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Revolutionary Nappy - The Little Rebel Bundle
Revolutionary Nappy - The Little Rebel Bundle
Revolutionary Nappy - The Little Rebel Bundle

Revolutionary Nappy - The Little Rebel Bundle

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Product Details

The Little Rebel Kit Overview

The Little Rebel kit from Bambino Mio it has everything you need to use reusable nappies in the day. We sell all the components separately but this kit is an easy quick one click easy purchase for you at a discounted kit price.


  • 10 x Revolutionary Reusable nappies,
  • 3 x packs of paper messless nappy liners (300 nappy changes),
  • 1 x Bright & mighty nappy cleanser,
  • 1 x Stay at home wet bag for storing soiled nappies at home,
  • Reusable cotton tote bag and stickers so you can proudly promote your baby's use of reusable nappies

You will also need:

Night time nappies. - We also sell ready made night time sets too!

Nappy Overview

The Revolutionary Reusable nappy from Bambino Mio it taking their classic one size nappy to a new level with their next generation design.

A curved contoured front panel helps to keep the nappy sitting lower and further away from a newborn baby's delicate cord area. The Revolutionary nappy is a trimmer cut which leads to a snugger fit on newborns compared to their previous design, the trimmer cut also offers a sleeker fit for older children.

The Revolutionary nappy has double elasticated legs to help increase poo containment further compared to their previous classic nappy.

A clever blend of fabrics giving you the absorbency benefit of bamboo fabric but the drying speed is decreased by the inclusion of fast drying microfibre.

The nappy has a built in staydry liner to keep baby feeling dry. Attached to the underneath of the staydry liner is a panel of built in absorbent polyester material which is designed to be all you need when using the nappy on a newborn. The built in absorbency is fairly low but as you will be changing your newborn so frequently is in proportion to the level most newborns need.  As baby gets bigger and needs higher absorbency you will place the bamboo nappy that comes with the nappy into the pocket



The Revolutionary Reuasable Nappy is a one size nappy, designed to fit from birth to potty. As always at The Nappy Lady I will warn that there is a compromise on fit with a one size nappy.  A one size nappy will be much bigger and bulkier on a newborn compared to a true newborn size 0 nappy. You will find it will fit much better once baby fills out around 10-12lbs.

The Bambino Mio Revolutionary Reusable nappy has the length is adjusted by poppers on the front of the nappy and the waist can be adjusted using the easy to use hook and loop tabs.

How do I use it?


For a newborn set the nappy to the shortest length setting. If you prefer to use a paper liner you can place this inside on top of the built in stay dry liner. Place the nappy on baby, no need to add the booster into the nappy as a newborn uses the built in absorbency.

As baby gets bigger

Place the nappy in the suitable length for you baby. Stuff with the booster into the pocket / pouch. If you prefer to use a paper liner you can place this inside on top of the built in stay dry liner. Then place the nappy on baby.


Nappy Fabric

Safe and soft - Made from kind and gentle fabrics. No toxic chemicals or nasty materials.


  • Outer: 100% polyester laminated to polyurethane,
  • Lining: 100% polyester,
  • Absorbent built in layer: 100% polyester.


  • Outer booster layer: 86% viscose from bamboo 14% polyester,
  • Inner core: 100% polyester.

Bambino Mio nappies are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified which means they are safe to use on little bottoms.



Drying Speed
Change Speed
Extremely Quick
Ease of Use
Very Simple
Aplix (Velcro)
Bamboo / Microfibre
Requires a Wrap?
Day or Night
Day only
Made In
Bambino Mio
Care & Warranty

Bambino Mio Care Guide

  • Prewash nappy twice before first use.
  • Wash soiled nappies every 2-3 days.
  • Don't overload your machine so the nappies can wriggle around and get extra clean
  • Wash according to the garment label. No higher than 60deg with non-bio washing detergent
  • No fabric softeners. They will reduce absorbency
  • No harsh stain removers or
  • Close any hook and loop fastens before washing
  • We recommend air drying away from a direct heat source. Nappies can be tumbledried on low.
  • Hang nappies by the fabric core to minimise wear to elastics

Bambino Mio Warranty


Bambino Mio offer a 1 year guarantee against manufacturing faults. The 1 year guarantee starts from when the item was purchased, not first used.  We will collate the information from you regarding the problem and pass on the details along with proof of purchase to Bambino Mio. Bambino Mio will contact you direct to arrange an exchange of any products covered by its 1 year guarantee which they consider as faulty and have been cared for correctly and deemed not to have experienced problems due to general use.

Bambino Mio warranty does not cover products that have been subjected to excessive or incorrect laundering: the definition of excessive laundering includes but is not limited to:

a) Consistently washing at 60 degrees and above
b) Regular tumble drying (Note: regular tumble drying can and will reduce the lifespan of the Miosolo all-in-one nappy and the Miosoft nappy cover)
c) Extra rinses before and after ‘normal washing’. 
d) Leaving nappies outside for prolonged periods of time
e) Exposure to freezing temperatures
f) Using harsh and abrasive products to clean and soak nappies
g) Incorrect soaking of products in Miofresh (Note: you must not soak the outer of the Miosolo all-in-one nappy or the Miosoft nappy cover)
All of the above will result in premature deterioration of your nappies, this is not deemed as proper care and therefore your guarantee will be void.

The washing instructions on all Bambino Mio garment labels state the maximum laundering conditions and are not what Bambino Mio recommend to maximise the life of their products. To get the best out of your nappies Bambino Mio recommend washing regularly at 40°C with one scoop of Miofresh nappy cleanser and air drying them. Washing regularly at higher temperatures and frequent tumble drying can result in premature deterioration of your nappies.

The manufacturer may ask for proof of which detergent you have been using during the period you've had the item so we strongly recommend you keep your receipts you can prove you've been washing following the supplier's guidelines. This can speed up any warranty claims considerably.  A photo of the detergent box and a photo of the detergent ingredients will be needed plus receipts of detergent purchases in the time you have owned the faulty nappies (usually 1 or 2 receipts showing purchases across the previous 6 months).  If you have bought any specialist nappy detergent through us during the time you've used the nappies please let us know and we'll have all your receipts already on record for you to save you this requirement.

Bambino Mio's decision on any warranty claim is final.

Customer Reviews
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20 Reviews:

05 October 2020  | 

Love these nappies, easy to use and baby clearly comfortable! Never had a leak from them and the flushable liners are really coming into their own now!

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Dries fast on dry rack!
13 April 2020  | 

My main concern after renting and testing some nappies was wanting to have ones that would dry fast. They recommended these all in ones and I am so impressed with how fast they dry. I just have them on the drying rack and have our dehumidifier on nearby. And they are dry and ready to use the next day! No leaking, good fit and very cute print! Good for day time use!

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First time mum
02 October 2019  | 

We were determined to use real nappies half convinced we’d vive up because it was too difficult. These were recommended through “the frugality” and we love them. Easy, effective, attractive.

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Great but a little disappointing
26 May 2019  | 

Love these nappies, they arrived promptly and were well packaged. I was slightly disappointed that one of the nappies from this pack was plain white. I would have thought they'd have all had patterns on from this pack. Would have also been nice to have an even number of the pattern ones but we got lots of one pattern and then only one of another. Luck of the draw I suppose.

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very good nappy
16 October 2018  | 

it is fits also fir small baby

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Beautiful but a bit leaky
15 October 2018  | 

I enjoy using these on my 4 month old as the prints are lovely but I don’t find them as reliable as little lamb 2 parters and the stuffing after washing is a bit annoying. Sometimes the top rubs a bit too. Hopefully will fit better when he grows a bit!

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Easy way to use reuseable nappies
03 October 2018  | 

We really like these. The adjustable buttons are useful and you can add boosters if you want. The only downside is having to pull out the cloth from the pocket when its dirty.

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Mio solo rainforest kit
26 September 2018  | 

These nappies are extremely easy to use with their Velcro style tabs. They are quite bulky when on my baby and I usually have to put a bigger size trouser on him when he’s wearing them. They air dry really quickly which is great and the rainforest prints are really lovely.

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Excellent value for money
21 February 2018  | 

This kit is a fantastic introduction to cloth nappies. They are wonderful quality and easy to use. No problems with leaks and the liners have made solids much easier to deal with. Super cute too 😋

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23 December 2017  | 

Fast delevery and excellent diapers, im defently comming back

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21 November 2016  | 

Love these nappies for my little 5 month old. I use the bambino mio two part too and love those but these ones are just so easy and dray super quick. I use these during the day then the bamboozles at night with a motherease airflow wrap and extra booster. Cannot go wrong for the price of these! Really quick delivery and great advice as always

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Not for tall, chunky babies
03 June 2016  | 

Unfortunately the Miosolo nappies haven't turned out so well for my baby. He is almost 6 months old and has good chunky thighs, and whenever I change his nappy there are relatively deep impressions left on his thighs from the nappy seam. I am not sure how this nappy will fit him up until potty training age. Here I do have to say that my son is quite large for his age (he weighs over 21 pounds at almost six months, but this is partly because he is very tall - whilst he has some chub on him, he's not encased by roll upon roll of fat!) but I have the feeling by the end of this year I just won't be able to fasten the nappies on him anymore.

With such a tight fit, you would think that there wouldn't be a problem with leaking, however I also have this problem. If I wait any longer than 2 hours between nappy changes, his clothes get wet and so I sometimes end up changing his clothes 3 times a day if a longer nap happens to not coincide well with the right time to change the nappy. What is particularly annoying is that even when the nappy has leaked, the absorbent core isn't wet to the back. I only very occasionally use creams on his bottom and when I do, I put an extra fleece liner in the nappy to protect the stay-dry surface and not let a film develop which might prevent wee from absorbing properly. Having used the nappies for well over a month now they have been washed at least 10 times since I bought them so I am at a loss as to explain why the absorbent core doesn't seem to work for us.

I really wanted to love the Miosolos, mainly because of the convenience and partly because the designs are brilliant, but I am now unfortunately facing the situation of needing a different nappy system, which is particularly annoying after having invested a certain amount of money in the Miosolos.

Having read the other customer reviews which are very positive, I would say from my experience that the Miosolos maybe are not the best for tall babies with chunky thighs and seem to suit other babies better.

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Best Nappies!
13 May 2016  | 

I have tried loads of different cloth nappies, and found Bambino Mio miosolo to outshine the rest. They have an easy an comfortable fit, absorb very well, so far (my babes are now 6 mo.) have never leaked. They wash easily and are very easy to put together. They might take slightly longer to dry than some, but they dry overnight so that's fine. They are bulky, but it's worth the bulkiness for the non-leakiness. I love the new geometric designs too.

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my faves
16 April 2016  | 

These were my favourite out of the few I bought so I bought the starter pack. Its been great s a day time nappy

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Easy to use
14 August 2015  | 

I initially tried prefolds with wraps and didn't get on very well with them as I wasn't very good at the folding. The miosolos speed up the change somewhat! Easy to stuff (including adding in boosters), take apart to wash etc. It's essentially like putting on a disposable (just with Velcro) so, I'm not at that stage yet, but can see how they would be good for childcare.

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best all in one
23 October 2014  | 

best all in one fitted nappy i've tried (also bought bum genius and charlie banana)
really good fit - great containment, no leaks. washes well and dries really fast. i use terries during the day as we get through so many and they wash and dry super quick, but i use the miosolo during the night or on long car journeys as they are really absorbent, but feel nice and dry next to skin. also the velcro fastening gives a nice fit around the waist, unlike with buttons which often feel too tight or too loose.

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Easy to use and fast drying
10 January 2014  | 

I love these nappies. I've also tried Totts Botts and think the Miosolo are better for the following reasons
1. They have a little extra fabric attached to the inner core to make it easier & faster to restuff
2. They don't stain as much (not sure why, but they just wash cleaner! Even when I wash both brands in exactly the same way)
3. They are slightly bigger so they will fit my daughter for a longer period of time (she's 15 months and the Totts Botts are starting to look a little small)
4. They are equally as absorbant yet Miosolo dry in half the amount of time (despite Miosolo being the bulkier nappy)
5. While Miosolo have a limited colour range, the colours don't run, even in 60c water (I've been told by a friend that her Totts Botts have had a lot of colour running, staining her white nappies weird colours).
6. My daughter has had zero nappy rash with these, and we don't use any barrier cream.

Very very happy and would definitely repurchase and recommend.

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Very happy!
28 October 2013  | 

Fantastic service!! We look forward to using the miosolo all in one cloth nappies. Even when the miosolo kit was sent without the liners and washing powder, a quick phonecall was all it took and they arrived only a week later!! We look forward to shopping with the Nappy Lady again

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Great package
12 September 2013  | 

This was a great deal...I paid to have them shipped to New Zealand and still got a good price The nappies are working well and I have yet to try the liners.

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Birth to Potty...boy's pack
18 May 2013  | 

The parents are absolutely delighted with the product and are happily telling all their friends about your site! I wish they were available when I had my children!!!

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