Bamboolik Trainer Pants

Bamboolik Trainer Pants
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Bamboolik trainers pants are designed for any stage of potty training. They do not come with absorbent inserts so you can reuse your own from nappies you already have. Stretchy sides for little one to pull up and down by themselves.

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Brand:  Bamboolik

Bamboolik Trainer Pants come in a range of sizes as below so you can get the perfect fit for your little potty trainer.

Medium 8-12kgs (17-26lbs)
Large 11-16kgs (24-35lbs
XL 15-25kgs (33-55lbs)

The trainer pants DO NOT come with any absorbency they are just the outside waterproofing. This is so you can reuse inserts you already have from your nappies or can buy the level of absorbency that your baby needs.   We'd encourage you to use inserts you've already got however if you need to buy new ones then have a look at the Ellas House Stuffable Bum Booster, Thirsties Hemp Inserts or Little Lambs Bamboo Inserts.

Inside each pair of trainers is built in pouch that will hold your absorbent insert in place and stop it sliding out the front, back or sides.

Each pair of trainers have ultra stretchy sides and back panel so it's easy for little fingers to pull the pants up and down.  There are also three width settings at the sides which fasten with poppers so this gives you potentially 6 different waist settings within each pairs.  The waist poppers also allow you to lay your potty training child down for a ful cahnge if they have had a poo accident, this is super important as there is nothing worse than having to pull down pooey pants down the legs and step out for them (receipe for a very messy disaster!)

In terms of how many pairs you'll need it really depends on what stage of potty training your child is at. If you are right at the beginning you'll likely need 2-3 outers so you can change the outer during the day.  If you have a reliable potty trainer you could get away with one or two outers.


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