Anavy Reusable Wipes Pack of 4

Anavy Reusable Wipes Pack of 4



No stock - Sold out for now  

No stock - Sold out for now

Anavy Washable Wipes are made of bamboo on onesize and fleece on the other. They are sold in a pack of 4.

Size 10x18cm

Patterns will vary.

Fabric composition

  • top layer: 95% cotton, 5% elastane
  • bottom layer: 80% viscose (bamboo), 20% polyester (recycled)



Brand:  Anavy
Size:  10x18cm
Made In:  Czech Republic
Pack Size:  Pack of 4 Separate Wipes


Anavy Care Guide

We recommend starting with a separate rinse cycle with a spin to wash out the urine so that the main cycle will use clean water. Do not add any detergent to the rinse cycle.

When the rinse cycle is complete, run the main washing program at 60°C. We recommend only washing at 60°C, not at 40°C. You can add any light-coloured laundry to the washing machine.

You can use any commercially available washing powder or gel. However, we do not recommend using homemade soap and soda mixture because there is a risk of build-up in your laundry and washing machine.

When washing nappies, it is very important not to overfill the washing machine. Also, it is useful to choose the "More Water" option if your washing machine allows it. Do not use "ECO" washing programs when washing nappies. Spin at the highest speed your washing machine allows.

Do not use fabric softener or any bleach (oxygen or chlorine)! Do not remove stains manually by scrubbing.

Dry the nappies on a line or in a tumble dryer on a gentle program. To speed up the drying process, you can place the clothes dryer near a heater. Do not dry the nappies directly on a heater. Sun-drying is also convenient, as the sun bleaches the stains very well. But make sure the print side of the nappy does not face the sun because the colours may fade.

Full Anavy Washing Instructions can be found on the manufacturer's website here.

Anavy Warranty

Anavy offer a 24 month warranty from date of purchase for products that are used for normal, non-commercial use. The warranty covers manufacturing defects.

Their warranty does not cover:

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Improper use of the product
  • Damage due to improper maintenance

Anavy's decision on any warranty  claim is final. Details of their warranty are found here.

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