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Revolutionary Nappy - The Changemaker Bundle
Revolutionary Nappy - The Changemaker Bundle
Revolutionary Nappy - The Changemaker Bundle
Revolutionary Nappy - The Changemaker Bundle

Revolutionary Nappy - The Changemaker Bundle

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Product Details

The Changemaker Kit Overview

The Little Rebel kit from Bambino Mio it has everything you need to use reusable nappies in the day. We sell all the components separately but this kit is an easy quick one click easy purchase for you at a discounted kit price.


  • 20 x Revolutionary Reusable nappies,
  • 3 x absorbent Flexi nappy boosters,
  • 3 x packs of paper messless nappy liners (300 nappy changes),
  • 1 x Bright & mighty nappy cleanser,
  • 1 x Stay at home wet bag for storing soiled nappies at home,
  • 1 x Out & about wet bag,
  • Reusable cotton tote bag and stickers so you can proudly promote your baby's use of reusable nappies

You will also need:

Night time nappies. - We also sell ready made night time sets too!

Nappy Overview

The Revolutionary Reusable nappy from Bambino Mio it taking their classic one size nappy to a new level with their next generation design.

A curved contoured front panel helps to keep the nappy sitting lower and further away from a newborn baby's delicate cord area. The Revolutionary nappy is a trimmer cut which leads to a snugger fit on newborns compared to their previous design, the trimmer cut also offers a sleeker fit for older children.

The Revolutionary nappy has double elasticated legs to help increase poo containment further compared to their previous classic nappy.

A clever blend of fabrics giving you the absorbency benefit of bamboo fabric but the drying speed is decreased by the inclusion of fast drying microfibre.

The nappy has a built in staydry liner to keep baby feeling dry. Attached to the underneath of the staydry liner is a panel of built in absorbent polyester material which is designed to be all you need when using the nappy on a newborn. The built in absorbency is fairly low but as you will be changing your newborn so frequently is in proportion to the level most newborns need.  As baby gets bigger and needs higher absorbency you will place the bamboo nappy that comes with the nappy into the pocket



The Revolutionary Reuasable Nappy is a one size nappy, designed to fit from birth to potty. As always at The Nappy Lady I will warn that there is a compromise on fit with a one size nappy.  A one size nappy will be much bigger and bulkier on a newborn compared to a true newborn size 0 nappy. You will find it will fit much better once baby fills out around 10-12lbs.

The Bambino Mio Revolutionary Reusable nappy has the length is adjusted by poppers on the front of the nappy and the waist can be adjusted using the easy to use hook and loop tabs.

How do I use it?


For a newborn set the nappy to the shortest length setting. If you prefer to use a paper liner you can place this inside on top of the built in stay dry liner. Place the nappy on baby, no need to add the booster into the nappy as a newborn uses the built in absorbency.

As baby gets bigger

Place the nappy in the suitable length for you baby. Stuff with the booster into the pocket / pouch. If you prefer to use a paper liner you can place this inside on top of the built in stay dry liner. Then place the nappy on baby.


Nappy Fabric

Safe and soft - Made from kind and gentle fabrics. No toxic chemicals or nasty materials.


Outer: 100% polyester laminated to polyurethane,
Lining: 100% polyester,
Absorbent built in layer: 100% polyester.


Outer booster layer: 86% viscose from bamboo 14% polyester,
Inner core: 100% polyester.

Bambino Mio nappies are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified which means they are safe to use on little bottoms.


Drying Speed
Change Speed
Extremely Quick
Ease of Use
Very Simple
Aplix (Velcro)
Bamboo / Microfibre
Requires a Wrap?
Day or Night
Day only
Bambino Mio
Customer Reviews
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6 Reviews:

Good reusable nappy for first timers
13 November 2021  | 

I brought this starter kit (on sale) after trialling one that I bought from my local supermarket. Although, normally a little bit on the expensive side, these nappies are very absorbent, easy to use and closely resembles disposable nappies. I find they can take a while (two, sometimes three days) to dry after washing, when left to dry on a clothing rack inside during winter. I also find my daughter needs changing every two hours, three at a stretch, with this nappy. They can’t be used overnight (tots bots bamboozle stretch are great for nights). I tend to add the booster when my daughter is napping to prevent leakages. These nappies are good, but there are other cheaper more absorbent nappies you may like to try also. I would highly recommend you complete the TNL questionnaire and participate in a demo to see if this the right nappy for you. TNL were great at helping you find the perfect mix of nappies.

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Great starter set
16 September 2020  | 

This pack is great value to get you started on the reusable nappy track. Baby not arrived yet so can't comment on actual effectiveness or ease of use, but we are looking forward to trying them out, and then hopefully adding to our colourful collection.

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Great value for money
25 August 2020  | 

Brilliant for convincing the OH cloth is the way to go! Unsure how long LO will leave the velcro alone for! Great starter kit and excellent speed service!

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Comprehensive kit
08 March 2020  | 

Was looking for a kit to leave with grandparents and this ticks all the boxes. Like the simplicity of the bambino mio aio and they dry pretty quickly. Really fun designs as well.

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Straight forward first time cloth experience
19 February 2020  | 

After trying a few diffent cloth options from our local nappy library I decided to buy a couple of bambino mios to expeiment with. So glad I did as we found they were the first to give us no leaks. Went ahead and ordered the full kit from The Nappy Lady. They were cheaper than Amazon and happy to know the money was going towards supporting a family orientated business. So far these have been ideal for day and night so we haven't had to invest in different styles of nappy which are still a bit confusing for me. Easy to wash and dry, we don't have a tumbler dryer and these take about a day near a warm radiator. Great purchase for anyone starting their cloth journey.

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Complete Nappy Package
11 April 2019  | 

I am really pleased with my purchase. The nappies are excellent quality and I'm so pleased that I chose this brand (after a considerable amount of research and a month long nappy trial with my local council) as I have been really impressed with them. The kit came in a storage box (which was not advertised on the website) and it was broken. Customer service staff were kind, efficient and helpful and I had a replacement box within days. Highly recommend.

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