take over 3 days, as particularly the bits around the elastics just don't seem to dry. Consequently you can only really use them every other wash, so you don't actually save money because you need to buy double quantity to have enough dry nappies.

Regarding the fit, my baby is currently 7 months / 14.8 lbs / 6.5kg. She still fits size 1 LL velcro; she's very skinny so the velcro fits easily around her waist, but lengthwise size 1 is getting too small though it should fit until 20lbs. In the nippa version, I cannot use the size 1 because leg holes are not wide enough; it really seems to be a tiny nappy. We are using the size 2, which is miles too big around the waist - the tabs are fully crossed, but barely big enough in length. the nappy often slips down behind the tabs and comes loose, which never happens with bumbles though they are a similar design.

So in summary, absorbent, but I am not sure what baby these would fit well, as you need to have a short body / waist and not too chunky legs, but a nice round tummy to keep the nappy from slipping.

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